Moscato / Adrift / Flowers


This tune is very simplistic but less is more with this song and this makes it very pleasant to listen too.The singer sounds great, I love her voice, it's a beautiful voice and very professional. The music sounds well produced and polished I would defiantly listen to this again!


Now this, from a songwriters point of view is pure joy...the ambiance and melody really grab you and then when the harmony vocals kick in you are already lost in the song and imagery. The soothing texture of the lead vocals and the lyrics are easily grabbed on to and the music score to this piece is beyond fantastic. I have throughly enjoyed the listen and looking forward to hearing more from this artist.

Flowers, so sweet

Strong, smooth vocals paint the natural beauty of a spring day in contemplation of the flowers and plants as they grow. The cycle of life presented in eloquent poetry embedded within a smooth and polished musical scape. Pleasing. Comforting. Up-lifting.


BAND SOUND TIGHT-We have just listened to your amazing tune Think Pink Floyd Plays The Wall. You have a God-given talent and we will be following your inevitable future successes!!!! it's an honor to be your friends & fans.

Your Song "Flowers"

What a great intro and such a beautiful voice and might I add a Great story teller. This band is flowing smooth and blooming like Flowers in a field of Roses. I love the recording and the perfection of the song writing skills all the way from the Drums to the Lead Guitar complementing the Vocals.Yes it takes a great Band to make the singer Shine and in this case everybody is fitting and playing their part to the fullest. Write On~~~


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep in touch with me be blessed and enjoy your week.

Mellow melancholic melodies

Sweeping through a flower field with beautiful and exotic flowers, flying over and over the field, dreaming far from reality... sad to awake at the end of the song. Good production, well played and an extraordinary song. Seems to be no real drums, but that is compensated by the real good songwriting, but could lift the song anyway much higher in ranking. But because I love real instruments, does not mean anyone needs that. Good work!


First thing that caught my attention is the fact your song is 5:10 long. If you are looking to be commercially viable that is way too long if you are looking at not being commercially viable then my point is moot. Then I started listening to the song and the first thing that stood out to me is the mix. The piano is way too loud and seems to overpower at times. Pentameter is also overlooked and it shouldn't be. I know "rap music" sometimes crams words into songs but it starts to sound jumbled. There are vocal phrases that do the same thing in this song and some of the instrumentation does as well. Simplicity is key in any song. Always remember most listeners are not musicians and they don't care about your abilities they want a simple and catchy song. The vocals on this song are quite mellow and actually remind me of a very popular country artist. The guitar solos are both very tasty and well written. They aren't too flashy but they are sweet and precise. Drums and bass are where they should be straight forward and in the pocket. Over all it's a well written song and could be an amazing radio friendly song with a few little tweaks. For being a 5 minute song I was not bored with it but I recommend making your songs shorter so you can have the chance to have your music heard by more people.

Good song but a bit dark for the title

Nice song but a bit dark for the title. I would imagine that watching the flowers growing would be a bit more positive. The song itself is quite good. The vocals are clear and in tune and I like the singers tone and she harmonizes well with herself. The chorus is quite strong. The piano stands out but I think the guitar leads could have been a bit more up front. The one bridge is strong.I think the song deserves a 3 1/2 stars. Good luck with this one!

nice relaxing music

This is nice music to enjoy while you have friends for dinner or are sitting in front of a fire reading. It created a nice atmosphere and as they say in their blurb, it is relaxing. That said however, I found the song a little long because there is nothing new in the last minute or so and it does drag a little.

Beautifully done; my favorite band on N1M

It just amazes me that this band continually produces simple yet beautiful music... or should I say simply beautiful music.. it's one in the same with Moscato. The vocal is one that just make one feel the music; she takes you on a journey of positivity in its purest sense. Observing nature and beauty reminds us one there's a beginning and ending to everything. And it's ok.. we should all be ok with it. We express something similar in our song Wonderful Day to Be Alive ... so totally can relate. Enjoy what you you can while you can. Life is fleeting. Well done my friends ????EG from Slim Chance

Fresh and relaxing

Hi, I'm listening to your cool song. It's not the most original one I listened to BUT the mix is very clean, the melody is nice, the voice is nice and the guitar (70's) comes at the right moments. The world needs such peaceful songs and we all need to look the flowers grow. Peace from Paris Fr. Nico, The Fouaz


Nice production! I like hearing a well balanced recording and this sounds Great! The Chorus is catchy and pleasing to hear. The music bridge is very nice with a string/mellotron background to the guitar solo. Love it! The message is a little abstract. I think they are trying to say they would like to get away from the busyness of life to a place where they could chill and watch the flowers grow. The song would be more interesting if the lyric told a more compelling story or had more tension. Where is this song taking place? Why does she feel like she wants to watch the flowers grow? What is motivating the expression of this song? It could be better if you ask a question and give it an answer or fill in the gaps a little more.
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