Moscato / Adrift / "Broken Dreams"


Very nice opening. Guitar, strings... I must admit I didn't expect this. That sweet voice announcing her pain. Helpless, love, crying... What can I say. Beautiful . you should be proud. You are an artist. Magic


The music is very passionate and associates the accompanying chordal structure with repercussive percussion. This gives it a more passionate heart thrusting pull on the soul of the listener, in this case the one who has taken on the responsibility of giving in to the lyrics of the song. The music has a way of drawing in the listener because the girl who is singing the music has a siren-like quality that draws in the listener to the rocks of her ''see-shore''. The novelty of this song is in its striking potential in how it strikes the listener in the way in that even if someone tries not to listen they will still be drawn into this strong auditory visionary song about a lover who demands love. he broken heart calls out to the lover/listener who can't help but be pulled into her love shore who waves cry out.

"Broken Dreams" by Moscato

Upon the very first listen to "Broken Dreams" by Moscato, I am reminded of several prominent singers who have similar styles, but Moscato's writing and performance has a character all it's own. I am deeply impressed by both the lyric writing and production quality, in addition to the terrific vocals. I will be looking forward to hearing new work from Moscato in the future!

Emotionally moving and meaningful

Australian-born Moscato scores with "Broken Dreams," a serene and soothing, mystic melange that takes the listener "floating" along with it. When I heard the lyric "in a boat of broken dreams," I immediately realized the intentional effect of taking the listener 'drifting' in relaxed, peaceful fashion on a calm 'ocean' of sublime keyboard-and-acoustic-guitar sounds. It paints a picture of sunlight glinting off placid waters, of drifting along on a "boat" full of past emotion and present acceptance -- just as the lyrics portray. Though a simple song, it is masterfully produced and recorded, with a powerful effect that connects brilliantly with the message. What is that message? Acceptance, I would say. I would love to hear more from this inspired and talented group of musicians downunder. Well done, Moscato!

Sultry soundtrack

This would be the perfect soundtrack song for a movie ... a mellow sultry and sad song but still has something relaxing and accepting as well.. Anyway alwYs love the vocals and feel that this band exudes. Once sgain, they are so easy to listen to and really my favorite on this site. Keep up the good work. EG from Slim


Your music should keep on going thru the years...We need more classics of this nature..When words and music come together as such its a beautiful thing!! :) keep producing these memorable songs that touch and reach making us all use our minds to appreciate beauty thru the Arts!!!

Talking about dreams

Love the Voice, but even more, I love the fact that I can understand what she's singing. The background guitar, key or whatever it is effects have a wonderful feel of creating longing in the tune, especially with the Spanish style guitar phrases that ride over the melody. Very haunting and lovely with the melancholy of the sad story. A song I'd like to hear more often.

Broken Dreams

Contemporary Rock song lyrics that express a common malady of experience of mankind. It tells of Paths taken that lead to a dead end and a shipwrecked our faith in the hopes of our dreams. It has a funky feel to the instrumentals with echos of the group "Bread" I thoroughly enjoyed it and is is easy to listen to in spite of the sadness of the song. I give it 5 Stars for excellent musicianship and vocal track! A unique voice in this genre.

Broken Dreams by Moscato

This songs flows beautifully through from beginning to the end... It has good lyrics and story and overall it has great feeling. I like a lot this singer and her haunting voice. Mixing and recording level and production is done professionally well and it has a good balance with all instruments. Sound is nice and clear. It´s no surprise that this song is chosen into rotation at Radio Finlandia. Sometimes and this case, simpleness is the thing!


This is a great song, wonderfully mixed and mastered. All the instrumentation and voice super tight. Very melodic and a wonderful listening experience. Keep up the fantastic work. Awesome!


Not shure what guy was talking about drums, comment its iis near to perfect, as a hard critic and many years in studio and music industry everything to me is on point the beat is different which draws me to most listening pleasure to seek out those who make music what it is and should be individually different unique stay on track too many out here who try to copy the next artist wish you much sucess in your musicale journey god bless Jeanette at J&J productions studio new york /akron ohio

Whistle review

The song is perfect to my ears. The recording is perfect and the performer puts a great fantastic music to the melody of the song. The synchronization of music is awesome except the voice needs some review to this song. I loved the melody and the more the music performance. I have no other words to explain. Every other who listens to this song would also appreciate the same. Wish you best of luck. It's my favorite tweet..

The Australian Wombat

So I'm looking to review a song and I come upon this hot looking women in the bands photo and was hoping her voice was as well, hot. Moscato states, "We hope you enjoy, Use Headphones" ! Well I didn't use headphones but I still enjoyed the tune. Her voice didn't disappoint either, it's soothing warmth made me imagine riding on the back of a wombat through an Australia desert sipping on a Olive Garden "Moscato Citrus Berry Splash"!! Very well produced...


I was expecting something better in arrangement part.. the vocal is ok..if You use real instruments it will sound much better but as now is just average song..I wish You a luck but it will be hard to pitch it to Music Publishers and AM / FM Radio Stations what I'm trying to say ..make a better production and everything will be ok...I like Your voice so make a Great Song You are almost There..Good Luck I wish You all the best..

Broken Dreams

A pleasant song the singing is lovely a haunting melody and some nice acoustic guitar work. It needs maybe to stand out more with a rising middle eight, but that's my personal opinion. As the song tends to stay a one level. Live with lighting effects it will set the mood for the song .lovely voice.all the best to you.Robert Young EHC Music
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