Moscato / UNSHINY / POSTCARD From HEAVEN, " Rerecorded."

My review

This is a beautiful song. I love the beat I'm a sucker for instruments.her voice is beautiful and perfect for the beat as well. I lost my mother 2 yrs ago so i can really appreciate the depth to the lyrics. Great pitch and melody. This song just made me break a tear I really like it thank you for submitting this I just sent this to my sister to listen

Postcard from Heaven

Unique voice talent and a lovely lyrical gift. The electric guitar is magical as well as the saxophone, This is a song that carries you in and through a loss to a place where you can let go and let God carry you. The soft bhodrum or beat box has just the right touch of percussion for this song, a bit like a fast heart beat. This song ministers healing to those in grief recovery. I really enjoyed every part of it. As a whole is is a masterpiece of song writing & musical composition.

A great tribute to mothers everywhere!

Post Card From Heaven is a beautiful ballad from Moscato. This is a song that everyone that has a mother can relate to. The theme of this piece is hard to beat and the intent as a tribute to a loved one makes it even more intense. The lead vocal is soulfully sung by a lady with a wonderful timbre that makes you want to hear this one over and over again. This is a great tribute to mothers everywhere.

Touching Song For A Special Loved One

Postcard From Heaven is about missing a loved one. Remembering all the parts we miss about that voice, the conversations. Set is a modern blues feel this touching song has a reminiscing feel about it. Both the lead guitar and saxophone provide melodic fills around the vocalist. The band sounds like they play together often and they play well with each other. this theme is a sentimental one that will tug on the heartstrings and make you remember your lost loved ones- parents, family members and friends. I look forward to hearing more form this talented artist.

Postcard From Heaven

Every song with lyrics tells a story as does Moscato's Postcard From Heaven. A beautifully written and arranged piece that anyone who has ever felt an emptiness when away from a loved one can related to. Whether it is a short absence or forever the song leaves the door open for interpretation. The verse subtly sets up the powerful chorus which expresses the longing of the heart to make or have a connection with someone special who is not there. The instruments will pull at your heart strings as does the vocal on this one. Well played. Scott...WFJ

Sweet song

This is a sweet song. Strong vocals are a must for my ear and you have accomplished this. The story in the lyrics is touching, you can see and feel the experience of loosing a loved one. Gentle saxophone fading in and out of the story line and the hand drums add a nice touch. You all have done a really nice job again. I enjoy listening to the music you make. Keep up the good work!!

sweet and sad

very mellow love the instrumentation , very nice vocals very clear and easy to understand the backing sax is perfect for this style and the tempo shows the mood of the song sorry for your loss but very sweet tribute.

Well done, it works very well!

Nice and well played guitar layers, nice lead voice and choir, singing an easily enjoiable melody. Song structure is working right, too. I love the soft drumming approach, and sax line is beautifull too but, in my opinion, it deserves more dynamics. Listening approach can be both easy or concentrated, looking for all the details. Really enjoyable and relaxing!


We're from Brazil. But pain is global. That´s a very good song, and a great voice! The guitar dialogs so well with that voices. It´s good to know that this network show us good things like this after all!

Heaven sent you a gift

I hope this helps, all time exists at once at that means that anyone we have ever loved or lost is always with us alive as they ever were. As far as the song goes. It's a great arrangement and a pretty good mix. The saxophone adds a great sense of sentiment and emotion and backs up the singer's predicament. I wish this song had a little holow body kazz guitar playing a counter melody to balance out the singers higher register and beef up the mid range of the song to give it a deeper thicker body.

Touching song!

This is a very touching song, beautiful lyrics. I guess we all have a loved one in heaven and we ask ourselves the same questions. I am very sorry for your loss. Greetings from the Netherlands!

Song of Heaven

It's always touchy when someone says they're writing a song about the supernatural, but the simplicity this song starts with makes it easier to take on as one listens. The beat-sticks, or rimshot, by the percussionist is a great touch to quickly ground the song for recognition and heartbeat without overstating. The comforting voice is sweet and well delivered.


Beutiful voice, great instrumental (though I didn´t appreciate how the sax was thrown into the mix, and that conter cycle percussion). Very heartfelt lyrics and delivery. I hope that postacard will arrive witssings :) Peace

The Tranqulity of Grief

A well constructed song that maintains an even keel throughout. A song that every human being will have to relate to at some stage or other. Sounds like a song of grief, mourning and lamentation for a loved on who is no longer in our time and dimension. Bereavement. Some delightful saxophone work which subtly weaves and binds the song together. However, bereavement is seldom this tranquil and the gentleness betrays the harsh reality of the emotions one feels in the throws of grief. I would have liked to have heard an increase in volume to reflect the pain and anger one experiences to "liven up" the song half way through. The vocal are crystal clear, but again - I would have liked to have heard some anguish, rawness and raunchiness towards the end of the song to reflect the hard-hitting emotion that comes with this subject matter. If I am wrong - I apologize - but this is what the song conjures up for me, as someone who have seen death up close and personal. A great song - but can ascend to greater heights still!

I can relate

I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music I lost my mom and my wife great and uplifting song please keep in touch with me God bless you .
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