gimme sheltered

Moscato brings us Sheltered, a groovy little piece with throwback sounds of the mid 80's with groups like Patty Smyth and Chrissie Hynde. The song has a defined separation in the mix with a well balanced set of tracks. The addition of the saxophone was a nice touch but I would have liked to hear a bit more expression from the keys other than its presence during intro and hook. I felt that could have given it just that extra added depth.


I was excited to review Moscato one more time as I knew I would not be disappointed. This song totally reminded me of the group Quarterflash back in the 80's. Love the sax in it and loved the harmonies as well! The song was very solid and could easily be played on any radio station right now. I look forward to hearing more of this band in the future! Once again another great song by Moscato!

Pretty good

I wasn't very impressed until I heard the bridge and the chorus. The guitars and the the backing vocals are very well placed! The riff and the chorus sticks in your head. This is one of the best stuff I have heard in here. I usually don't give a 5.00 rate but i will give it to you. This is my kind of music. Keep rockin' and good luck! Cheers, Donnie Donkov

"Sheltered" review by Tony

Moscato! Hey really love this tune, and I was pleased with my cans on my head to hear that juicy bass in both of my loving ears! Great classic rock style jam, beats and great lyrics, slightly reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, maybe because of the rich female vocals and harmonies. Pleasing but simple, not outlandish guitar riffs, and ... and ... surprised by a tasteful sax solo! Yes! We can ask for more from this band for sure!!

bon rock soft

La première impression est la bonne , quand on entend le crunch de la guitare , ensuite viens la voix qui dégage à la fois de l'énergie et de la sensualité et après le saxo pour terminer , c'est excellent suer bon titre , bien mixé et masterisé, je mets 5 étoiles , bravo à vous , le groupe Phon'éthique

no sax please

nice start, cool organ sound, guitar is very dirty but works well , like it when she sings its up to you ,the songs picks up and lifts to another level, but on the 2nd up to you this time it doesn't do it for me, nice middle eight i think there's too much going on with the guitars, but its a good track, better than i lot i have heard here ,apart from the out of nowhere sax solo, where did that come from ,very last minute destroys the track, i think it seems out of place

Another good song by Mascato!

I really dig this band Mascato, one of the best on N1M! Another good song by them too! Good production, good structure and great vocals, all of which are necessary to make a good song and have people like it. I've listened to a lot of different songs or what the person who posted it thinks is a song and many of them aren't very good and I wouldn't waste my time listening to it in it's entirety let alone take the time to write a review for it. But every song I've heard by Mascato thus far has hit potential...If a major label doesn't pick this band up they're stupid! Looking forward to hearing more!

Six Gun Sister review Moscato

I am listening to Moscasto, writing a review this song "Sheltered".Great song! Great vocals, great support by the guitar, drums and oboe (hope that is correct and my ears are not deceiving me). Easy to listen to.

Down Under Rocks!

This one is in good tradition of classic rock. A straight forward, mid-tempo song with a solid rhythm section as well as some coloration with the help of hammond and saxophone sounds. Nice and smoothing vocals, great to listen to!


Your vocal performance appeals to me on the contrary of this tune.What I am trying to say here is that;this song is very well structured but what I miss is some nice chorus.bridge as well.Mediocre song though but KEEP ON ROCKING& I wish a prosperous New 2016 to all of you.CHEERS


The instrumentation is very well balanced with the vocals. Clean and cuts through I love the vocals! The guitar I love the solo very cool! For once the drums are not cutting everything out from others I have heard. The really cool thing I think is the sax solo! Nice touch. The mix in general is very well produced! Nothing too over powering everything can be clearly heard. Great job guys keep it up!

Shel Tered : Review

Hi Moscato, 1 / Mix and production : It's raw, lack of bass (kick and guitar bass). 2 / Music : Lack of energy on drum (snare). Drums are a little flat. And on rythm guitar (attack). Nice the sax at the end. 3 / Vocals : ok - Good harmony on chorus. 4 / Overall : It's a sympathic track. Good luck

OMG just had an eargasm!

Hey guys! Absolutely beautiful job of instrumental layering and variety! Love the choice of beginning with the keys and ending with the sax, especially when mixed with such beautiful guitar riffs throughout the meat of the song. Maybe could have used more emotion or intensity in the vocals to match the temp of the song better, but that's my only critique I have. I will definitely listen to more of your work! Great job!


The recording is very raw sounding, but the song is solid. Reminds me of 1960's style pop-rock. The energy level is lower than I'd like to hear, but the song and structure are there. Just needs a bit more energy in my opinion.

'Sheltered' song review

I liked this song from the opening bar - nice and strong and it was a nice surprise to hear female vocals. Ok, for me, the guitar is a little too strong in the mix and/or the vocals are a little too low. Whatever, this is a very catchy song with a good build up and production, which I enjoyed listening to.
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