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Sugar Daddy review

Excellent production, as a Sound Engineer, I tend to focus into the song and liked the interesting use of the stereo field. There is a Bluesy feel to the song and I was waiting for a guitar solo after the second chorus but surprisingly that did not happen. The breathy vocals give the song a sense of mystery which I did find very captivating. Keep up the good work, we all appreciate it.

Moscato .....Sugar Daddy

Nice opening nice powerful rif And a good production and balance of instruments good vocals and not strained due to the levels being so balanced Good fun nice and tight track all on beat well worth a listen or three keep up the good work ..

Sugar Daddy

Hard Rocking Rythms Start rhis track, with a Bang. The Vocals set the Lyricks into a frinzy. The Background vocals bring this to a "cain't stop dancing" Party. This was well thought out.All In All, a 4.6

Some good stuff

Once again, Moscato brings us a fun, sexy song, with lyrics that I really like. She's not afraid to sing what others might be offended by. Love the work of the musicians too! Is there an album coming out soon? Kind of songs that I want to share with people! Don't give up!

Sugar Me!

From the opening riff I already know I'm going to like this song and so will you. Raunchy guitar, sexy sweet vocals, tight and original rhythm section. Memorable melodies to sing along with, and tone galore! We want to tour with you, what a great sound. If the title of this song didn't grab you then you are missing out, because this tune was fun, rockin and made me wanna dance dusty in a down under bar~

Sugar Daddy!!!

Buenas noches desde Jerez! Me gusta mucho la buena honda que transmite este tema, tiene una voz sensual y una guitarra sugerente, aunque a veces el riff se hace un poco repetitivo, pero el estilo lo exige así, enhorabuena!!!

Moscato My Review!

Hi Moscato nice track love the vocals of this song the production was also nicely done there is always a good market for a great song keep up the good work I hope I have said something in this review that will be of some use from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Universal Music Group I look forward to hearing other great tunes from you.

Rockin' Track

Great guitar-riff driven rock 'n' roll. I love the female vocals and how they offset the heaviness of the track, even with the clean arpeggiated guitar. She is sugar sweet compared to the rest of the track. This band seriously rocks. I could listen to this track and others like it all day. Great music.

Interesting tune...

Good production. Vocals have a nice tone. All the instruments seem balanced. The song has a cool "Blondie" vibe to it but, I would not consider this song retro at all. It has it's own uniqueness. Can't find any negatives. I like the tune. Nothing outrageous, just pretty cool. Cheers.


This song is sweet as sugar! Absolutely loved it! With extra sensual vocals and lyrics and a very cool melody! I always love Moscatos stuff! The guitar,bass and drums are great. You can feel the chemistry in the group ad the song has you hooked from the beginning. Production wise it is all up to scratch and all the Levels are spot on. Have to listen to this again and again. This song is super sexy!!!

Sugar Daddy - Give it to me!

Great song. Aussie Rocks! Love that sultry yet playful voice. Great rhythm section, the double kick is great and I like all the intricate runs. Guitar and voice worked well together, lots of room to hear it all. The mix was very good and nicely balanced without anything crowding the voice. I liked it a lot and will be dropping by your page to hear some more. Cheers from Vancouver!

Great sensitivity

Sexy lyrics and voice, with a very slightmusical backup. Very explicite and for an adult male audience... why not!. The musical theme is discreet enough to bring that hot voice in the front.

Sugar Daddy

I favor Indie artists. And Moscato has excelled with this song. Much kudos! The musicianship too is excellent and i’d Like to wish him much success in his future . I wish him this not only in Australia but with the rest of the world.

Sugar Daddy

Definitely sexy, your vocals are very good, sexy voice, sung well. The production of the song is ok it could be filled with more instruments, perhaps some keyboard chord string sounds or chunky rythmn guitar work, it just sounds empty, but i like it all the same. good work!

Type U nice

I don't remember whether I've ever heard a similar guitar tone, it's an interesting one, I like it. The mood and style of this nice guitar theme remind me of U2 which is good. Interestingly enough, the voice reminds me of Type O Negative that was one of my favourite bands long ago, so I have sweet memories and feelings when I'm listening to this tune from Moscato. This thing is Pop, dark and sexy. I'd give 5 stars if the lyrics is a bit more interesting and the general sound is a bit more pro. The voice is pleasing to the ears, and the instruments are fine. I can understand if you get this tune immediately.
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