Moscato / Rise Above. / Pendulum

Really good song

Wow, I'm surprised just how good that song is. Really touching, I can almost feel the pain in your lyrics. Hope you are healing well. Don't give up, you have amazing talent, please keep us informed if an album is coming out sometimes! Love your work!


Buenos días desde Jerez de la Frontera compañeros!!! Estoy escuchando vuestra canción Péndulo, y me parece muy buena, me encanta el timbre de voz que tiene vuestra cantante, es muy agradable y expresivo, así como las progresiones de cordes de guitarras eléctricas, que tienen un sonido muy adecuado para dar esa energía de la que goza la canción. Ya sólo me queda felicitaros por vuestro trabajo y desearos toda la suerte del mundo. Un saludo desde Andalucía!!!

A Very Deep Pertsonal Song

I found this a very deep, moving song from the heart beautifully performed and produced. This is what music should be- real, sincere and believable. Its very difficult to write a song as powerful as this withoit creating something too insular. This has the balance right!!

Great acoustic work,Great Vocals Im amazed!!

First of all I would like to say you have a great sound..I like how it has that rock edge not all acoustic...The lyrics are awesome,,love it..Makes so much sense from an artists point of can feel and hear the pain in your voice..keep up the great work...rock on

Review of Moscato's "Pendulum"

Can't say enough about the song! First off, I do love the song lyrically, as you speak of the hardships, the deep resentment, and loss of innocence, while in the end, laying the best line of the song, "I WON THE BATTLE"....very deep ! Hatred, will ruin your own life if you let someone who abused you sexually/physically/ or mentally, stay in your mind and eat have to let it go, and then as you said-"I WON THE BATTLE"- GREAT LYRICS! I also loved the build up at 39 sec. musically, as it moves the song to a heavier (not too much though),sound. Spot on string players and percussion! Also, the vocals are absolutely enchanting-awesome voice! One of the best songs I've heard here on N1M- Thank-You MOSCATO! Respectfully Dave/CHRONIC PAIN


Bonjour. Voilà un super groupe ! De superbes musiques à écouter… sans modérations. Je suis sur et certain que vous tomberez sous le charme !!:-) Moi j’en ai un peu ras le bol de toutes ces musiques formatées ou rien ne dépasse ! Ou l’on ne pense que business, argent, rentabilité !!! Alors merci pour ce moment de joie… juste en vous écoutant !! Merci ! Bravo !!!!!!!

Winning destiny

I just love your voice, emotion and style. Very awesome to hear your artist expression and I can clearly see in your song where there is a turning point and it’s a great story and a great songwriting technique! So not only are you talented musically with a angelic voice you write very well and it’s nice to hear. Much love!


"Karma has you on it's list!" I love it! Your words take the poison away from the soul of the abused. Excellent track and top notch quality recording artist. The voice of this lady vocalist is really worth a listen, a bit like Madonna with the edge of Blondie. Keep singing truth. Truth sells. This song will help many to overcome abuse, it is a Fight Song! A bit like Funny Girl "Let's Hear It For Me." with Barbara Streisand. I loved the instrumental, just the right dark and light on the bass guitar and other instruments Not much room for improvement.

Your Song "Pendulum"

Let's start off by saying you all are very brave to write about such a touching subject but that's the best way to express it is in a song and what a beautiful voice not to mention the band brings out all the darkness and winner in this one. This is a very good recording and everyone stands out and complements each other and what a perfect vocal range to be out in front telling this story. Keep up the great work. Write On~~~

90's grunge it's alive!

The acoustic passage it's simple, beautiful and heart taking! Sweet voice! Distorted guitars brings that Cranberries sound a like on Zombie, lyrics are very deep and painful. Brings you calm but hell on the same song. Moscato seems to be an australian grunge promise, rock on! Excellent song!

This songs sets the mood...well written

I think the song transmits the mood of the title and, although sad and hurt, the singer's talent shines through. The guitar blends exceptionally well with the singer and enhances the theme. I especially liked the production and I recommend this song. Good job!! Sounds very West Coast US

Hard stuff

This is hard song by Moscato. Like the sound and feeling in it. Reminds me a lot of Fleetwood Mac. All the instruments and vocals are mixed and mastered very well. Sound is clear and good. Structure of the song is nice. A slow acoustic start and growing big makes interest keep on and I like a lot songs where is much more than simply I love you theme. World is full of stories, lives, feelings... some nice and some rude. Sometimes we just need songs to remind us about not so nice things.

Powerful- this song rules

Everything about this song is top notch. The lyrics are great. Great dynamics. The drummer kills it. I am honestly amazed to have stumbled across something so well done. This band deserves love and support.


HEAVY!!! Great performances all around. My own song, "Save the Children" deals with this same subject. Over 30% of all American girls and 20% of all American boys suffer from sexual abuse. The vast majority of it occurring within the family home. Dysfunction is not just about human sexuality, though. It also includes other forms of torture: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The vicious cycle of victim becoming victimizer is part and parcel of the reactionary Patriarchal social structure; with its incestuous chattel mentality and the illusion of ownership through command and control cloaked in the guise of protectionism. So much for "American Exceptionalism" . . . Now, from the producers POV, the track could have been warmer and fatter. The high-end dominated the listening experience; making it a bit thin and shrill, but just maybe you wanted that for this subject. You guys are awesome! You truly ROCK! -Kieron

great track good build up

It seems every song I've heard by this band has the potential to be a smash hit and Moscato knocks it clear out of the park again with "Pendulum!" Of all the bands and solo artists I've listened to on N1M Moscato is by far one of the better ones and without a doubt, deserving of a recording contract with a major label. Once again this song has good structure, awesome vocals, and outstanding production. I don't know who the primary song writer is in this band, but they certainly have a lot of talent. The best way I can describe this band is, old school contemporary style rock with a modern edge, they definitely have an original sound. I'm also beginning to wonder if they're even capable of writing a bad song...Keep up the great work!
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