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At least a couple of groups have already had hits with a song of the same name. This is mediocre, repetitive and rubbish. By the way, fire is one syllable not two. The guitarist, albeit talented, goes way over the top on this very simple tune in order to make it sound more interesting but this proves to be unsuccessful and even tedious. At the end of the day though, these are talented musicians who should be able to do a whole lot better than this 2nd rate tosh.

Relight My Fire

Nice mix, not muddy. The arrangement is cool, and if there's anything I'd say to make this better is that it's a little pitchy here and there, but nothing to be bummed about. There is a slight problem with sync a couple times about halfway through, where the drum fill seems out of sync. All in all, just a little tightening up of the arrangement and it would really rock. Guitar tones are good, and maybe pump up the bass just a little.

Root music

It's definitely root music in its best term of it, dealing with some authentic rock sound like you'd really want it to sound these days, and it's totally to the point. I mean there have been already so many things happening up to now it makes you think we've tried it all down the line when it comes to guitar-played band thing. All of a sudden you find it's never was anything better than that, i.e. just guitars, vocals and good drumming to it all. What else do you need, people?

You Listen To The Doors Don't You?

The quality of the recording is good, although the timing of the drums to guitar are a bit off. Sounds like the drums are made from a drum machine but the vocals have a Jim Morrison vibe, was this song inspired by "Light My Fire" by the Doors?
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