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Totally into rock'n'roll thing

they are very good, the band called Missing in America. They play real cool and absolutely convincing. I like the sound of theirs. They know how to play their instruments and above all they know very well what kind of music belongs to the future. They fell in love with rock music of the 60s and 70s and know from their experience, this actually is the best music of them all, because humanity has produced nothing better ever since. The only thing that matters is rock of the past. And this is the best route leading us to the future. Otherwise there's nothing. Nothing all.

Are we corny or what?

These guys, Missing in America, are performing the roadwork towards the traditional and authentic rock'n'roll, which on many accounts dates back to the 60s and 70s of course. By doing so they show us the way towards the future of rock. Why? Because this is how the style of imminent rock is and will be in the days to come. This guitar played rock is the only viable form of rock music at all. Of this I'm absolutely sure. Some say: it's all now in the past, I say: it's here, it never left us and it's coming on. Vallerius of the Bay Bood rock group.


Roadwork II review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rockl piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Road Dogs Nice Groove

Great sound, Love how the bass sounds, nice simple road worthy rock song, Perfect song to set the correct levels for the concert-The guitar solo/playing is excellent, and the lyrics fit the song-going to have to upgrade the vocal a bit- that's all I got

Good Rocker

That funky bass line in the intro sounds great. Nice guitar tone and drums are rock solid. Vocals are a little rough but the lyrics are funny. Being mainly a guitar rocker, it flows pretty well. I'd almost consider trying out a different singer or turning this into an instrumental. The instruments sound great. Guitar, bass and drums are really tight and blend well. If you guys polished the vocals this would be out of sight!


Hi Guys Well what a great song you guys rock. Are you signed by any record companies. We loved the song was it recorded live or in a studio. Anyway ita great to hook up with you guys take care. Regards Rogue Records ' Rock Music


This is horrible you need more time you need a sobering mind how can I be kind after you put this out there and all I can do is stare it sounds like you have no care polluting the air with the lack of Savoie fair So many people have said All meters had swung in to the red Singer sounds like he warmed over dead ???? and ain’t right inside his head but he did have a good band on hand to play it not too bland and the chuck he beat the skins shoulda prolly kicked the auction man in his shins and messed with his clock and made the dude rock and whatta shock your bassman was inside a sock Let em Out so he can rip and and shout and then the lead could be better in sync ... ok enough jokes...Record this without vocals then make that vocalist do it till he’s got it Down like The hypnotist he’s supposed to be Dont accept less don’t run this train wreck. Really it ain’t that hard to do it 100 times and pick the best take.


Road work, great guitars, and drums. Nice mixture between rock and blues. Keep it up and if you get a chance look into my two CDs. Do you believe in Magic and do you really want more magic. Thanks

Great tune.

Right from the outset "Roadwork II" by Missing in America is a very catchy tune that is both easy on the ears and catchy. The bass intro is a sweet with a nice groove to it. The vocals are well mixed and the lyrics are interesting providing the chorus with a great hook. The drum pattern is very solid throughout, providing a stable platform for the entire rhythm section. The guitar parts on this track are very nice and with some great licks. Excellent effort, very good tune.

Nice Solid Blues #

My first thoughts were the vocals were a bit too country for this, its a very trad blues I-iv-v type number so required a bit more of a blues vocal. As the track progressed however I could hear that the vocal blended better. The guitar playing is spot on, understated but not basic either, some nice flourishes. Its probably just a bit too long, and I think it could maybe work a bit better if the BPM were upped a little, but that's just my personal preference

Loose the reverb verb verb

Standard blues stuff with good guitar work well executed but the vocals are swamped in reverb....get rid of three quarters of the reverb and add a third below harmony for a more nailed down vocal sound and you have a good driving music sound.

Hello from Jerzy...

Well .I will say that "all is great"... but First the Vocal is OFF the Tune..and this is NO GO in Music Bizz..You know R@R also need to be Sung in Tune..I like The Guitar Play..but again The Vocal Ruin The Song...any haw is good to play for Friends ( They will always say it is a Great Song)..but if You send it to AM / FM Radio or Music Publisher...You will hear much different opinion ( if They ever respond )...Good Luck with it...

Cavalier Review -----------------------------------------------'---------------'--'------------------------------------------''

We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China

Good music

Hola. Haceis muy buena musica. Blus del bueno. Escucho vuestras canciones todos los dias. Es bueno tener sitios como esta página porque en la radio no suena nada bueno desde hace mucho tiempo.

missing in America

the first thing im going to say is thats its nice to hear straight up rock music. awesome. now the song is nice and straight up. the vocals just need some work. voice seems good just off somewhere. maybe to fircefull which makes you go a little off tune on and off. other than that. its a breath of fresh air to hear nusic with no techno in it. good job.
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