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Basic attitudes

This is here a root music with all the good things it has to offer. These days the music is maybe tried and experienced in so many ways and style it boggles one's mind, but after all a question arises: what is there to be outspokenly special and beyond all that to be looked at with respect and awe? The answer is simple: good old rock'n'roll and nothing else. Why? Because anything else is not that convincing and to the point. Missing in America do exactly what I want to hear nowadays.

A Little Too Short

There is nothing wrong with this piece of music apart from the fact it is too short. Just as as starts to build momentum it is cut short. Is this deliberate or a mistake? Anyway, it would make good music for a film or TV show. Keep on rockin'.

Root music

This is what it is: root music at its best. Having experienced all possible mutations the music of today inevitably is getting back where it really belongs, i.e. to rock in its utmost manifestation. We hardly need anything else these day, knowing that it all had been tried in the past. Experimenting? Yes, it's possible, too. The point is that currently nobody is in a position to bring about a radical change in music. What is left? Just filling in the gaps and niches previously not taken a thorough care of.

Good root music

Great music needs cool folks behind it, and I have every logical reason to presume this is the case speaking of Joe Miranda & The Kings Of Texas. Judge for yourself: these days one might choose any road to move on music wise, but they instinctively chose the right path, knowing that anything else don't mean a thing. Absolutely to the point. Totally into the root music. Why? the answer is simple: it's the best way to go about it.

Root music

This here is a good example of some totally clever approach when having to deal with music as such. We face a good band who know what they're doing. What they do is some good rock music tradition oriented 70s headed, which is great according to my views and generally bearing in mind the fact, that these days anything else had been attempted in various combinations, and as a matter of fact we are to make a choice: what is to be done now? Nothing much reallly, but something they call original rock, which is unmistakably to the point.

Groundwork for the sake of rock

They are great, these guys, who call themselves Missing In America. Of course, there are great many bands who really can play their instruments and sing great vocals, but it is for me very surprising, when I time and again come across something I call "real bands", i.e. the group of poeple who really belong together within the musical endeavor. It is well to perceive that we deal with an accomplished combo, which looks back at the best traditions in rock music altogether, and this is their good way to present themselves to the world.

Cool band actually

What we hear here is an expample of good, high qualitiy music boiling back to the best rock'n'roll roots as a whole, There is a nice reason for that, because times are changing only to prove this is the only way to be these active a rock musician dealing with any kind of music and active in any sphere of musical presentation. Let's not pretend and admit just one thing: we nearly tried everything in this world, but 60s and 70s rock stands out. For real. That's what I like...

Very nice vibe

Liked it, sounds pretty good. Guitar riffs sound clean. Overall listening experience two thumbs up. Keep it up you guys, dont stop! Rock on and have a blast on what you are doing. Regards, Forgotten

Big Let Down

Love the bass intro, great blues tune but where are your vocals? I would love to hear the vocals to this song. I am a blues rock singe/songwriter and if I were only giving a clip, I would make sure the vocals were in. I can't give a higher rating without the vocals. If you add a larger clip, let me know. I would love to give a higher rating


A Feastive, Outwoor Event , Like Rocker. Good Band for the feel.----Vocalist , seams to have No Presance In The Work Of Everyone Else....I Think That This Could Be A Work In Progress, but 'Not Ready For Primetime'...Work On It, & You Will Know, You Will Know...

Desaparecidos en América!

Buenas tardes desde Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucía!!! Estoy escuchando vuestra canción en este momento, y veo que tiene la estructura típica del Rock and Roll, con esos sonidos de guitarra estrato que le vienen como anillo al dedo, y esos sólos sugerentes entre las líneas vocales... la batería también goza de buen sonido, está equilibrada y bien ecualizada, y el ritmo es adecuado a este tipo de canción. En general es un tema agradable ,de fácil escucha. Espero que tengáis suerte con vuestros proyectos futuros y que salgan muchos temas más. Un saludo desde Jerez de la Frontera!!!

Dig the work.

Great start, keeps me right in the groove to jump in with the listenin' I don't care what he's talkin' about , attitude carries it just fine. Good guitar work stays right inside where it belongs. Dig the Moby grape style of Drummin.' Don't know if that's intentional, but the early vinyl classic rock had that big free sound these guys are rocking with. Thanks for postin' it.

Root sound

These guys from the band called Missing in America truly know what they are doing: they are actually pronouncing one cool thing which clearly states there is only one way to be present in today's rock scene, i.e. playing the root music, which definitely stood the test of time and absolutely survived through ages. Why? The answer is simple: it is absolutely authentic and beyond any doubt. This is the real rock'n'roll. Ain't it cool, ah?


Roadwork II review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rockl piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Road Dogs Nice Groove

Great sound, Love how the bass sounds, nice simple road worthy rock song, Perfect song to set the correct levels for the concert-The guitar solo/playing is excellent, and the lyrics fit the song-going to have to upgrade the vocal a bit- that's all I got
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