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Missing in America review

This one is like a flashback. Being from the midwest myself, I hear a lot of 1960's midwest rock here. The beat is driving and straight ahead. Guitar is front & center and played well. This reminds me alot of early SRC, The Frost, The Rationals & The MC5 all from Michigan & left their mark in the time period. I enjoyed this one!

Volver a encender mi fuego.

Buenas noches desde Jerez de la Frontera, España!!! Ahora mismo estoy escuchando tu canción y me está recordando por momentos a los Doors, será por el título, no lo se muy bien, pero me recuerda exactamente a eso, tsnto por la estructura del tema como por el estribillo. Las guitarras tienen un sonido aceptable, así como las voces, el bajo y la batería, pero resulta, al menos a mí, un poco monótono y repetitivo, se echa en falta algún cambio de ritmo o de acordes...no sé, algo que pueda romper ese repetitivo estribillo... aunque no estoy muy familiarizado con vuestro estilo, así que no me hagáis mucho caso... yo vengo del Rock Progresivo y Fusion, com miles de cambios... en fin felicidades en cualquier caso!!! Un saludo!!!

Rock n Roll Brownies

This is stripped down, bare ass thank you for the ball gag rock and roll with no frills or capitulation to some Starbucks yuppie happiness playlist. These guys have an earthy brown sound and dirty delta underwear. Well done honkies.


It's not often I give a 5 rating, but you got one with this song. The non-stop guitar work did it for me. Hat is 'off' to him cause he made the song move and 'pop' all the way. Everything else is on the money with the running Bass lines and the lyrics sounding a little like the Doors at times on the 'Fire' is spot on. Good Luck on your Music adventure here at N1Music "Missing in America"....gizzmow, Bonham, Texas


Love the guitar, lead vocals have that cool drag... Yet lyrics lacking that story line or snappy caught phase. Keep at it. What do I know this could be a big hit. But if im correct write a better song.. Magic .

Put Out The Fire !! Missing in America

Being far too old to get stoned and rock all night, I avoid this kind of music at every given opportunity, I never did get off on loud screaming distorted guitars and heavy handed drum pounding over a less than vocally trained singer attempting to shout mindless lyrics over the sound levels of the band. Even in my teen days when I had to play it with a couple bands that went nowhere, not even out of the garage. Sorry I can't sing the praises of this song, but I am sure somebody who is into this kind of music will think it's a Hit. This request has been sitting in my inbox for a long time and I guess the only way to make it go away was to write something so here tis. Good luck with it, Tom Wiggins.

Relight My Fire....

A classic Rock sound with a bit of retro that reminds me of the McGuffey Lane Genre of Rock.I like your back story and how you two came to play music together. I like the message of your song. Great fade out on the drums with an excellent guitar riff. You guys have a great sound. Keep writing and singing thise songs to ignite the latent fires of passion for life in your listeners. Excellent musicianship and all around a real Fire Starter!

Cool song!

This is a cool song that makes you wanna be all out of control in good way. Being the backyard just going crazy and not caring who is around. You have to just love this music. Watch out for Relight my fire. The title in itself says it all.

A bucket of water

Sorry but I really don't like this song. They say they only do original stuff so I had to check out Relight My Fire by Take That and Dan Hartman. I dislike both of them too but I do not think that this is a copy. The Doors' original Light My Fire is so good that anyone using the words, or similar, is bound to invite unfavourable comparisons. That said, the music is good and I can well understand this pair's popularity and I would like to wish them good luck. There might be something on Hometown Paradise or The Prisoners' Songbook that would suit them better, even if these songs do not sound American.

Not a big fan of light my fire but

Light my fire was played non stop long version on tinny horn speakers outside to the Beach at sorento grill parking lot during the summers in Santa Monica when I was a kid,not to complain but really sick of that song.that being said I can hear the doors influence here and you guys are doing a decent job,maybe you didn’t mean to have a doors influence at all and never heard the song so 8m way off of so sorry

Missing in America Review

Nice take off, driving guitar vocal open and clear drums hitting all the right places would recommend you take a listen, nice rock tune and the ladies should like the message about relighting his fire, in tire song takes you right along and pulls you into the mix , sounded like more than one guitar playing lead at times, rhythm guitar and drums carried the vocals to the end. Take the time to enjoy this fast moving upbeat tune
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