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The perfect combination

This is what I call the perfect combination: a great voice + a great performance + a great song. I used to love listening to the original version, but this is certainley a great rendition!.I really love it!

Sounds like a standard

A nice and simple melody for a classic style jazzy ballad, and a beautiful, warm voice to serve it. It reminds me of Tom Jones, which is a compliment. I don't know if Mike Scott wrote that song but it sounds like a standard.

,.. Song that light candles and souls ..,

Beautiful Romantic composition in Vocational and individual performance, Which will light Candles and Souls any Romantic Evening .., With Love for All Loving from the Singing Heart ..

My first review

Talented for sure...a super big 60'ish vibe...great musicianship... covers?...sure..done well thou. Vocals have that 60's big singer talent, some Tom Jones and Elvis and even some Frank in there. Swing ? on this one not so much...Other..yes....but Easy Listening...100%. Seriously ... I listen to a lot of music.. and this song would fall in that category ... music. real . music.

pretty song

Well planned instrumentals with a wonderful melody. This song ???? captures my heart. I really enjoyed hearing this, and thank you for your time in making this piece. This amount of talent is sure to capture others hearts as well. I really like the lyrics and how the song is composed. I hope you continue writing and composing beautiful works of music. I love the style of this music and can't wait to hear more!


Très agréable à écouter ! Ce genre de chansons que l'on n'a pas dans mon pays en ce moment mais qui nous manque incontestablement! Merci. Very nice to listen to! This kind of songs that we do not have in my country at the moment but which we lack incontestably! Thank you.

this is worth a listen

Mike has a warm voice, good quality and even tone. Nice Lyrics. Reminiscent of a time when music was written to tell a story that would make you fall in love all over again. Definitely a good listen.

Good job on a well known hit

The voice is a modern day crooner a la Englebert Humberdink...sophisticated and mature. The arrangement is stock, but heavy on the skills of a talented pianist. This is a niche recording that may make it to adult radio and open doors to showrooms at casinos and private gigs, but it is not necessarily a stepping stone to the mainstream modern music world. That being said, here's hoping that there is a place for the artist and his choice of music.

Great song

Hey Mike ! I just wanted to say Thank You for listening , and for sharing my music I really appreciate the support !!! I' am listening to your music right now , and I like them ! Keep Your Dreams and.....Ciao from Tuscany.

She Believes in Me

Wow...this is a great rendition. I loved your voice and there was no over reach that I could detect. You really got me in with the different inflections in your voice and the right amount of emotion where it was needed. The lyrics to this song are beautiful and you've done an excellent job. I'm going to place this song on my playlist. I really enjoyed doing this review. Thanks Mike.


Mike Scott delivers an unforgettable rendition of this classic, rendering the listener to relaxed realisations that the moment has captured a vocal performance to remember. A must-have for the romantic and the sentimental listener.

mike scott

Your numberone for a reason your original sound wakes up the other genre an let competitors know im here to stay keep up the hard work sir let postive cristism bring you hunger to make better and better songs everytime

Sounds like 70's piano pop style music

This songs reminds me of Neil Diamond, Englebert Humberdink (sp). Just like "new" old stock. A great song and sung very very well, rather perfect actually with good presence and conviction (and intonation)! Too bad this isn't popular these days but it's a great tune if I was out at a club I would love listening to this, let me know if you are on spotify, I'll put you on my list. Engineering wise, this track is very well produced, everything in it's place and a good scored backing string track, with just the right levels and effects treatments. Kudo's to the mixing engineer.

took me straight back to my childhood

took me straight back to my childhood hearing the opening bits of that song. probably haven't heard it since then either. an interesting mix with Tom Jones-ish vocals on an old Kenny Rogers song. not the first Mike Scott song I've heard here (not of Waterboys fame) and while not the genre I would normally listen to, the production is done well and Mike has a strong vocal that does justice to the song
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