Maxim Senin / Maxim Senin / Stupid Girl


This song was real cool because the singer has an accent .Good quality easy listening for those who enjoy it.I give 4.0 because its not my style

Rock meets art song

This is a rock ballad, and it has some good vibes. It is crowded with words. One gets lost in such a long story line. It is like you have to read an ebook to figure out what it is about. Who wants to listen to a long story like that/ People are accustomed to simpler songs, they have a short attention span. They drum tracks are a bit simple but nicely sounding through. It is a good vocal person, which could be better used in a simple arrangement. I like the Hammond sound and the piano


Nice 1 keep it up send me more of your music follow me on twitter @katapilaa ,invite me on facebook: katapila streetleague

Stupid Girl

Nice catchy intro. Music track is much better than the vocal track. Not really the Blues, although your guitarist has a blues flavor in some of his licks. But the overall tune does not evoke a Bluesy feel. Nice blending of background vocals.

review of "Stupid Girl" by Gregg White

really great bluesy song. great guitars and horns. the vocals were interesting - kind of reminiscent of Mark Knopfler. nice solos with the guitars and horns. very interesting. Overall, a great "Louisiana style blues tune" worth checking out!!
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