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I Owe I Owe

Wow a great traditional Country tune. All the familiar, comfortable Country ideas in a simple tune with a relevant feel. Easy chord structure for music folks to follow along makes for a welcome track that draws the crowd in at any watering hole that plays it. Certainly play worthy and you should get air time with it on Country Radio.

I Owe I Owe Review

I was misled by the name and picture expecting a female artist. As I listen I hear Hank Williams Jr all over this piece! The vocals are superb and catchy. Cute little Country tune! I like it!

I Owe I Owe gets the HAMMER

I have been a member here at N1M For 15 Months. I love this site I've been rating bands for over 15 years on various sites such as this. I have found that; The best way to learn is to listen. 2016 is going to be the year I start My New Review System. This is my 1st review of the year. AWZ'z HAMMER I have nothing to add or tell you This is a Really GOOD Song! Has everything This Song is HAMMERED The system is pretty self explanitory ☆HOOK☆☆☆☆☆ ☆ARRANGEMENT☆☆☆☆☆ ☆MUSIC☆☆☆☆☆ ☆MUSICIANSHIP☆☆☆☆☆ ☆ENTERTAINMENT☆☆☆☆☆ ☆RADIO READY☆☆☆☆☆ Damn Guys this is a HIT!! Best of luck to you all this coming year!! ~Ã₩Ź~


Nice hook and a fun song that unfortunately is true ! of sounds like good old honky tonk that we played in clubs around the east !..The vocal and instruments sound top notch..Good Luck

Great Old-Time Country Song with Very Nice Production

Mary Lynn Ritchie has an unusual voice. I was expecting more of feminine voice! But she does a NICE job LOL! I think the tune is something a lot of folks could relate to. Is this your song? Where did you record this? It has a Real Nice production. If it was done in your home studio - I would say you have the process mastered! If you did this in a studio I would return as soon as you can. If this is an original tune, I would pitch it to some artists and/or try to get some overseas coverage. They are still eating up the traditional ol country in many lands outside of the US.

Traditional Hokey has great delivery!

Excellent traditional country tune! Funny lyrics, great guitar picking, and the honky tonk piano is on point! Nothing is missing, Mary Lynn Ritchie even gives us some sweet slide guitar to boot! The formula is simple and some would say it is hokey but the fact remains that the production is good, the storytelling is well done, and yes, you feel like two stepping when you hear it. and what is wrong with that? Not a damn thing! Great job Mary Lynn! Keeping it simple pays off big with this delivery! Cheers and much success to you in this crazy business!

I Owe I Owe...

A straight ahead honkytonker...has a great traditional country sound to it. Its easy to tap the foot too and cruise down the highway with this sound blaring. The sound mix is done well and lead vocals were well done too. Overall i think this is a great catchy track and one many can relate too. Look forward to hearing more in the future.

country story

I loves this story right here, a man works hard for his woman and he's have a good arrangement with the correct tempo for me. I loves his voice also and the melody is great. The woman that deserve this song has to be special cause this track is special.

Snow White

This was well produced and the vocals are excellent. Band was on target. No major flaws here. I'm a bit stumped by the Mary Lynn Ritchie name and picture. Sure didn't sound like a Mary Lynn singing. Must be some confusion here. This song had the great traditional country sound and feel. The writer took an old well known set of lines and made a true country song. Snow White would be proud and the dwarfs are happy. Great fit of vocalist and traditional country music. That's off to work I go.

Brilliant Sound

Just want to compliment the band along with the lead, of course this song was brilliantly sung and put together. I could personally relate to this song from my past engagements but "I Owe" definitely sums up numerous past time experiences. This song is fun and a great groove to blast in my car from time to time, if you haven't heard "I Owe, I Owe" your missing out on great Rock music!

I owe I owe

I like the intro, and the singer sure suits the lyrics. Well done melody in my opinion, and I'm thinking this song really suits a lot of people out there. The melody is really catchy, and again in my opinion, a very good song. Guy

I Owe I Owe

I like the way this song in put together. Perfect reason for a saying I have heard more and more. I Owe, seems to be the rally cry today, As a songwriter it must be hard to write a song from another's prospective and I believe you have accomplished that with this song. Thank you.

i owe i owe

I like it ,it has a good story and it's very catchy. The delivery is great. With a great sound and quality. Great job keep up the good work. Keep at it, it will pay off. I'll be on the lookout for you this year .

Solid Track

I was a little surprised initially as I was expecting a female lead vocal, but the song itself is pretty standard country/new country fare. It's well sung, it's well played and it's well recorded, while the songwriting is good-humoured and mildly amusing. There's nothing wrong with it at all, though personally prefer my country to be a little more 'alternative' or 'outlaw'. A good solid track which I'm sure achieves the objectives that it set out to achieve.

Catchy tune

love it. Great vocals and backing vocals.The band is tight and super professional. The drummer and bass are working well together and i like the way the keyboards and guitar blend in together .i really think you guys are as good as any act that is going around at the moment. keep up the great work and i hope to hear a lot more of your music.
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