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Mark Ambuter the happy ones

Love the girating sounds there is something morish that keeps one listening subtle changes throughout this has to be a good song to listen to live . And it takes some figuring what the message is really about I cant put a finger on why I like it great to hear something so refreshing


The title got my attention. Didn't know what to expect. But as the music started and the smooth lead vocalist entered. I felt the need to listen deeply to the lyrics. Guitars screaming and drums adding to a very good song. Way to go. Thanks Magic.

Drums and Strings

You know nothing is perfect but on a scale of 1-10 I'd give you 9.I love the vocals, drums and the strings really caught my attention and made me wanna listen to the rest of the song... It's amazing????

Unprecedented note in sound

The song sounds for me sometimes like 80´s rock music mixed up with 90´s grunge. I really like the introducing with the dirty e-guitars, which are also playing the main role in this composition. After that, Mark Ambuter beginns with his unique vocals but the whole composition is more various. The lyrics touches the soul and the chorus is impressive. The engaging drums and bass-lines are very special in this song. The beat is powerfull and straight and the song sounds sometimes like a rehearsal, but all instruments stand out. Mixing and mastering could be better, but the guitars are exactly where they should be. The short solos make the tune engaging for me. Listen to the song and if you like add him. Let others know your recommendation.

A rock song

The song "The Happy Ones" starts dark, despite the title. At my sound equipment, the voice sounded very blurred, no so in front so I almost couldn't understand the lyrics at most of the song. It says here that is classified as alternative, but, to be honest, I felt it like a very tradicional rock song, in the same style of the 70s and 80s classics. It's dense and tense, could easily be used as a sound track. After the bridge it grows into a crescente mood of more and more tension but the voice doesn't follow this change. The singer could have "freaked out" more, in my opinion. And the song should have ended there. The final part takes out the climax.

as trip it down

Your music is very doors hendrix however the great sound over powers voice Strip it down to acoustic guitar and kick drum use brushes for drums sing with more passion more soulful let the voicebe dominant you are 90 percent there lite the gasoline goodluck love spencer-guuyus-crosse love rules M

Happy Day

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we're enjoying this vocal performance which sounds like an inspiration from Tom Petty. Musically it's well orchestrated and produced.

The Happy Ones - Getting it done

The song hits all of the markers for concert style rock. Mark the vocal were on point, just needed to be above the three guitars! I listen to the song with Android & iggy Ice, we both like the direction of the song, but feel the engineering needs improvement. The G sting on on Of the guitars was slightly out of tune and the overall levels of the guitars drowned out the vocals. Overall we love this song! It has a nice big it flows and it has the potential to be a big hit once you make the corrections to your master. I’m not sure if you record all the tracks yourself if you do I will give you another star, And perhaps invite you to one of the android shows in California in 2020 there’s an opening act! Your close on this one just needs a little tweaking! Rock it! Yours truly, Mila An, Android’s Girl

The Happy Ones

This Is A Good Production, but The Equalization Leaves Something To Be Desired. The High End Is Somewhat Overworked. The Vocal Range Is Overwhelmed By The High End. This Might Be Solved In the Mastering?..The Words Cain't Be Fully Understood. Good Job By The Band, & The Vocals.....I Give The Final Mix a 3.5.


Arrangement is good in Your song but other staff ( Melody.. Vocal ) need more work to be I hope that You will make a better version of It..and if You will do make sure is less than 4 min ( for commercial reasons Radio Stations very rear playing longer it is now I do not think Music Publishers or DJ will be impress ..remember that They are very hard to please and most of the time They will listen Your song no more than app 20 sec that much time You have to "catch" Theirs I wish You good luck with submissions...


I like Your song but need some extra work in order to send to a Major Music Publishers or Radio Stations..also must be recorded in Radio Ready Quality Recording.. so .. make a better Arrangement..put more Passion in to The Vocal Part and when all is done will be ready for Them.. as It is now is to predictable and a little to long for Them.. but is ok to be played on Life Concerts.. I wish You good luck with submissions...good job..


Do anybody told You that The Quality of Recording are it is no Music Publisher will take time to listen..I'm sorry but in today Music Bizz The Quality Must be Outstanding ( this is why I gave You a low score )..and I gave You one idea.. get rid off the Intro part and make sure that Your song is around 3.5 min long..well it is not important if I like or not ..but Music Publishers and Radio Stations are very hard to please..and very rear They tak outside material if You like the song to be hear by Them..Make sure Qualit of Recording are Great... I wish You good luck with submissions..


Rock potente, pero melodía muy anodina y aburrida, no le pega a esta música esta forma de cantar ni esa melodía. Aunque lo que más me gusta es precisamente la forma que tiene el cantante de cantar, solo que pienso que otro tipo de música le vendría mucho mejor. La guitarra que está todo el tiempo haciendo ruido de fondo es muy molesta, creo que a más simpleza mayor calidad sonora. En definitiva, me gusta pero no lo suficiente.

Listening is the Joy of Music

Listening is the Joy of Music... This is an interesting thrown back from the late 60s. I appreciate ALL music. I spend so much time of my day listening to and appreciating all forms of Music. Production cues are my favorite part. Dynamics are essential to take the listener to other places in a given song. Thanks for sharing your Music :-)
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