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Rien plus rien du tout

The voice is very strong and perfect for chancon a Song with heart to heart I like it very much.If there was a n Orchester i Think this Song will be a great Ballade for this Genre Thanks for listen.


a great piece of piano and voice that goes straight to the heart of people where you can breathe the feeling, emotions take shape and create atmospere full of aromas and flavors. to make a piano and voice piece it takes courage because it is easy to fall into repetitive and very often the piece appears empty, without a soul. instead your piece, your voice come together in something unique that brings the listener into a beautiful place.

Like it a lot..

279/5000 You sing your own, but hauntingly and stay in memory. At the very least, I'll emotionally take away from you the purity of your message that you carry with your song. Now I will translate the text and see if I feel right. ;-) Great job

Rien plus rien du tout

Magali Fortin has another nice song to hear. Arrangement: Simple and pure. Only a piano and vocals. Simple is better. Vocals: She still has a strong, clear voice. Carries the emotion of the song well. Mix: Simple and pure. Very clear and concise. Could add some studio reverb. Blessings to ya! Donivan.

Engaged song and virtuos accompanying piano

Just another great release from Megalin Fortin grabbed me right from the start! The intro feels like a story and the refrain makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. The lyrics comes from the heart and touches the soul, but the whole composition is more various. The music starts softly with harmonically melodies played on the piano. Megali sings with her unique voice and brings a distinctive feeling into the song. The chorus is impressive and the pitch range varies. The bridge is an extra factor and brings additionally beauty into the music. Brilliant accentuated whale sounds puts increasing surprise into the tune. An accompanying bass-lines is added and very special in this arrangement. This is definitely a very professional composition, very good mixing and mastering. A song about love and life and the development of events beyond personal control. But why do I tell this? This song has definitely a important message - to work also closer integration of environmental concerns. Overall a really impressive composition from a very talented songwriterin. This song must be a radiohit and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding bar you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep workin


Hi o was passing for you page and I see you song and is very nice how you touch the piano and you do it amazing job you got talent I recommend to go for you dream good job and make good music good luck with everything


Bonita canción y muy bien interpretada, tanto piano sin abusos como la maravillosa voz de Magali Fortin. Canción sobria, me encantaría entender la letra para poder evaluar mejor esta bonita canción. Beautiful song and very well interpreted, both piano without abuse as the wonderful voice of Magali Fortin. Sober song, I would love to understand the lyrics to better evaluate this beautiful song.


Beautifully done throughout, with wonderfully recorded vocals. I really enjoy the straightforward mix, and the reverb sits perfectly. Piano has a nice tone balanced with the vocal track. Nice!

Bonne chanson

Bonsoir. C'est Pieter, de Gand en Belgique. Une bonne chanson. ça m'apparait que vous chantez de votre coeur. L'émotion que vous évoque, ça brule, c'est sure. Ce sont aussi vraiment des beaux mots. Beaucoup de profondeur. Le pianist est bon, il joue bien. Bonne voix. Authentique. Mais ce que ce qui je voulais vous dire est que l'attention sur votre chanson est un peu trop fixé sur les mots. Quand la mélodie et la composition été un peu plus élaborée, la message pouvait etre un peu plus transmis. Mais. Bonne job. Svp entendez ma musique. C'est en anglais, mais... it's music with a clear message ! N1M search: spiceypete. Bonne chance et bon 2018. Amour. Pieter B.

Simply Perfect

Hello and first of all congratulations for your beautiful song that comes directly to the heart. I immediately perceived that in the simplicity of the draft made by the beautiful Harmony of the Piano you have a great feeling to pull out when you write. aldila of the beautiful melody of your song, I personally love your way of singing. You hear what you feel and pass it on to people who listen to you. You have chosen to play this solamnente song with the piano I would say that's fine this way at most you can add a carpet of violins, but otherwise it is perfect. Brava.

Sensitive beautiful song

I immediately liked this song, though I don´t understand the Words. The language is not mine, so I go on the emotions this beautiful melody wakes in me. She has a sensitive voice, a nice melody and she plays the piano in a way that makes you understand that the words and the message in this ballad means a lot to her. This is a kind of song that does not need a big arrangement. It is very naked and honest in this just-piano-arrangement. Before me I can imagine a small stage in a club where Magali Fortin plays and sings. The audience is quit and very moved by this naked performance. Congratulations. You´ve made it! So .. the next step for me is to try to find out what the words is about. I love this melancholic song.

Great music

I love the song and the piano sounds really good i love music piano is one of my favorite things well composed and well put together very creative and I love your voice at anytime I would like to hear more of your music keep on making great music and never stop creating and thank you for sharing your craft with the world have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

Nice (But Better If My French Were Better!)

It would be nicer if I could understand French better, but this is (nonetheless) a nicely done piece. The piano and vocals go well together. The tone of the electric piano is very Fender Rhodes-esque, which is a nice complement to the vocals. It would be interesting to hear this with a backing orchestra and perhaps a band.

Sweet voice

Very good I like your song even though I don't understand French but the way your voice sounds along with the music I love it and I'm sure if I was able to figure out what you are saying could probably make me wanna dance more but good job keep it up.
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