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Remarkable unique recording

I like chansons and this one has impressed me deeply much. Only some expressive melodies of genuinely well played acoustic piano have the main role in this composition. I like the monotony of the track and the song is sounding slightly. Megali Fortin shows a great feeling for music although of sparse instrumentation. She has the ability of versatile expression to give an account in words about the end of a lovestory, including all the relevant events. The lyrics really tell a story and the melancholy passion touches the soul. This extrafactor is making the songwriting really creative. Overall a unique ballad good recorded. I can feel the meaning of the tragedy regardless of the language. Listen to the song and I´m sure you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.


This is a good Idea for a Song but as It is need a Lot of work..I do not found anything special it it.. and The Piano accompaniment is not to good.. ( You must come up with something much better.. I like Your voice make a better Piano Background.. sing will more Energy and Power and it will be a good song when is Finished..Now is just a "working Demo" so I do nor think Music Insiders will take time to listen... I wish You a good luck...I like Your Voice..

Review - Magali Fortin

Hi ! Beautiful base of the song. I dont understand the lyrics so it is hard to review that but i understand its about Love. The piano could have a more grand deep. It sounds a little to much synthetic. Your voice is really something special and raw in its own mind. Give the song a deep and personality. My recommendation is to perfect this peace is to use a real Grand Piano then you can make it perfect. If you do that use also some tribal low drums and a nice tambourine slow and maraccas. Put also in a bass to underlay this beautiful song. Worth to give more work. Regards LaSueede


I like Your song but It must be "worked on" I mean make a better arrangement with more instruments or Fantastic Piano It now has very small chance to be put on Radio Stations Rotation or to be pick up by a Music Publisher ..also need much better Recording Quality.. It has a potential but some extra work has to be done..I wish You good luck with submissions.. You did a good job to write It..

Rien Plus Rien Du Tout

Hello, This will be a review on what I can realistically make comments on. The lyrics are problematic due to the fact that they are in French and I am not conversant in the language. The structure of the song is nicely done. It flows from section to section well. Your writing has grown in that regard...Well done! The melody is pleasing and works well with the harmony of the song. I like the simplicity of the track a lot and your singing feels in the pocket to me. One thing...... if it were me I might look at is the lower interval limits of the piano part....the piano chords at times, gets very bass heavy (muddy) which to my ears acts as a distraction. Perhaps an inversion of the chord you're utilizing might help. The prosody feels good (marriage of the words to the music) and the listener is not distracted by the writer trying to make the words "fit" in with the music. This is a much stronger effort than the last song I reviewed of yours and shows growth on your part as a writer. As I stated earlier it's problematic for me to give a complete review due to the language issue. Good work overall and keep writing! RW

Appreciate your sound

This is a pretty nice song , it’s good to have people like you on this earth makes the world go around . I hope you going good. This is a nice song , nice voice, that’s awesome I’m Mr. Cold you can google me

beautiful sound

great sounding recording,the vocal sounds great even though i do not understand the lyrics.Would love to read a translation.everything is crystal clear, and the singer is in control of her material.

Congratulations for your fantastic performance music!

It's really fantastic this your performance only with your piano! In fact, this song has really excited me and has deeply touched my heart! It was very pleasant to listen to your beautiful performance! I believe you are endowed with strong artistic skills and possess a good musical ability that distinguishes you from other artists! Thank you so much for having wanted to share this wonderful song, which I hope can always give you good results, good satisfactions and excellent support from the public! Of course you will always have my support! Congratulations and best wishes for your music! (*_*)

Great Potential

Magali, I love hearing music in a different language so perhaps I'm not the best true reviewer. :-) I'm already jaded because I love the sound of music. What I would love to hear is this same song slowed down. Make it slower and more soulful. I imagine this on a grand piano, much slower, with a nice reverb on it, as if recorded on a grand stage in a large venue, and you singing it at a slower tempo with more deliberation. I think if you relaxed the piano some and slowed it down, your delivery would have a calmer expression. I think the song itself is lovely. I would love the opportunity to produce this song for you. If only I lived in France. :-) Perhaps some day I can visit and we can sit and discuss music and our dreams. Good luck with the music!

Rien plus rien du tout

The voice is very strong and perfect for chancon a Song with heart to heart I like it very much.If there was a n Orchester i Think this Song will be a great Ballade for this Genre Thanks for listen.


a great piece of piano and voice that goes straight to the heart of people where you can breathe the feeling, emotions take shape and create atmospere full of aromas and flavors. to make a piano and voice piece it takes courage because it is easy to fall into repetitive and very often the piece appears empty, without a soul. instead your piece, your voice come together in something unique that brings the listener into a beautiful place.

Like it a lot..

279/5000 You sing your own, but hauntingly and stay in memory. At the very least, I'll emotionally take away from you the purity of your message that you carry with your song. Now I will translate the text and see if I feel right. ;-) Great job

Rien plus rien du tout

Magali Fortin has another nice song to hear. Arrangement: Simple and pure. Only a piano and vocals. Simple is better. Vocals: She still has a strong, clear voice. Carries the emotion of the song well. Mix: Simple and pure. Very clear and concise. Could add some studio reverb. Blessings to ya! Donivan.

Engaged song and virtuos accompanying piano

Just another great release from Megalin Fortin grabbed me right from the start! The intro feels like a story and the refrain makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. The lyrics comes from the heart and touches the soul, but the whole composition is more various. The music starts softly with harmonically melodies played on the piano. Megali sings with her unique voice and brings a distinctive feeling into the song. The chorus is impressive and the pitch range varies. The bridge is an extra factor and brings additionally beauty into the music. Brilliant accentuated whale sounds puts increasing surprise into the tune. An accompanying bass-lines is added and very special in this arrangement. This is definitely a very professional composition, very good mixing and mastering. A song about love and life and the development of events beyond personal control. But why do I tell this? This song has definitely a important message - to work also closer integration of environmental concerns. Overall a really impressive composition from a very talented songwriterin. This song must be a radiohit and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding bar you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep workin
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