Magali Fortin / Voyage à Koustic / Une seule et meme couleurS (Cyril Achard, guitar - Alain Messier, harmonica - Magali Fortin, voice)

Magsli Fortin beautiful subtle arrangement and Message

a nice clean recording with natural unplugged instruments carried by a natural sincere voice with a passion but no loosing control. the harmonica solo melody is haunting and melancholy and the subtle flute sound nice mix I am not surprised you have so many people listening to your tracks and the high quality and sincerity and professional feel you have achieved I take my hat off to you.

In MY Opinion

Greetings, Thank you for choosing me to review your work, I count it an honor to be included in such a task. My hat is off to you and anyone willing to step out and share their gift, talent and love of music to the public. Be it a musician, singer, song writer, actor and so-on. I myself, via 40 some years of experience in the fields, on the road, in the studio, radio, TV, video, and management, consider myself to be a seasoned musician, singer, song writer, studio-sound tech/engineer/ owner/operator, stage manager, find it sometimes hard/difficult and perhaps not even fair to sit in a seat, voicing My Opinion concerning another's creative efforts. Especially in certain genres of music I am not all that familiar with concerning very important elements that make up and meet the required standards to justify the various levels of ratings and grades. So, in saying ALL that, I will limit myself to MY Opinion concerning the quality of the work according to My ears, and the standards I have been familiarized with thru-out the years. I hold to the old - saying " Beauty Is In The EAR of The Beholder ... LOL. The sound quality of the recording over-all is very crisp and bright and clear, I really enjoyed the soft guitar and harmonica work.Vocals are smooth and natural, sort of - down to earth as they say, and extremely peaceful. The mix levels let me know who was still in charge of this song. Very easy to sit back and listen to. Nice work .... I mean no offense in any part, I myself take all feedback and use it as a tool toward my next project. I pray you feel the same way. Either way, I say to you, keep doing what you do, keep kicking and enjoying what you do. I tell folks all the time for many years. When it stops being FUN, then it's time to stop, and stand back and think about what we are doing, why we are doing it, how we are doing it, what we and others are getting out it. Is it what we want, and how we want it. IF NOT. what are willing to do from there? Thank you again for asking MY OPINION. Johnny


wow this song has a beautiful message behind it i reakcon that it is going to go really far a huge well done and you also have good songwriting skills which is a huge bonus for everything

I'm turning French.

Wonderful movement and the way it is sung brings a brilliant honesty to the piece. Emotional but not overdone. The arrangement helps the listener to remain on the journey. The melody is quite beautiful.


Serena, agradable de escuchar, como un remanso de paz, pero con algo más que todas esas primeras sensaciones sensoriales, una intensidad que aporta en especial la voz, que la hacen tener energía propia a pesar de su sonido acústico y sencillo. Esa misma intensidad se ve mejorada con una melodía hermosa y vibrante. Los arreglos de guitarra elegantes, el sonido de la armónica un acierto maravilloso,

A song for peace

I just want to say this song is very good for the soul. She talks about all the pain of what this world is going through war .and people fighting with each other because what color of their skin.I hope that artists like Magali fortin can keep going with other artists to show the world what it could be without hate and war.and what pure real love can do for all of us.good job keep it up.I definitely would recommend this song. Thank you again. God bless you. Yours truly LS Lighter Shade


Congratulations is really a great singer. Best artist, good song, good music, excellent interpretation. For me it's all excellent and enjoyable!! So worthy of being voted with 5 stars!! Hoping that this song can get the success it deserves, I'll give you my live compliments and sincere wishes!!! (°_°)

Sweet, simple and lovely.

Such a lovely guitar tone. Beautifully complimented with the vocals, which convey the emotion of the song perfectly. I really enjoyed the addition of the harmonica half way through the track, adding further depth to the song- it transported me to sitting under a starry sky next to a warm fire!

Beautiful song

This just proves music carries over all language barriers beautiful voice .... I love the sound of the song the music translates over any language a French woman's voice is still the sexiest in the world I wish you all the luck in the world x xx kb devotion

Excellent, as usual :)

It is pretty cool that you were able to create such a rich sound with just guitar, a harmonica (the solo in the middle of the song is beautiful, by the way!), and vocals. Unfortunately, I don't speak French (I assume the song is in French because your profile says you're in France), the description of the song indicates that it is an anti-racism hymn, and I think that's a great topic to sing about! (Especially when it is done with such a strong, lovely voice!) However, I think it's important to be careful about saying there's "only one color" -- what intends to be a message of perfect equality can sometimes be interpreted as denying the experiences of people of color....denying the continuing existence of institutionalized racism & the difficulties that are suffered because of it....denying the culture and traditions and histories and unique experiences of people of color.....etc. I am certain that is not the intention at all -- I am just bringing it up as something to keep in mind ;) Anyhow spectacular song, as usual :)

Outstanding Chanson

This chanson has impressed me deeply much. Amazing ballad from a very talented musician. Only some soft arpeggios of genuinely well played acoustic guitar strings which has the main role in this composition. I like the monotony of the track and the song is sounding slightly. Megali Fortin shows great feeling for music although of sparse instrumentation. She has the ability of versatile expression to give an account in words about someone or something, including all the relevant characteristics, qualities, or events. The lyrics really tell a story and the melancholy passion touches the soul. This extrafactor is making the songwriting creative. Overall a unique ballad perfect mixed and mastered. Ambitious composition and songwriting good recorded. It´s a original and I´m sure you will likewise add it. Let others know your recommedation.

Colors of Love

Here is a very nice song about the color of love. It is nicely done. Although I don't understand her language, the emotions that she exhibits is noteworthy. I can tell she really loves to sing. The arrangement is simple, and well played. Each instrument is clear and consise in its delivery. The mix is excellent! Very clear, very clean. Thank you for sharing this timeless classic! I look forward to hearing more songs from this artist. Donivan

Love this Song

I fell in love with this song.. The feeling and heart that went into the music you and hear and feel.. If there was anything bad too say I would turn the guitar down a little but get me wrong love the guitar but over powers the song and love hear the harmm little more in the song But love the song,,, Love too her you sing Amazing Grace

An Enchanting Plea

Magali has put together a well arranged, melodic guitar and vocal driven song that is well put together and sounds, from a grassroots production perspective radio ready. I do not speak French so I don't understand the words but Magali's yearning voice creates beautiful tone and a clear emotional perspective. The harmonica solo is also very good. A splendid production.

Simple et efficace !

Pour ma première 'critique' musicale en Français, je suis agréablement surpris. D'abord le texte est de qualité -là aussi je peux évaluer ! et puis la mélodie vaut le coup. Côté arrangements j'aurais ajouté des violons à partir du deuxième couplet, mais l'harmonica fournit une belle pause en milieu de morceau, bravo pour ça. Attention aussi à la longueur totale : on a souvent envie de dire beaucoup, et on ne pense pas assez à celui qui écoute : si il n'y a pas d'arrangements supplémentaires, alors peut-être faut-il enlever un couplet et un refrain ? Mais l'ensemble marche bien (le final aussi, bien que la montée dans les aigus ne me paraisse pas indispensable) alors ne nous plaignons pas : bravo Magali !
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