Magali Fortin / Voyage à Koustic / Une seule et meme couleurS (Cyril Achard, guitar - Alain Messier, harmonica - Magali Fortin, voice)

Simple et efficace !

Pour ma première 'critique' musicale en Français, je suis agréablement surpris. D'abord le texte est de qualité -là aussi je peux évaluer ! et puis la mélodie vaut le coup. Côté arrangements j'aurais ajouté des violons à partir du deuxième couplet, mais l'harmonica fournit une belle pause en milieu de morceau, bravo pour ça. Attention aussi à la longueur totale : on a souvent envie de dire beaucoup, et on ne pense pas assez à celui qui écoute : si il n'y a pas d'arrangements supplémentaires, alors peut-être faut-il enlever un couplet et un refrain ? Mais l'ensemble marche bien (le final aussi, bien que la montée dans les aigus ne me paraisse pas indispensable) alors ne nous plaignons pas : bravo Magali !

Pur ... directly and without verklärende technology. Worth listening to ...

You can hear a lot of music. Theatrical, melodramatic, loud and quiet ... This song has a lot in common, as I mean ... and surely it should be a lot better live.And a woman in French is always worth listening to! My opinion - TOP

Good one

I don't really understand much of what your saying but you sound beautiful singing so keep up the good work and never give up on your dreams no matter what anyone says. You're decent so keep it going.

Language is no barrier

My basic french only allows me to understand a few words so thankfully, this song is so beautiful I don't care. As a guitarist, I can appreciate the skills of the music with first class picking and feel with massive amounts of interest and style which means I'm listening till the end. The vocals are delivered with passion and expertise and make you feel that your hearing something more than a pretty pop song. As a song, it is flawless and as a form of entertainment it is beautiful. Merci beaucoup !

Top notch!

In spite of my ignorance of the French language, this song moved me. The emotions still come through, even without the lyrics. I am a retired band and choir director with a masters degree in music, so I usually can come up with some sort of constructive criticism about the chord progression, melody, or performance. In this case, I just want to offer some humble praise and encouragement. I think the song is great, the performances of the vocals, guitar and harmonica are great, and you have a top notch song here! Best of luck to you.


Bonita canción y muy bonita voz. La música sin estridencias con lo justo para que suene muy bien. Perfectamente cantada y perfectamente interpretada, además la melodía me gusta mucho y la personalidad que tiene al cantar hace que la canción gane mucho. Bravo. Nice song and very beautiful voice. The music without shrillness with just enough to sound very good. Perfectly sung and perfectly interpreted, I also like the melody and the personality it has when singing makes the song win a lot. Bravo. Belle chanson et très belle voix. La musique sans stridences avec juste assez pour sonner très bien. Parfaitement chantée et parfaitement interprétée, j'aime aussi la mélodie et la personnalité qu'elle a quand elle chante fait que la chanson gagne beaucoup. Bravo

Une Belle Chanson

A nice song - powerfully sung, with some great guitar and harmonica work. Not totally sure, since I'm not native to La Belle France, but I think it may be about a mixed-race relationship? Apologies if I have that wrong. Certainly the colour of skin is mentioned, as is hatred and violence, so I assume it is a cri de coeur regarding the evils of racism? The only thing I would say regarding the vocal, is that as the singer pushes to get the the higher notes, and to express the powerful emotion, there are very occasional tuning issues. But overall, well worth a listen!
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