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Deep Space...

A great job in which his mission is more than fulfilled. This track is capable of transmitting a restless atmosphere full of depth and darkness. It is so suitable for a documentary about galaxies, etc., as a soundtrack for a movie like Space Odissey of Kubrick. Besides having done a very good production, the sounds have been very well selected and excellently processed. This is clearly a professional job ... Congratulations!

very good

I like your way of playing, it reminds me a lot of jarre and vangelis. the piece is very well conceived, the sounds you have used are perfect and the whole piece breathes an air of soundtrack.

This really is like "Drifting" through open space..

This really is like "Drifting" through open space..John Glenn could only had wished he had this music to listen to while drifting around the world and enjoying his ride,in my is an easy trip to sit back and just listen and plenty of room to visualize the subtle sounds to come from, "Mads Bjorn-Roli's music - Drifting" ...sit back ,relax..and enjoy the ride...B.Morris ====================================== 380/5000 C'est vraiment "Drifting" à travers les espaces ouverts. John Glenn aurait pu souhaiter qu'il ait écouté cette musique tout en dérivant dans le monde entier et en profitant de sa course, dans mon cas ... c'est un voyage facile de s'asseoir et écoutez juste et beaucoup de place pour visualiser les sons subtils à venir, "la musique de Mads Bjorn-Roli - Drifting" ... asseyez-vous, détendez-vous ... et profitez de la balade ... B.Morris

Exciting Horrors Of Space

The space... electronica artists are obsessed with the empty space around our globe. There are 2 ways of musically treatment the space issue: 1 Naive idealising the bloody human global co-operation in utterly absurd conquering the blood Nothing - to be in this comical gang you must be a keyboard player and produce irritating high-pitched flangered leads (inspired by digestive system abrupt distortion due to lack of gravity in space) 2. Treat space like a cradle of all horrors and big alien realm that is likely to annihilate human life in a second.- doesn't it sound exciting? Yes Mads-Bjorn-Roli is in that gang (& me too...)! I love his sinister emotions! Damn well done! Horror show, indeed!


"Las personas viajan grandes distancias para maravillarse de las altas montañas, de las enormes olas de los mares, de las largas trayectorias de los ríos, de la inmensidad del océano y del movimiento de las estrellas. Y sin embargo pasan por sus propias vidas sin maravillarse."


überrascht neu, doch bekannt was für Leib und Seele in jeder Hinsicht volumen exorbitant. Hört selbst diese töne im verborgenen öffentlichen rand der Urbanität auf dem Land wo drei eck Dschungel Meerles blau sich drehen völlig frei und Unschinant.


To begin I will say that I have added to favorites this topic creates Atmosphera creates atmosphere makes you travel Voyager type if you want to go to Mars or on the moon this song will transport you. I personally like experimental music, electronic environmental music, and I find that the author makes a pretty bold post to create this melody is simple it is not complicated it is easy to listen to and it is easy to understand perhaps the criticism is this It's too simple, and the rhythmic base is not very complicated either. I think it might be a little harder, but I also think that this was perhaps the goal of simplifying the song to make it easy to digest.


I love the bass and the hollow sound in the beginning. I am experimenting with basses such as this and really appreciate your work. This is very organic and natural for me- I love this in electro sounds. The development of its tiny movements of delay and rhythm are very smooth and I just love it- usually don't even listen to this music but you really caught my ear. Looking forward to hearing more. Stav G

Ambient Trance

This track starts with very deep pads. It´s a very meditative track. It has also elements of Dark Ambient but also the Trance Elements without pumping rythms. There is not rythms at all on this track. Except a quite snaredrum. This track is slowmotion trance. You can get in trance just listening to those silent pads, you can meditate to it or you can slow down chilling out and remove all your stress and negative energies. This tracks is also reminding me about the techno band Eat Static who makes similar music but with more slow break beats beside theire trancing and pumping alien techno. Dear Mads, I recomend you to listen to some of the music of Eat Static. You can find them on youtube.


wow! nice atmosphere and feels on this track! nice pads and synths, super good sounding! we like the style. nice work on that. we will look for more other work of you. check us out if you can "indietronica" blends. may you like. Cheers man


no es mi estilo, ni una música que me entusiasme, pero está bien en general. Sin abusos ni los típicos corta y pega que hacen algunos con este tipo de música. Ahora es un tanto aburrido escuchar está música durante más de 7 minutos, no tiene emoción. Para una película de ciencia ficción está muy bien. It is not my style, nor a music that excites me, but it is good in general. No abuses nor the typical cuts and hits that some do with this type of music. Now it is a bit boring to listen to this music for more than 7 minutes, it has no emotion. For a science fiction movie it's very good.

I can feel this song

This song really does give one a feeling of drifting... on a river current or the open sea...possibly even throigh the air... great expression of feeling conveyed to the listener! Good job here!

Mysterious Sounds

Bonjour Mads Bjorn-Roli, Suite à votre demande pour la "request for review"... Mon Commentaire: Mysterious Sounds! Space is like a Dream... “Drifting” Musique agréable à écouter (sur le Site Number One Music).

Ambient G Space

I enjoyed this piece... Nice soft flow to it... I too, enjoy cosmic spiritual charting music like this... Just me, but I'd like to hear some kind of signature sentence melody drift in and, out of the general 'let's hang out in G for a while and, see what happens' kind of lineage... It's still a real nice piece and, I enjoyed it... Had a good time rattling a few windows amped up doing random scales with it... Well, done...

Looking for a comet

It's like to be on the top of a mountain looking for a comet that is running through the sky in a clear night. The sky is a carpet, your eyes are surfing in the log distance... Thanks for sharing !
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