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Nice work and flow. Keep shining and banging out great music. With each time you step in the booth you have the opportunity to share a story with the world. Network and build your net worth. Always stay 10 Toes Down and true to yourself. Come and chrck out my music as well and let me know what you think. Lets all support each other in this music jpurney. My personal promoter has a radio show called PROMOGOD Underground Sound Off on World Wide Core Radio. Network with her she's PLAYS all genres of Underground Independent music. Her name is Stephanie Marie on fb #PROMOGOD. Send MP3 FORMAT ONLY & FB name and info to promogod614@gmail Thank You for supporting my music as well. Whoadi Hendrix #218ENT & 144,000 CHOSEN FEW Always remember nobody can stop you from making great music. It's your dream! Live it!!!


It reminds me of bussiness techono. I feel that you coukd dial back on the reverb a bit but i do enjoy the sounds. Maybe a few more transitions to ease the fans into the music like sugar and cream for your coffe that type of thing. Other than that it is very creative . Just dial it back just a little so your fans can enjoy it just a little bit more so that the sounds don't drown out your voice and mix the instrnents just a bit more so they are not so harsh.


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This is a terrific song I really like the tone the rythem and the beat! A type of hip hop song I would really enjoy and can reccommend to others to listen to as well because I know they would enjoy.


Nice experimental electronic sound and for a minute I thought it is an intro to a game or sci-fi movie. Perhaps you should pitch your music for such developments as it will blend well for such synchronization


Paris France is a lot of people choice of travel so if there is ever a spot your way for us to come perform let us know. However we are here for you not us. You keep pushing and living tour dream

Creative genius!!

As a huge “Pink Floyd” fan, and also as a hip hop/artist-producer, I can honestly say this is DOPE!! For me, there’s nothing NOT to like about it! I play a few instruments myself, so I have a good general idea about the process involved in putting something like this together. Yet...there is a lot of mystery here. I love the fact that it’s unpredictable. You don’t know quite where the melody goes next!! There are musical suprises embedded deep within the dark tones present here. I’m sure I will listen again and again. Finding new nuances that I may have not caught at first listen!! You are definitely pioneering something truely unique here! My advice to you is, STICK WITH IT!!! Continue to push the boundaries of sound & rhythm!!! Sure to be a big thing really soon!! Peace & Love from the U.S.!! I’m digging it!! -LO7 aka Lo The Legend

Our of the box

This is really different from most music I've heard. It sound like rock mixed with hip hop and pop...very interesting and nice in a weird way. I wish I understood French to enjoying what the song is about. I would this piece for theatre choreography. Good work Ludovic Kete...please make some songs in English also????????????????


I love the beat and the ad in through out the track and how the beat came in I can see laying back and chilling and listening to this track it's laid back and it's a club banger keep doing your thing


I really like like this song song it is very live keep up the good work homie don't stop the grind hustle threw the rain and just keep your keep up threw it all ya know that's life be all you can be


song was so good i had to 5 star Before buying a music group's album/song on the Internet or in a music shop, you can shape your opinion of it by reading numerous reviews. This is nice when you are not sure whether or not you are making the “right” purchase”; this is especially useful when you want to buy digital music and want to know including tips from the experts and an exercise to help you construct your own. Music writing is something that cannot be taught, so in a sense editing a book called How to Write About Music is a pointless exercise


 This makes me feel good riding in my car on a hot summer day while the top dropped playing it real loud nice flow to it nice beat lyrics sound fire on this track i will be playing this one for real

still listening...good intro

Like i said...good intro but it seems to take really long to gain wait whats that??? WHOA bro im all for solos but that is out of line... And then the lyrics which has been killed with autotune.... It does have some small quantities ..maybe in movies etc. ButI wont be able to liste to that whole track its a bit too much...where do you intend people to listen to it Mon ami??


dope dope Great song keep your head up.the sound sounds good I like it and you different, you have your own style ,hope you not gonna stop doing music cos you real talented.keep doing music keep doing great work you might become bigger than you thought I know music is not a easy thing to do cos am also a artist, is so hard to get in the game but working hard and having faith can help us to get in the game, Bless up Hope

A TON SUJET (Full Version) Review

This is track is nice. It has a nice smooth funky rock beat and feel to it. The lyrics, variety of instruments and transitions are great as well. Lyrics beat and tempo remained synced along with the special effects. This track has potentials for moving up the charts. Looking forward to more from this Artist
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