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Serge Sainte-Rose

Keyboardist Pianist
Serge plays with Logicaltramp the beautiful piano parts of Supertramp and enjoys switching from piano to synths and organs. This young Carribean musician (Martinique) is used to play many styles of music, including Salsa, Zouk, Rock, Jazz... You may have seen him on stage recently with Nelly Furtado, and he also owns his recording studio and works as an arranger and composer. You can listen here some of his work. Serge lives in London and plays with bands there for a few years now. He also joins on a regularly basis world artists for tours or tv shows www.sergesainterose.com

Adam Aggiss

Adam started playing drums almost 3 decades ago, turning semi-professional in the mid-nineties and eventually going full time in 2003. Now a seasoned professional he has plied his trade all over Europe including multiple appearances at ‘The Glastonbury Festival’ as well as other major European events, performing to audiences upwards of 30 thousand people. As for TV work he was featured on BBC1's Arena documentary ‘Into The Limelight’ (about tribute bands) in addition to several other shows and events. His musical credits include highly successful tribute acts like Pink Fraud, Robbing Williams, The Police Academy and The Briefcase Blues Brothers. Outside of the tribute circuit he has worked with original artistes on live, studio and session projects, not to mention theatrical productions including Tapdogs. He is always in high demand on the covers/function circuit due to his renowned versatility and vast experience, and, as a Supertramp fan, he naturally joined Logicaltramp! www.adamaggiss.com

Laurent Hunziker

Laurent plays saxophones with Logicaltramp. He also had the great honor to play with Supertramp as a guest during 2002 tour in Paris Bercy! John Helliwell, his Master & good friend for many years now, even passed him the old famous tenor sax he was playing since the beginning of Supertramp, the one you can see on most videos of Supertramp among the years! Laurent played with numerous bands like Transit, Grupo salsa KFE, Tiptop, afro-jazz vocalist Gino Sitson, and many other artists in France and abroad. He joins from times to times british progrock Landmarq on live performances and played on their last album Entertaining angels. He is a session player too and also owns a home studio where he records his sax parts for many artists worldwide with E-sessions!. sax.laurenthunziker.com

Matt Love

Mister Love hails from South East England. He is a talented young guitarist combined with a beautiful bass guitarist for playing Dougie Thompson lines with Logicaltramp. He spends most of his time teaching, gigging and writing, producing and recording his own music. He is a very demanded session player and also plays with many metal bands in England. Should we mention about his amazing high backing vocals capacities on Supertramp tracks?.. www.mattlove.co.uk

Anthony Clayton

Settled in London for many years, Anthony spends his time practising, writing and teaching guitar & music in London. His electric guitar always electrifies Supertramp tracks, especially the solos, and recreates the magic of Roger Hogdson parts. Anthony also had the chance to spend some time practising guitar with Carl Verheyen himself and always find time to meet him when he's in town www.anthonyclayton.com

Tamás Csemez

Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, Tamás is a long-time fan of the classic rock bands of the 70s and a self-confessed prog aficionado. He has fronted various rock/metal bands in Hungary and the UK, playing live all over Europe. He now sings in several covers/tribute bands while also participating in numerous recording projects, and is now taking responsibility for the challenging Roger Hodgson's vocal parts in Logicaltramp. myspace.com/csemeztamas

Gary Hopkins

Keyboardist Vocalist
Supertramp fan, Gary is a singer-songwriter who has released his own albums on iTunes, performed on radio, TV, and in major venues across Europe. He fronted several other tribute shows including YYZ (Rush), the ELO Experience and the 70s Number Ones show and performs with many bands in UK. Gary is a gifted multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, rhythm guitar and also drums. He sings Rick Davies parts with Logicaltramp and plays the synths and organ. www.garyhopkins.co.uk
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