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Remarkable lyrics like poetry

The music starts off with obliquely guitar-riffs. Cathrine beginns with her unique vocal and it seems she will going on like this. But you will be far from this. The whole composition from Gerald O-Connell is more various. Versatile beat in the chorus makes the song rich and brings the listener on the next level. Melodies are played with sloping e-guitar sounds. All sounding really like post-punk music at his best. The impressive lyrics of this song are close to poetry. But why do I tell this? The songwriter gives us an expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. This isn´t mainstream or contemporary music. This is a really extraordinary composition from a very talented musican. I like the style and esspecially the sound. Everybody will hear why you're N1M. Love your music ;-)


I have to thank you for sharing "After Dark." I find myself loving this song. It flows extremely well and wreaks of emotion both in what it does reveal and in what it seems to be restraining itself from revealing. Really great!

Great Upbeat song!

This song immediately pulled me from the beginning! I love the arrangement and overall vibe of this song. She has a beautiful voice and complements the great musical instrument tones. I highly recommend this song being on the radio! Great work!

80 Feel

If you like the sound of the 80. This group captures that feel and style. I love the sound. Reminds me of a much better version of Debby Harry or Madonna, but in both cases this group is much better. I ilke them

Awesome retro 80s sound

As soon as I started playing this song I was hit with this amazing retro sound that instantly made me smile. Throw back to your big hair and mullet days with this song! The instrumentation, vocal melody, and mix all sound professional. It's great!

questions after dark

i would like to know more about these guys a good interview would be in order,thus the questions theme, according to their web- page they have a good following . I like the vibe of the song ,cool pulsating beat nice vocals , decent words . yeah a good combination of factors, they definatly sound English which is cool, the singer sounds a bit like Blondi but the feel is completely different, the changes are good also reminds of the cars a little bit ,though not as heavy handed, still a niece pleasant sound. Is it something I would listen to again? Yeah I would put it on my playlist

Wendy Wu Resurrected

It is rare that something so contrite becomes infectious but like watching a car crash you are rooting for survivors so that you can see what's going to happen next. I can't tell where you guys are in developing your skills but I would keep going just to see what happens. Perhaps some red hair dye, hope you guys are playing in March, might see you in London, Cheers Bob


has a good sound very unique uncommon where I'm from I like it. I'm Interested in hearing more and trying a song or two in this genre ever wanna collab contact me please. Thank you lyrixz Da'Loyal

Not a bad idea, but the arrangement needs improvement

'After Dark' is not at all a bad idea for a song. It has a nice hook and a good guitar riff, so no complaints in that department. Nonetheless I have the impression that the music was already recorded and the vocals had to be shoe-horned in later. Maybe you folks should try it the other way around. Other than that, I found the drums arrangement too dense, and A.D. 2018 you can't get away with these old Roland TR505 samples. Even with the free recording software that comes with sound cards and interfaces nowadays it is easy to do a better job. All in all: I think this production-wise song deserves a second chance.


Back in time I love the sound of it remind me when I came the first time in UK and staying in London and Edinburgh and whenever are used to go the sound was there thank you very much for your music and I’ve already shared my Facebook Love Anton

After Dark

Yeah I like this British sound, with the bass and the punk drums. She has a great voice and recalls some English female treasures (Sandy Denny) in places. I loved the lyrics to the song too, there's lots of truth there. The melody is strong and stays with you afterwards, catchy. If there's a recommendation I would say it would be to do something more with the middle 8 to really build the vibe of the song - be a little bolder maybe? But other than that I think this is great, best of luck Lives of Angels!


I like the 80s feel to the song nice keyboards and drum pattern, I like the bass it is simple and clean, I like the vocal some harmony here and there would add another dimension to the song but I do like it.

After Dark

After Dark by Lives Of Angels!!! Its reminds me of the glory days of the retro pop and nu wave music of the 1980's era. This would nicely fit with Cindy Lopper's style or The Cars for example. The female singers voice is very soft and sexy it makes very easy to listen to and keeps it engaging as well and it keeps you hooked till the end. I recommend that you listen to this track. I give this a 4 out 5!!!!

Fantastic Flashback!

Sonically and in every way, this song takes me back to the 80's! I want to get out the Aqua Net and cuff my pant legs super tight after hearing it. It's also catchy and smart... simply a really good song. Lyrics and vocals are well done. love the riffs, and the bridge too. Best of luck to you guys.

Lives of Angels

Lives Of Angels the song After Dark very cooll melodic melodies kinda of retro 80,S SWEET Vocals nice groove on the drums bass guitars would love to hear harmonies on chorus .very catchy guitars riffs. Over all good sound nice mix wouldn't mind hearing some harmonies i enjoys the song
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