Lavender & Red is a New Age Indie Rock band currently based in Mesa, Arizona. Our passion is for discovering new and unexpected ways to deliver timeless messages to our world. Each and every Lavender & Red song is composed with the intention to stun the soul, remind it of something lost or forgotten and reawaken the living in all of us.

Lavender & Red is a husband and wife team and first began producing music together in 2013. We are artists, poets, persons and we reach for depth in our music.

Lavender is an author and an artist. She has maintained a collection of lyrics large enough to fill three binders for nearly a decade.

Red is a mystic and musician. He has recorded hundreds of impromptu jam sessions since he began playing guitar in 2008.

The name “Lavender & Red” derives from the associated colors of the 1st and 7th chakras. Of the energy centers in the human body, the 1st chakra, RED, establishes our connection to the physical world around us. A healthy RED chakra is grounded, secure and present. The 7th chakra, LAVENDER, reminds us of unity and oneness. It provides a deep spiritual connection with our dreams and intentions.

Our music is composed with the intent to bring the two into harmony. Encourage present thinking and action with a cosmic intention toward the greatest good.

Our sound may not be mainstream, our style may be undefined. But our mission is to change the world a little bit more every day. One song…one listener at a time.

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