Lars Christian Størkersen - Fresh Percussion Studio © / Makin´Miracles - Lars Christian Størkersen - Fresh Percussion Studio ©️ / Georgia on my mind - Performed by Lars Christian Størkersen ( Written in 1930, Carmichael, Gorrell )

Lars Christian setting it straight

Man I clicked play and wow, was I surprised! Man Lars is setting it straight on this rendition. His voice is exactly what I just typed, "his Voice". He is being real, he is being expressive and he is getting the job done. The music is not even needed in this performance. In fact I couldn't wait for the instrumental break to get over so I could hear Lars finish his work. Rich, exciting and also piercing. The quality of his voice is just flat out bold and in your face. Good job is the least I can say about this song.

Love it!!!

Very soulful. I like this and your voice has a feel of Aaron Neville and Rod Stewart in one. I think your delivery is very good in this song. I think Ray Charles would be very proud and honored of your rendition. It was a true pleasure to listen to this version. Awesome job!!!

Good song

Believe it or not coming from us and the type of music we make and what we talk about (total opposite) this song is really good. Our music we make doesn't define anything. We grew up raised by our grandmother so this type of music is instilled into us. You done an amazing job here with this song. Your voice is amazing as well. You have a gift utilize it to the fullest. Keep pushing.


Man your voice is great, plenty of soul, I like the way that you turned the song into your song. Everything about your voice is on point, you have great talent. The way that your voice sound, any track that you record to will become great. You're awesome.


This some real old school right here. The impact that music can make on people is crazy you all the way out in Norway listening to music from way back in the day. I'm glad you took a shot at this song because it fit you perfect. Keep going for the dream and performing this song. I hope that you get some great feedback from posting this video. Have you ever performed this in the US?

Georgia On My Mind

Very soothing sound- Jazzy sawy. Love the singer. Like the change up of this famous song. You made this song your own. The acoustic sound gives the music a nice touch. A slight grasp voice ... not many voices left like that ???? Enjoyed!

Georgia On My Mind..

Superb phrasing and delivery! You have a Stellar Vocal Talent! I wish I could see you wipe the floor of the talent on Britain's Got Talent! You would definitely win through to the Finals!. Excellent Jazz musicianship and composition in this piece. I wondered if you do play all these instruments? If so, I am stunned! I hope you do come and have a go here in Britain's Got Talent. The world deserves to hear your talent on display.

Cool sound

You've really catched that old-school sound.. and I really like it.. are you playing the saxophone?? If that's the case you're really dope.. keep it up because you are tight.. you should be playing the big scenes..


Brings back alot of memories you should see if they could get it played in a movie like for scenes but not bad you should do some more music like this and we're did you record this at let me know.

Song feed back

Hey man I really love your vibes.. Nice music and lyrics.. I could listen to you daily. Music makes me anxious and happy.. Most people let music make them.. Lets change peoples lives. Good stuff man


great Great work, dope sound, Keep working no matter what's going on you might become a greatest artist ever. Making music is not easy but if you have faith and hope that you gonna do it, you will do it. Talent like yours need be heard by the world so keep working, Keep walking, your dreams will come true. I wanna see you on billboard some day and on tv. DON'T EVER STOP DOING MUSIC Bless up Hope

My Review

I believe that your music has a lot of potential. It moved me as j listened to it.ths sounds are just great. Keep up the good work. It will catch a lot of artists minds as far as the quality of the sounds. The instruments are clear and the quality of sounds are very professional. Keep up the good work and It will be played by stations over the world. Please take time and give my music a review. Thank you.

Georgia on My Mind

Lars Christian Storkersen, you truly nailed this classic with an extreme soulful version. Your take on this classic has a much needed flavor that has not been heard before. Your delivery of the melody has a certain gritty vibe that I absolutely admire. The music is oh so professionally recorded and has all the makings of a coming out classic for you. I Love it man! Keep on doing your thang Bruh!

Georgia on my Mind

Full sound; soulful clear vocals and very nice piano. Precise in the pocket percussions. Not cluttered or over produced. Smooth enough to get you in the mood for whatever is on your mind... Georgia or otherwise; this song takes you there.

Georgia on my mine

I like this versions its got a lot of soul in it .....I like your voice sound like its got pain behind it ...that the type of music I make soulful and hip-hop ...I would like to do a collab with you if possible ....#DSD
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