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I suppose I should have come along here sooner, to let you know just how much I appreciate you and your music. First of all, your music is so inspiring. The kind of stuff that can help you get through those really rough days, (You've been there through some of mine recently, and I don't know if I can tell you how much your music has helped.) I hope to be able to be here to watch all of your future albums come out, and watch your fanbase grow. All in all, thankyou for being so amazing. =] And here's well wishes for everything you do in the future, because you deserve only the best.

Balada exquisita.

El tema perfecto para recopilar buenos instantes en la memoria musical del corazón. Con todos los agradables ingredientes de una buena canción de country, su melodía melancólica y a la vez con ese balanceo que te arrulla el alma, los instrumentos todos ellos acompañan eficazmente cada segundo de Three Times a Lady. La voz le añade su cocktel perfecto. Para escuchar repetidas veces en dada monento del día.


Three Times A Lady is a strictly country piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in country style and even the singer has a country voice as I said everything recalls the country genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a country piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Old time Country

It's a nice old time Country song, however the production sounds a bit like a 'Band-in-a-box" production, so nothing real. I like the lyric, however the hook line is obviously stolen from the Lionel Richie song. Nevertheless all in all good work and your voice fits quite well for this kind of Country.


You ask for review ..I like the melody but vocal not so much.( there is no energy and yes some vocal class will help ). I also not sure why You put a sax in the arrangement..I do not found ( hearing Your song anything special in ) You know Radio Stations and Music Publishers looking for Fantastic in Radio Ready Quality Recording and Yours is it is is ok to be sung a life performances but need a lot of work to go "up there"..I wish You good luck and a piece of advise be very careful of "Song Sharks" Music bizz is a dirty busines ( just to let You know)...Good Job..

Theree Times a Lady at the top

Larry takes this tune to the top will a slow smooth beast that fits into a nice dance tune his delivery is original and his is unique and right on time with a great set of instruments backing him up. why to go Larry get her rolling I could almost hear a blusey sound in there that sounded like a horn at one time I recommend highly. Great job Larry. If you have not sat back and listen to this tune go for it.

Texas Waltz

A heartfelt personal song that reminds one of the 70's, in fact didn't Kenny Rogers do this in the 70's? Anyway, the singer is having a good time, the saxophone was an interesting touch. The mandolin is also cool. The tune modulates up a key after the solo's. A classic tune lovingly redone and who knows, you might get some spins on internet radio that specialized in oldies and traditional tunes. Keep at it and keep having fun rocking that country my friend! :)

Three Times a Lady

Hi Larry. I like your voice; calm and mellow. I had to re-orient my mind and appetite when I first heard it because of Lionel Richie's "Three Times a Lady," but it does stand on it's own. Nice country love song. :) Blessings, Trev :)

Great Song

First Of All I'd Like To Say This Is An Awesome Older Sounding Country Song, Back Whan Country Was At It's Best. This Song Brings Me Back In Time To My Childhood At The Same Time Touching My Heart. When A Song Does That Very Thing, That's What Makes A Song Great. I love The Sound, Words And Arrangement. Hang On And Keep On Pushing It, Because If They Do Not Recognize Your Talent In This Song, They Have Forgotten What Was Awesome Then And Is Missing In The Music Today!!!

Great Song

It really brings out how much devotion you have to your significant other. Great song lyrically with a great melody. Keep up the great work. That’s why I gave you some stars for this one my friend.

Three Times a Lady review

Hi Larry! Thanks for the review request. Let me say that waltzes are my favorite, so you got me from the intro on that part! I like your voice and the lyrics are very nice. I think that the overall music volume could've been louder... your vocal is way out in front of the mix. Also, the musicians are very busy "noodling" as we call it-behind you,which is probably why you left them buried in the mix. Make sure they know for future recordings to pick their fill areas tastefully, or you should inform the sound engineer to duck the instruments that are walking all over each other and overpowering your vocals. Keep writing, my friend! Love it!
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