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Larry Cann one hand in the riggin

Great song. I loved the song.the music.the was awesome. You did a very awesome,Don on this song..i,really,enjoyed it very much thank you. I will love all your songs very much so...thank you

Review of one hand in the Rigging

Larry thanks for the chance to review your tune, great lead in with the instruments , sounds like a piece of material that you have lived and it brings the listener right in to picture! A fiddle in the lead in moaning that plea of sincerity would ready set this tune up but that is just an opinion of a songwriter and your vocals are way better than most including me! I salute you on this tune and it’s a very catchy well written country song and well covered by you and your band, thanks for sharing this tune with me and your fans ! I wish you well!

Nice song.....soothing sound

This song has is very nice, it has a sense of comfort to it. It reminds me of good country songs from the 80's,90's, and early 2000's. This song has a calm and soothing sound to it and it is appropriate for all audiences.

One Hand in the Riggin Review

Good morning Larry. It is obvious that your songs are born out of real experience. Great beat and instrumentals to carry your song. It makes me feel as if I were on the same trail with you. I give you a 4.9 for all the things that a country boy is looking for in a satisfying tune. If there is ever a possibility, could you please consider using some steel in your fills? The electric is just not distinct enough to add that flare. Many blessings on the road ahead cowboy, and keep writing the great stuff that are so well known for. Trev. :)


I like the song but if You make a better arrangement it will help .as it is now I do not hear anything special.. You must come with something Really Great in order to send It to Music Publisher..You know They never accepting and average song..It is good to play Life I like "The Sparks" from It..and I'm sure many People will like It same like put a a little mpork work om It and Make It a GOOD Song.. I wish You good luck with submissions.. Good Job..I like It..

One Hand In The Riggin'

Hi Larry, just wanted to say that this is a great tune. Definitely traditional country with a bit of rock. It's got the type of sound that makes you want to get up and start dancing. Such a great beat, but then I always enjoy your music. It's definitely worth listening to. Good Luck.
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