Larry Cann / Rodeo Road / Rodeo Moon

A nice chill tune

Before I begin my review I must say, your voices are absolutely beautiful, it’s has this beautiful country vibe. No onto the main review. The song and by lyrics are divine. It sends goosebumps all over my body. I love it. The instruments add this extra country atmosphere which is lovely! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to hear new tracks!

I love it

I love to see that country is not just a sound found in the state of Texas only but also any state and any country. You keep your sound going and growing my friend and check me out and post on your social pages for me .it's been real and a plessure.

A 5 Star Favorite

I love a great Country song. Add beautiful Country-style voices and a skilled and talented band and it is bliss. This is a wonderful perfect offering in a romantic New Country style waltz. It is easy to imagine cowboys out on a dimly-lit dance floor, their eyes locked on the eyes of their sweethearts as they guide them around the floor. This version of RODEO MOON preformed by these gifted musicians may understandably become the favorite choice and most requested. Beyond the inspired performance is some pure-pro production and recording. This is bliss - a perfect rendition of a magical song.

Under the Rodeo Moon is my kinda tune!

"With God up above, we'll make it on love under the rodeo moon..." What else can I say? This song has number one hit written all over it! There aren't a lot of duets out there right now that are very compelling lyrically. Sheryl Crow's duet with Kid Rock is a bitter sweet love song about temptation and infidelity and it's great, but doesn't really give one a lot of hope in the end. This song is a true romantic ballad about making it on love and a prayer with a devil may care attitude...under the rodeo moon. Larry really nailed it with this hook line and it's just so sincere. The story of a cowboy and a cowgirl living life on the road living hand to mouth, day to day, day out. The rhythm of the melody and rhyme of the timeless lyrics has a hypnotic effect and draws you in at the first bar. As the beat goes on and the story unfolds one can't help but root for this intrepid couple in their quest. This is an awesome story. It could be the title track for movie. As a songwriter this man is the real deal. He truly writes from his heart because rodeo is in Larry Cann's blood.

Rodeo Moon

Your song Rodeo Moon, is nice. I like your version of this song. Naturally a very well written song. I like the duet very much, not much else to do with this song, except just wait for the radio stations to play it over and over. Best of luck, Guy Leroux

Rodeo Story

This is a song that paints a picture of a phase of life for the rodeo crowd. Nicely designed and delivered with a believable duet. This is a good song, and the type that it is difficult to get country radio to play. The productions was excellent, musicians were top notch, and superb writing, which one would expect from the late Chris LeDoux. This is not far from retail ready. You might check for tempo changes a bit, but not really too noticeable. I think you may have something here Partner, just keep singing this one under the Rodeo Moon.

What Can I Say

I will try Larry & Rebecca, this is the first time I heard Rodeo Moon, I really love this song coming form someone who has written a lot of songs. I love your vocals, what a great duet song. I love the excellent guitar,fiddle,steel,drums,piano, it all works out like a Rodeo drive, I find myself in the video of my mind, with this song riding along with you, as the Rodeo Moon keeps shinning. Great job Songedge

Review of Rodeo Moon By KimberlyAnnLoweMusic

Love the story in the Song, Beautiful Harmony, Love the Guitar picking in middle, I feel like a few of the vocal runs could be smoothed out a little but all in all, Great Song and Sounds Great!

Taking Country Back. Yes!

Extremely beautiful. Well written. Remind me of the old song Run for the Roses I'm glad that someone is taking country back to a time that it told the story your song certainly does do that. Your voice is Beautiful the song is extremely well-written and it does my heart good to see people taking country music back to where it should be I wish you all the luck your son is very commercial and I look forward to seeing how well it does in the future.

A nice authentic sound

Your music is great and is deep keep it up and you'll be going places you never really thought you would be going and i dont think it will take you anytime at all because the music/product speaks for itself so all you really need to do is stay focused and consistent and all that you strive for will come ten fold in no time but i really dig the tracks so ill appreciate it if you keep me posted for any future songs/videos you put out but all in all man keep it up and im liking what im hearing

Rodeo Moon

Nice combination of vocals. The mood is set nicely with the steel guitar and the lead guitar bits..,. Nice transition time, nice melody. Makes me want to run away to the rodeo... In a sad way... lol! I loved it!

Sounding awesome.

I love it. Sounding like good ole country music. Peace and thanks. I look forward to hearing more. I love music that tells a story, and this song does just that. Like good old country music is supposed to do.

Keeping it "Kountry"

The lyrics and melody on "Rodeo Moon" are in keeping with the traditional country sound. Awesome duet with vocals that are outstanding. Great length and should receive a lot of air time on the radio. This is a song that has the potential of becoming a traditional classic.

Lasso that moon

Great little recording. A great sounding mix and arrangement. A beautiful solo on guitar. Beautiful harmonies between singer's. Hard to find anything wrong with this one. I might have added a little more compressor to guitar solo but not much. Female vocal tone is best part of song.a wonderful sounding voice that could make any song sound great. The male vocal is great as well but not as rich in texture as her voice


Hi rodeo. I like your country music. It sounds good. Yes, you do have a good voice, and yes a stronger voice. It does need a little bit of work done with your voice. I think you could get somewhere if you really work at it. I wish you all the very best with your music. Well done.
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    Check main website or facebook page for full details on performance times and the variety of events being ran at this years festival. Grab your tickets and tell your friends to come along too. less
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