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Dope Shit

My brother, I promise you this is the best shit I have heard thus far on this website. Maybe I haven't heard enough artist, however.. You are super talented and Destined for this. Make sure you keep going no matter what. PERSEVERANCE is the name of our game King. Keep killing these Remixes and destroying this mumble era. You are representing Hip-Hop the correct way and we need more MCS like yourself. Bless

True lyricist

Nice delivery and flow even though the delivery is fast you can still understand what he is saying and I also like the track choice it fits the flow and really allows him to ride the track. definitely going places

Flow Vicious

Yeah, yo flow is nice. Keep up the good work bro, yo future is unlimited. I like the total delivery fa sho an u saying sumn. So your talent is appreciate and keep'em coming. Hit after hit, u gonna strike it big jus stay the course. Loubrasky


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I love this track

I love this track it's gas. You did your thing when you made it and the switching of styles while rapping shows you have been doing it a minute. Keep up the hard work it'll pay off in the end. I manage artist if you want to ever link up I just let me know and we can do something. I post some of it on here and the rest on the sites. Look us up on Facebook 864 hip hop or Tony Burnett Stylehouse Elite Management co

Whoa there...

I have to admit i don't really listen to alot of independant rappers, but after hearing this song i'm going to really start paying close attention. His flow makes me realize that there are still real lyricist out there that have something to say, worth listening to. shot out to the man k-stylez, from one k to another you did that, keep it up, whenever your out in cali lets link id like to hear some original stuff from you. Peace


Dope bro. Flow is hot. You just need your own beat. Also need better graphics for photos. You lyrics dope and flow. Need better quality and your own beat and hot graphics that's a good start. Over all its alright

Nice Flow

On the real my guy you got bars and it was the type of shit i could understand even when you spit alot of shit. I mess with it. Ostrich suit I heard you hommie and I would be willing to do a collab anytime any place production on me...


Boi u got dem barz.....Keep pushing big homie ya wordplay on point you killing the delivery. Ya style unique, it's not much to say you already know you got flow so #salute see ya at da top #motivate yaself

Pretty cool

I love the lyrics. This is a pretty cool song bro. Keep up the hard work. Try and make a somg everyday even if you dnt drop it but your really spazzing 9n this beat. What do you record on bro. Love it keep working


Wow I wasn't expecting this but I bangs with it hard nice flow. You got bars. Definitely saying something. I like the track. I'm a have to play it on my studio speakers. Anyway this jawn tight. I

Killed it

Omg ... Damn bro you killed this shit lyrically murdered the whole track the whole beat straight up ... Plus you killed it going dummy fast bro I can hear all the lines and lyrics very clearly ... A lot of more people should be gearing this track fasho because its that hard... Well I'd love to hear more where is your music....


Nice work and flow. Keep shining and banging out great music. With each time you step in the booth you have the opportunity to share a story with the world. Network and build your net worth. Always stay 10 Toes Down and true to yourself. Come and chrck out my music as well and let me know what you think. Lets all support each other in this music jpurney. My personal promoter has a radio show called PROMOGOD Underground Sound Off on World Wide Core Radio. Network with her she's PLAYS all genres of Underground Independent music. Her name is Stephanie Marie on fb #PROMOGOD. Send MP3 FORMAT ONLY & FB name and info to promogod614@gmail Thank You for supporting my music as well. Whoadi Hendrix #218ENT & 144,000 CHOSEN FEW Always remember nobody can stop you from making great music. It's your dream! Live it!!!

Look Alive!!

My man K-Stylez Tha Lyricist went all the way in with this one!!!! "Stop asking me what I'll do with my profits/I can do something as crazy as walking with Zeus in a suit made of ostrich" are the kind of bars that us lyricists thrive on! Killed it. That is really all I can say about this remix to Look Alive. Even bringing three different flows and cadences made me immediately go to K-Style' page and get to hitting like buttons and what not!! Bless up to K-Stylez Tha Lyricist!

True art

I've heard your music before and I will say I am glad to hear you still producing good music for your fan base. Keep the good rapcand hip hop coming I'm for your listener and fan base. We truly appreciate it
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