Kris Bourne / Supreme / God King intro


We apologize about thid super late review. Your song is very good. A style your not expecting but knowing music you know a good song despite the sound. Continue doing your thing shine bright


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not bad..

good flow .,.good topic..keep it up my g!! the only thing is maybe the engineering could be better had trouble understanding your lyrics when the flow sped up!.the second verse was good though!

Powerful song

I like this song. Very powerful song, great selection of words! Well structured song...really briliant stuff. Beat is amazing. Really like yiur vacal,lyrics is excillent prouction,really appreciate your work. Good jod...continue doing good music!

Cool and Original

This is a unique and original way to utilise this genre. I so appreciate this originality... Very rare these days... This is a great attempt at a genre that is over-ran with too much of the same old same old. applause for the originality. Thx for sharting :-)


Very talented and a very nice intro. Nice production and concept. Keep up the great work bro great things are def bound to happen. Really enjoy the flow and delivery of this track. Gives lots of energy and the beat is extremely dope. -Koopa


I love the energy on this track/intro. My only thoughts on it is many you could build it up more, like name the singrap a tiny bit slower in the beginning.. or many start it up with one more rapverse like the one that comes later in the song.. other than that great song man you are really talented.. I love the waling aaah's too wow.. keep it up homie! Sencerly Lameasfresh

Good work

Yo man, I think this song is pretty good. There's good energy in your delivery and the beat is also pretty dope. I like the link between a South American vibe and the hip hop vibe that you've got going on. I enjoyed it.

Intro to Introversion

As an Hip Hop artist and vocalist, I understand that titles are just as important as the content of the opus a lyricist chooses to give to the public. As I pushed play on Kris Bourne's intro track 'God King', both curiosity and interest were piqued. And were both met with satisfying results. Laced with unique, brash delivery, the confidence displayed by the Moreno Valley, CA lyricist on this opener creates an anticipation for solid follow-up and flow from subsequent tracks of the project 'God King' speaks for. Vulnerability and honesty are immediately visible with an unapologetic insight into ones own artistry. As the old adage goes, "You get one time to make a first impression" and Kris Bourne definitely made a lasting one with this energetic introduction. If 'God King' is the standard he has set for himself and his Hip Hop counterparts, one can only hope Mr. Bourne realizes just how high he has set that standard.

I Like It

First and foremost, "Peace" and Most importantly this review is nothing More than an observation. We as artist Never can hear our own music as the listener, the curse of creating MuZiik. So with that said, overall I feel as though the Intro is strong, the Lyrics are well delivered, the flow of it is energetic and I listened to it #3 different way before passing a review the only thing that is at fault is the "Production" it doesn't reflect YUR level as an artist. Make adjustments in that area and yull cause problem. CowbOY

Rare find

I'ts very rare to actually find some really good music on such platforms as they're saturated with people who claim to know how yet they cant produce music at all. Great track indeed I wish I could get the whole album.

Keep up the good work

Nice keep up the good work follow kingsaysay on IG and sound cloud add marsaay gray on Facebook page we got new music coming soon inbox me and share Youtube Young MG Louis XIV on YouTube


What's up G just hollering at cha broh.broh., how is everything going great I hope music wise keep pushing STAY DETERMINED MOTIVATED maintain being strong minded I'll be touching base with you.

Full of Life

Nice rhythm, nice message, takes over the ambience, prompts you to shake it all up all night long... Despite the fact that it is conceived with a claiming purpose and some rage in the roots, it can be uplifting on the floor... Keep it up, bro.! #Loveya !


Very creative, nice blend of hip hop and r&b with a pop influence. Flow is good as well as the production, liked the woman voice and words in the beginning. Could understand words as i should be able to :-)
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