Kris Bourne / Perfect Cold / Stronger than Heroin

To Dope

Yoh. I just Love this Song. From the intro of the song, the Beat is insane, the Vocals are on point and the Climax of the track is also on Point. What I love The most is that the guys know what they Want and they had plan the arrangement of the song to the Point. I love it.....!

Stronger than Heroin

A great tune by Kris, keeping it pretty melodic while highlighting dreadful social status with the hip-hop verses, juxtaposing with the other R&B and Pop melodic parts in a very good balance. I just wished that Kris could´ve cut the silent spaces just a lil hair shorter, so we could all move in motion from one melodic tune to the next without losing momentum...

This is epic

I like the fact that it doesn't sound like all these other rappers that are using that auto-tune that sounds pretty good and I'm going to send this to all the people and my friends list so they can use some real wrong music that's awesome and keep up the good work keep your head up I'm sure you already know you're good at it but I'm telling you man you can make it all the way from one artist to another keep your head up and push forward sky's the limit bro

Nice mix

I love the way you put together different sound and your flow is very different keep up the good work it's smooth slow and catch the ear that's the music we have to keep pushing out hared word and grinding is the key to success no matter what you can't not stop or give up your way of creating the flow you have is special you can't let it go hold on to the gift you have


I like the vocals, production is a little off the beat could be a little louder. Great creativity i love the back ground vocals as well. Kind of reminds me of a mash up between Justin Timberlake and Timberland.

Stronger Than Heroin

Love it. Your tenor voice is attractive to the ear. I like the eerie sound this song gives with the ohhh and wind sounds. The chorus/ bridge is captivating. This is what I like to hear- a change to the radio sound. Great job. I'll share your work. Thank you. Kimana

The real deal...

The real deal... I so dig the unique little background insertions and counter melodies... HIP HIP HIP... brings the cool factor upo,a couple notches...So ALIVE with lots of potential... THANKS for sharing your Music !!!!!!! You Go ! DIG IT !


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4 stars! Well recorded!!!

The track has a deep melody. It’s dark...yet captivating!! I like the way it switches the vibe slightly. The harmony is definitely on point. Signs of a great engineer! The lyrical content has depth. Not many singers today value the importance of substance on a lyrical level. You have that, and then some. My only criticism would be, to lean away from the hip hop vocals. You don’t need them. There is too much hip hop/rap in R&B today. With your talent you can hold your own! The R&B audience is beginning to tire with catching a good groove or vibe. Only to be jolted straight into a HYPE flow, and then being thrown back into calm waters. Maintain your groove my brother! In other words, if “Marvin Gaye” were still here, he wouldn’t collaborate with many hip hoppers. Think about that. Your voice is right up there with his. Keep moving forward, and stick to your formula in essence. I wish you luck and continued success! Peace and Love, LO7 aka Lo The Legend

Great sound

Yooo....I'm fuxkin wit ur campaign (no homo) I Luke urn sound. The rap could have been a little Bette but the concept of the song is nice. Pish that shit frfr. U got dAT Bruno/weekend fusion going on. Its going in though frfr Much luck to you

Epic Style

I'll be honest, you got some talent. I respect your skill and diversity, hope one day we could work together in fact. I lived in Long Beach as a child. I am kinda similar in style where basically anything goes that works. I like the writing too, I felt like the song was long for some reason, not repetitive though so that's good. Maybe another variation instead of a chorus and ending it a little sooner could do it some justice. Just my opinion though, great work bro.

Great song

Great song great concept and delivery Nice voice as well it's unique and different This is a radio material song looking forward to hearing more songs from you Keep up the good work fam

I see a music video

Heroin huhh. That's wassup. This track feels like drugs knawmean. Perfect production. I have a few heroin tracks myself over on Reverbnation. The majority of the Best tracks that I flew over are produced by BugleBlack who by the way is a trumpet player. He put that heroin jazz sound to hip hop MUSIC, so if you ask me this is how I stay a floater in ranks. The Murda has a lot of talent.
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