Kiwi Chi-Lou GoHard / In The City Of Chi-Lou / I Won't Cry by Kiwi Chilougohard

The ancestors channeling

The beauty of the soul busting through.Attaching itself to the hearts and minds of the many Kiwi Chi-Lou came especially reminiscent of indiginous ancestors ith "I wont cry".The vocals are powerful the words poetic.Dope.


Love this. All the way on point. No need for music when you have vocals like this. Could bump this All day and be motivated. It speaks to you on so many levels and is so deep that it can easily carry you away. Keep it up

Unique Song

First off thank you so much for sharing your music with me and the world continue to share your gifts stay outside the box continue to be unique I really like this track I really like the spoken word I really like the background music and your voice very unique very creative please keep me posted on any music that you may have coming now or that you already have that way I'm like to download your music. And may God continue to bless you and all that you go to do you have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your week peace God bless

More work needed

Hey there, there is much work needed on harmonies . . . the machine is not keeping you on key (in pitch) find a piano and learn to sing the notes you play. Or get some voice lessons. Don't give up! It takes much work, regardless of any natural abilities! Even the best work on pitch! It is THE most important thing with voice.

I Won't Cry Review

I actually liked it with the music but I still would have like to hear what kind of background would you use for that song. There should be a version with the music and one that is acapella. Other than that, very strong vocals and good story line

I like it!

Thank you for your beautiful R&B, hip hop spoken words song. The number sounds very great. Go on like this. It is a pleasure to listen to. This performance was great to listen to and I appreciate it very much! Thank you for sharing your music.

Voces al aire...

Desde el comienzo del tema nos damos cuenta que estamos ante una canción que brilla por su originalidad. Y no sólo porque ese coro de melodías perfectas, se adentran dentro de tu alma hasta dejarla inundada de belleza, sino por el atrevimiento de interpretar una canción sin más instrumentos que la voz y conseguir una armonía y conjunto artístico de muy alta calidad. Cada arreglo de voz es simplemente una delicada sinfonía de sonidos muy agradables a la escucha.


Hi! I thought it was a Gospel...However, the harmony was unstable and I became a bit uneasy...I felt that it is unsatisfactory to the composition of a faint white melody, but a cappella is difficult...good luck

Thx for asking

Thanks for asking me to review your song. It certainly is different which is what music is all about in my opinion. Accapella . Different and well done I listened to the very end personally I would have liked to have just a little bit of drums played lightly over the chorus but still a

not bad

I Will not Cry is a typical piece of the way of making music only with the voices and is a genre that frankly I appreciate if done on certain levels. in your piece the voices seem well assembled together and it seems that the typical atmosphere of these pieces is created only that something is missing. I can not tell you what because the piece is nice but I can not perceive the completeness I can not perceive all that there must be in a piece like that.


Try it with music also. Music will allow you to add another tone of emotion to your message. Try strings, piano, violin, saxophone, and acoustic guitar. No drums, no bass, no symbols. Maybe a muted snare just for timing of the lyrics.
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