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Moodey groovey

Moody. I love the chord progression and the soundmix. Not a big fan of so heavily processed lyrics though but they work. Nice suggestive groove. A nice drive in a car song with motivational lyrics.

This is heavy! of full of beans

Hi Im ear to the end neat music,This is heavy! of full of beans... Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver... but those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young...Good luck!


Beautiful song! Piano melody is pleasant. voice is also attractive. I thought it was a music deeply feeling depth and i felt like the earth . i thought it would be better if there was anyingenuity in composition of the song Love

Hip the Hop

Time is so important in life , its the one thing you can never get nor should to be wasted. So have g said that this was a really fun use of 3 minutes and 52 seconds of my life. Well done and as I listened to music i'm always think where would I fit in this song? I could play some guitar on this song and have fun with it, but clearly its not needed.....peace ....


Congratulations, great job ???? I have really enjoyed your music ???? Very good sound and very nice vibes :) You can also to here some of my music on my web page. Thank you and best regards from Serbia, Bixy

I can get down to this jam

Very nicely constructed beat with lovely floater music. I really like the inspiring lyric (to keep going, keep pushing, keep holding on!)... It's simple and catchy, nice light use of voice effect (I forget what it's called but I've used it before)...overall, great! First song I've heard on this site that I could actually see getting airplay????

Impressive sence of music!

This great release of an upcoming independent artist from South Carolina grabbing me right from the start! The sampled tunes of the intro are brilliant and forcing the music constantly. Harmonically melodies inspired by electronical modular syntheziser effects creating a great space in the backround. Also the light up-tempo beat and bass-lines in the chorus are very special but the whole composition is more various. The voice from KingUpBias is impressive and gets a fantastic blues projection incidentally driven by a vocal processor. This extra factor brings additionally emotions into his vocals. The lyrics implementing a important question of life unleashing the soul and touching the heart. This ambitious arrangement by using great back-spinning effects and sampled tunes is full of unconventional sounds what brings a hypnotically feel into the music. The digitally mixing and mastering is professionell. All sounding really wonderfull. Overall a creative composition and very impressive arragemend. It´s a unique quintessence of pop and contemporary music. These recording unleashes the imagination and will leading you to emotions and feelings with sounds of melodies. Could listen to this song again and again. These song by using electronical instrumentation and effects is one of my favorites. I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

No so bad

Warm and pleasant voice, well rendered sound. Nice song, to listen to once, but maybe not to re-listen. It is not particularly original but nevertheless built in a professional way. Pleasant to listen in the car, in the gym, while doing gymnastics, as a background to repetitive activities. It does not require much attention, being repetitive, constant, always the same. Ideal therefore as a background for physical activities. Good job


Interesante canción, cantada con gusto y suavidad. No abusa con la música y va alternando partes tranquilas con partes más potentes, pero le falta llegar al clímax total con más potencia al final de la canción pues se hace demasiado plana. Buena canción aunque mejorable. Interesting song, sung with taste and softness. It does not abuse with the music and it alternates calm parts with more powerful parts, but it lacks to reach the total climax with more power at the end of the song because it becomes too flat. Good song although improvable.

Cool !

Hello! And well, I like very much the composition of this song: why? In particular because of the harmony which gets free of it. Three basic agreement (piano) are simple but effective. Seven or eight notes in the synth, on the agreements of the piano are found well. The tone of the voice, elaborate, brings a certain sweetness to the music. The set is very coherent, very pleasant to listen to: the partition of drum kit is simple but too very effective. Bravo!

Okay I will.

This really brought me back for a minute. So relatable in so many ways and the beat goes well with the artist's voice. a lot of rappers these days sound buggy or they mumble. King surely has something to say. This isn't a hype song but it can definitely give you that boost you need to feel powerful within yourself. Overall, I think I'm gonna hold on, It gets better, and I can tell this artist will also. Thanks for the vibes

Every Step that You Take

The initial drama of the piano being played set for a dramatic anticepatory moment that I felt would be realized as we continued in the build up for that which I new was coming. I know that it was there. I could feel what the author was feeling. More and more was the build up and the tension mounted. I loved the chords. However as much as the build up offered, all that I feel was just something was missing. These chords sounded like the good background of an endurance and I enjoyed it, however , the only thing missing was the real conclusion or outcome of what was a very good beginning , body , but then I was kicked to the curb. Good music for a movie. Nicely done.

sounds good to me

nice song, good arrangement, could do with a little less of that uniform "autotune-Vocal-FX", but yeah, I know, some people love it. to me, people really sound alike and I can`t tell one singer from the other. Tho other think that could be optimised is the structure of the song. starting soft and without drums is cool, returning to that is cool as well, but we have this mood five times, interrupted by five high-impact parts, it just goes back and forth and that is tiring in my humble opinion. But that can be fixed with just a few cuts. All in all: Thumbs up!

Amateurish Song & Production

Why don't you guys spend the money & hire a Real PRODUCER w/ a catalogue of Hit Songs...This shit is forgettable like the dump I took this morning. there is talent there but this is what I hear typically on American IDLE...LOL

Nice Emotion

I really like the track you are singing over, especially the opening progression with the ascending bass and all the samples along with it--very musical and emotionally sets up the lyrics. I also like the alternating rhythmic feels on the choruses. When it goes into half time on the second chorus ("I made it"), it helps us pay attention to the lyrics, which is good because the lyrics change slightly here. There are a few questionable note choices in the melody (1:29, 2:44), not that it sounds wrong, per se, just a little out of place with the rest of the song and not as confident. Otherwise, strong track. Lots of room for interesting remixes.
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