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Shheeesshh this is a nice vibe, great quality song

Great quality song, I like the smooth vocals on this by King, on a beat that has that new age vibe and bumping beat that gets you turnt up, with its eery synths and sharp snares. The vocals are a mix of cool raps and agitated vocals, stressing a cool hook that is a tribute to the human habits that appreciates the comfort of being with the same 1 like he skipped the 2. Really setting the bar high for N1M artists, this is the type of music we need to support on this platform to take it to the next level.

A really great song

I really like this artist because he flows like i do i really love his flow and i love his lyrics i can relate to what he's talking about in his music i really love this artist because he's an artist like me he's an artist of the same genre as me he's really good i always love to discover new artist artist of my same genre or other artist and i really love this artist music it's catchy and i love the quality keep it up

Somebody new

Nice Track with a catchy ass hook to it. Great melody and well put together. Keep up the good work and it'll pay off one day soon. Hopefully we'll see you in tip or we can link up to do tracks with my artist

love the hook

need to be mixed and mastered better but other then that bro do that shit u got talent forsure i like your flow and sound is nice more importantly take the beat and give yourself some drops

Good message

Hey what up I'm E, and I like the message of the song...and the clarity of your joint! I'm just on here messing around and stumbled across your song. We need more good songs from ya and stay at it, cause I believe you're on to something. Peace!

Nice music

Keep up the good hard work remember hard work pays off I do like your style the hook is good the music is just right for the mood of this song I would love to hear more of your music so keep posting


I like that, atleast you keeping it real. Sound quality is good.. I'd play that this summer for the girls and it's catchy so they can sing along, because that's all they wanna do is follow along. Get that money G. Stay up stay safe. -MfMack

Love it

I love it i enjoy this music this is something i can relate to this is a beautiful song especially for someone who was struggling and was losing all hope i feel if they was to listen to this song here they would find motiviation

Im inbetween

Do it over. Or have someone else do the song kos the lyrics are on point it's just the singing that sounds a lol off. Doesn't mean u kannot sing that's not what im saying. Maybe u should've just took a lil more time on this is all

Real track

This track bumpin G love the tune mke you want to straight dab to it, beat hard to you straight did that shit eat that mug like it was nun. Love the story line the hook and verse went as plained you was right on track and on what you was speaking on

Somebody New

Got me as soon as I pressed play the feeling invited me into a Post Malone feel with simular expectations of a great build up as the track progressed but then the direction headed to a B.O.B feeling. For me to compare this track with two of the greats is a compliment the beat was well structured and the verses connected well at times but only at the middle of the second verse I found what I was expecting, a beautiful switch of levels that broke the track up abit to avoid the same on same on same anabling me to see the story not just hear it. Overall I love this track but it lost abit of stamina towards the end but hey I’m still playing it.

In all honesty

I’m almost waiting to hear hot line bling. I think if you approach your music with more substance from what’s going on around you and not what’s on the radio. You could generate an avenue of your own. Invest in a thesaurus, and pay attention to your Adlibs and over dubs.

Tight Ttack

Definitely this is a yes. I need to get this track downloaded to add to my list big fella. Keep up with the good work on this and I think you should remix this track, It should be even better. you feel me? nice work once again brah


This is something I would put on my playlist. I can vibe off of it the rap part catchy and dude got a good mix on it. I wish this artist much success. Its one of those tracks y can visualize. Fire concept Big ups

Good Thoughts

I have nothing but good things to say about this joint. This that type 0f song that will have really understanding who your real ones are & paying attention to your surroundings. The song came together real nice. I like these type of songs that make you reflect. No matter what position you in hopefully you can reflect positively on what's happen now off of past situations. All in all the song is dope & it got me thinking, so GOOD job, my Brotha.
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