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I Honestly Love The Beat I Would Actually Do Something On It! The Song Is On Point You Should Consider Pushing It To The Best Of Your Ability! I Can Actually See This Song On The Billboard Chart


I really like the song it is really banging and the track is so clever just unique the way you put it all together and thank you for sharing your craft with the world and at anytime I would love to hear more of your great music keep on grinding and shining and and much respect have a great day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors keep on making great music.

Very Catchy!

This track has one hook after another and I like how the beat and instrumentation fit perfectly with vocals. I can imagine hearing this in a club or on the radio! A nice mix of dance and hip hop influences.

Great Track!

Really love the tone of the voice! Deep and warm, great melody in the music really fits the vocals! Music well put together and Great composition ad the production is also well made! Congrats!!!

Push it ...

A very profesionaly sounding RnB-Track made here by KingUpBias. I cant wait till I hear it in the Clubs or see a Video of it on MTV. It has a happy mood and the Vocals are naturaly good. There are not too many Effects and still it sounds Dope. Check this Track out. It is pure Love.

Awesome contemporary vocal chops and vibes!

Starting off with ambient vocal chops creating a large environment for this upbeat dance/hip hop fusion this track really has the best of both genres. The smooth rap verses compliment the bumping instrumental hooks to create an overall very captivating track. Excellent.

Great vibes! Positive feelings!

You should keep pushing this track! It has a great positive sounding vibe and it should be a shame if others would not hear it. Maybe add some more fx, it is just a matter off little details now. I enjoyed listening to this track and would recommend it to others. Keep up the nice work and you will get were you want, as long you keep loving what you do. Just follow your heart and don't be affraid to take the next step. Grtz 8 ;)

I think that this song could be named as "easy listening"

You ask to us if this track could be presented to DJs and clubs, and I think that your track is melodical and sweetly, so I to play it in the lounge bar the club instead the dance floor. It could be a nice begin of the night or a wonderful soundtrack for drinking a cocktail. Very good job

It's good

You could ouch it at a club cause you got think a lot of.people like different things.and music people may be picky but at the same time you got a lot of people that would love this song you jus got to this with a lot of faith that they like it cause people will love confidence and they will like the song I thought people wouldn't like my music but they ended up loving it so yea jus keep it going walk by faith my brother you will succeed

Nice Song

The vocals are really great and clear.that's very nice. Nice sound and the harmonies are good. The vinyl sound in the background: its a little too much for my opinion. The vocal sample as a main mellow is nice. Good work .
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