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im riding around with these headlights a long road with these headlights im in the dark with these headlights its raining hard should i hit the brights yo i like i like this song i love the beat the hook the verse everything goes well together i would love to see a video for this song i would push this one hard this one of those song i think alot people can vibe too different from everything out now


Work ain't easy, I'm thinking about Quiting right now to put more time into this music and videos and some kind of publicity. However I need more money just to pay rent and bills. So I'm not gonna know what's next until I turn off the fucking headlights, and check my steps myself instead of driving on another's priority. Sometimes I wonder, maybe ghost write, or choreograph dance groups, maybe acting. Anything pertaining to entertainment getting paid big time and loving it.

I see you

Life is hard and we all can relate to the challenges of what is being expressed in the lyrics. A smooth feel to the music and the vocals are nice sounding in tone and fits the instrumental. I liked the transparency and ability to be real by saying that things aren't going well and there is no money in the bank.. It is far too common to hear the exact opposite from most urban/rap artists, this is definitely more relatable to a broader audience than just stating that everything is 100 all the time.

Yate white - headlights

One of the best songs I heard all day. Keep up the good work. I really liked listening to this. It really spoke to me. I wish u much success in the future. Send me more of your music please so I can listen


I luv the smooth sounding groove on this track. Yes, I can relate to the lyrics that you laid down on this song. The production is really nice and I like your soothing vocals. It is collectively and all around good song. I can feel the message in your music. That's a major plus for any track. Continue making music from the heart. Great job and good luck with your future endeavors. THE VET, COMPTON

Nice flow

Love the beat! When it comes on automatically catches your attention. Nice flow, and a beautiful voice. I could hear your emotions it’s cool. I hear hunger keep doing what you doing sounds great!


 Dope track will definitely be looking out for more to come and recommending your work to help build the anticipation and notoriety keep up the work keep pushing foward to help push the culture...salute!!!


Say King the SONG A1G1... I can Ride to this homie... I would have gave you 5 stars just couldn't hear some of your words because of the mix and edit on the song... What you was saying is Lava Flow, just tell the to bring your words out more in the mix... But A1G1 CONVO!!! ™UNFO®GIVEN

Dope song Brah

@GorillaTeamATL's review. This song has it all, nice and smooth for deep thinking on the highway coming back home from S.C.. Good Mix and Original sound. Great song Thank you for you sharing your talent.


Da hook is catchy you on topic through the whole song and thats very important.Wen i listen to songs i pay more attention to wat the artist is saying and your lyrics on point!It has potential.Just keep writing and pushing follow ya heart and keep making good music much luv!(No✋OutRecods)

Deep Feel

The beat chill and very deep. Whole aspect is well given . Life in the dark can be tough . All we need is alil light to make it through . Your my second review on this . Definitely admire this . Peace #respect

Beautiful Track !

I love how the Beat started...the way you started singing ...the lyrics...everything goes and sounds beautiful together...smooth relaxing Beat...something i would listen to driving in my car trying to think and clear my mind for a while....trying to be strong knowing things will get better...i love this song ...very great job you did on this song my friend ...we should collab :) <3

good music

second law of thermodynamics, which basically boils down to a), nobody has control over jack shit, and b) any attempt to impose order on energy, be it through law, border, or binary, will eventually fail. The principles may sound dire, but they give us a reason to throw caution to the wind. They also form the scaffolding of the Boston group’s head-spinning melanges, noxious stews of punk, jazz, avant-garde rock, metal, and pop, gesturing wildly across the entire sonic spectrum—from Slayer and Shonen Knife to the Slits and Celine Dion. Less than two years after their inception on the heels of 2016’s tape No Sorry, the quartet now gleefully reach for the self-destruct button with Urge to Merge, their second and final full-length. As with the rest of Birthing Hips’ modest discography, the 11-track album, which the group recorded live at Brooklyn DIY haven Silent Barn, is anarchic by design: “We wanted to explore just how far we could explode every genre,” the band told Boston music magazine DigBoston, “and see how tenuous the links between improvisation and composition really are.” Whereas No Sorry shaped these deconstructionist tactics as a protest to formalism, Urge to Merge takes aim at the superseding structures of time, memory, and pleasure wired to pop’s reptile-brain with a relentless barrage of atonal chatter (“I Want This Place Impeccable”), incomprehensible math-rock breakdowns (“24 Million Views”), and ear-splitting sludge spurts (“Internet”). It’s not that the group are incapable of churning out virtuosic solos, affable vocal melodies, or earworm hooks. All of them, save drummer Owen Winter, attended area conservatories and work part-time as music instructors (or in vocalist Carrie Furniss’ case, a choir director) in their spare time (Winter, meanwhile, cut their teeth manning the kit for Rochester punks Tapehead). Guitarist Wendy Eisenberg and bassist Andres Abenante, in particular, stand out as marvels, provided you can muster up the aural stamina to hone in on their individual performances from amid the racket; their polyrhythmic riff-off on latter-half highlight “HEP” is an avant-garde nerd’s dream, as are the math-rock cascades on “24 Million Views.” Birthing Hips’ ephemeral invocations of immemorial tunes, such as Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and the familiar schoolboy singalong “Frère Jacques” provide much-needed footholds amid the unrelenting racket: universally-accessible reference points that embolden the maddening contrasts surrounding them. (That the former’s buttoned-up refrain is queasily invoked on a song called “Strip Tease” is exactly the point.) One can’t help but smile at the wry turn of phrase. Like all products of this cold, absurd universe, Urge to Merge derives its strength from an ever-draining of borrowed energy. Fortunately for us, the foursome have more than enough to sustain every turn of their swan song’s maddening gyre; what’s more, they’re not afraid to spend it all—at least when it comes to this band, anyway (all four members of Birthing Hips plan to continue making music, either as solo artists or in side projects). Even as the musical equivalent of a dead star, Urge to Merge is a supernova, and no law of thermodynamics can change that.

The ugly truth

The best is dope. The song is dope. The song has meaning, I like the hook and the concept of his word. I feel him, even tho he knows what is going on, he blind to the fact that he knows. Does that make sense?


Nice flow and that beat is a banger!!! Where can I go to download and share all your music? What is your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram? Can I find you music on iTunes/Spotify/Pandora? Keep doing your thing!!
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