KIEAUN / The Chosen One Vol. 1 / Goldnchild (Available on iTunes, google play, Tidal)


Nice flow and that beat is a banger!!! Where can I go to download and share all your music? What is your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram? Can I find you music on iTunes/Spotify/Pandora? Keep doing your thing!!

Back in 90's

A taste of 90's HipHop, i like your style, the flow is clean, instrumental is dope. Sometimes i eard Too $hort, Sometines The Twinz. I think you have talent man. I hope my review helped and continue you have something different. it's so good.

Got a few 1 minute bridge CYPHER type of distribution for a mix tape.

Download my 1 minute bridge CYPHER type of distribution for a mix tape West Coast samples only on N1M and a few more that's available on Reverbnation. If you have a producer that's great at developing you a mix tape, please include these samples because they are original and it's all here on the West Side of Los Angeles coming from the nigga SplitEndz The Profit here in Los Angeles

Roger and Zapp Vibe Always a winner

I am an Ohio native so it's hard not to love this sound. Artist has a down south professional pimpish flow so it sounds like sunny day new space ship riding music. The track is bangin no complaints. Sound a little like Jay Z 96.


Come check me out family !! Hot new riding music Money talk Empire new independent label out of the Midwest thank u guys for supporting our movement enjoy maybe we can collab make some magic take care

Goldnchild review by Fel D.

Well Kieaun, the intro was a lil intriguing to know what was about to come when the verses began. I am from the south where we chop and screw things up. If DJ Screw was here I can hear him chop/chop and making boys hear these lyrics. I can't deny my bias for the Roger Troutman feel in the song. (mane two legends that seem like they are all in this songRISP) Drown them boys with this H2O. I dig this one. ~Fel D. Shellshock~

My new ridin' song

I don't know you but I don't see why you even asked for a review. YOU KNOW THIS ISH THAT CRACK! That bassline probably the funkiest I've heard in a while and the talk box on the hook CRAZY! Put me back in 90's but still up to date. People need to be ridin' to this on they way home from work lol. But I feel if pushed right this would go crazy in L.A.(you'd be gettin booked left and right) Had to drop 5 stars for the rating on this track. Keep Bangin!


This song is really dope! The track is sick and the lyrics are very much on point. Nice punch lines and the hook catchy, so it done its job. There is a west coast flavor to this song that I really enjoyed. Great job! Looking forward to hearing more from this guy! Salute!

A really great song

I really like this artist he makes good point's in his lyrics i understand his lyrics and hes very straightforward with what he's saying and i feel like he is an inspiration to others he has allot of great lyrics in his song i would reccomend his music to my people and I'm gonna keep a very close eye on him and his music i can't wait and would love to see what happens to him and how far. He gets in the future me personally i really love this artist because he is a really great artist of my genre he's very good bro

"Funky Hip Hop"

Nice "MUSIC~VISION" Cut out the "n" word. The track is dope!! Need a better mix on your vocals so they will stand out more and be right on top of the track. This track definitely takes you back. It is funky, groovy, old school all that rolled up into one. Keep bringing it & "Keep The Vision" ~MVP~

Keep up.the good work

Keep up the good work. Stay enouraged and never let anyone tell you any different. ALWAYS have confidence in yourself and your work. Take constructive critisim as positive. Stay focus

Nice flavour

This is my honest opinion of your song.. The beat is smooth and laid back.. The retro sounds it is comprised of are pretty cool but the main stab is a bit loud and annoying Imo. The vocoder sounds are great and definitely on point. The Rap flow is good and overall matches the track. Definitely a solid effort and an enjoyable listen for any west coast HipHop listener or for those who still appreciate the old school!

I def like this

First off id like to Thank you for letting me give you a review and hope to hear more material from you this was definitely a good song me and my roommates were sitting down discussing how this song has replay value it definitely had great structure and great format when my recommend and earn time come back up ill share your music on my social media outlets keep up the good work and goodluck with getting shows this is definitely has club energy


Thanks for the support, (F.O.E.) can't shine without the help and support of our fans. It is greatly appreciated when you listen to or share our music, we will continue to give you the best that we have to offer, Thank you so much again.The single (BUILD TOGETHER by Rich Sans is now available for purchase on Apple music, iTunes, and everywhere music is digitally distributed worldwide) Thanks again for your support.

Breath of fresh air

Sounds good it reminds me of some of the old Snoop Dogg something to ride to and to bring a touch of Zapp & Roger talkbox in is nice and the vocals are nice and smooth. The whole song is a favorite of mine awesome work.
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