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Over the Hill Again

Somebody likes Joe Satriani! I also hear a lot of Ronnie Montrose here. Both fantastic influences! 70s/80s production values are coming back, so as 'dated' as this may sound to some, it's really the future of music. People tend to forget the cyclic nature of humanity. The pendulum swings and back and forth between extremes, but at least half of that travel is a wondrous journey. Here, we find excellent players performing admirably. As and producer/engineer, I always want to sit at the board and throw in my two cents. Fatter, bigger, warmer! And where's that confounded bridge? But that's just me. Great band here with great performances. Utterly enjoyable, if not a bit of a teaser . . .

Fun Time Rock Riffs....(time to party)

Great guitar sound, driving drums and slamming bass. The 2:12 running time helps keep interest in the song. The back beat on both drums and rhythm guitar adds to the fun. Looks like the party is at Kevin's! Fine song.

This song 'Cooks'

Nicely done, Kevin. This song opens up on high gear and doesn't stop. It reminds me of a song we use to do for a break song, going into a break in between sets when I played in night clubs in Dallas back in the early to mid '70's. Got that Steve Morse feel to it. It is a 'cookin' song, Kevin. Good Luck in your music adventure. ~ Gizzmow, in Bonham, Texas.


Congratulations! A very good song to listen to. The energy she spends is indescribable. All this accompanied by a Rock climate with an instrumental well arranged. The guitar is a musical based on keeping all the music expression. The song is very good, as well as harmony it has its own identity, that is, is a song that does not look like any other. A very good battery and a sensational dynamics.

Over the Hill Again

Wow, it's awesome. I was not expecting it hence the title! Great acoustic sounds! Guitar, bass, and drums!1 Solid rock sound, no vocals needed! This is an artist to look out for, great things for you!!

Over The Hill Again

Over The Hill Again is a fast paced fun electric rock guitar instrumental reminiscent of a Joe Satriani flavor on Surfing With An Alien. Excellent arrangement and tone on the guitar. Good time rock n roll song with a bluesy feel but with rock attitude. Enjoyed listening to this song more than a couple times. Great add to and upbeat playlist. Keep rockin!! WFJS...Scott

Over The Hill is New Again

Loved this track. The guitar and production are spectacular. This is something I'd totally dance to in pretty much any type of club. And I'd want it played really loud. I'd almost expect to have some wild blues singer wailing out some vocals to compliment this soundtrack ready song. I'm going to be a big fan of Kevin Simnacher - what else are you working on? We need to hear more of these types of songs! And the song suddenly ends.

Great rock instrumental

A great show of feeling and precision, with footprint of 80 Simnacher Kevin has great groove that invites us to dance from the first bar. We realize that influences of Aerosmith and guitar heroes of the 80s Still sounds very contemporary. Much success to artists like this, to continue providing us with good music and good taste. Highly recommended this great instrumental rock.

Classic rock renewed

I believe this artist has great potential.28th a good producer and promo budget,I think they could go national.As a producer for major labels myself,I would like the vocals to come in after 2 measures.A bit too guitar heavy for mainstream success.Theyy need to appeal to the masses and not try to be guitar hero's.They don't have that potential yet for national airplay.I would be glad to produce them for success ,if they had a budget to work with.As I said,great potential musically, but need a good producer and some guidance on song structure,but great sound for heavy metal fans.

Over The Hill Again..? (Really..? I don't think so)

Kevin Simnacher's Over The Hill Again delivers... This is a nice little boogie pulling the listener into the song immediately. There's nothin' but good clean fun here..! The instruments played are full and HQ. The guitar playing is lush and full of distinct tones as Kevin uses harmonic picking reminiscent of ZZ Top and early Van Halen style guitar picking. Over The Hill Again is a toe tapping classic boogie, show casing the fine musicianship of the guitarist. The 2 minute song is fueled with high octane energy and delivers a couple of interesting breaks featuring the drums. Simnacher plays with confidence demonstrating he has the qualities of a pro guitarist there's no question his skills keep you interested during the song. But before long high octane energy begins sounding repetitive and dissipates into fumes and set to auto pilot. I kept waiting for it but it never came.... What am I talking about? No scorching lead guitar solo... His advanced playing feels more like a rhythm track still in production waiting for the final lead guitar track to be laid down. After having said all of that, Kevin is truly a fantastic guitarist clearly demonstrating he hasn't reached his potential skills. This is a great song, a worthy piece of music, something to be proud of.

Instrumental rock done with taste!

Over The Hill Again is a masterfully written instrumental track that is hard driving much in the style of Dixie Dregs and other well-known bands of the genre. The guitar tones are outstanding and leave nothing to be desired by any rock enthusiast. The progression makes you want to get in your car, or on your bike and ride. This is excellent for driving winding roads on a sunny afternoon. The arrangement keeps the excitement of the pace moving with some nice twists and turns. The performances are outstanding and it is a pleasure to hear music like this still being written and played. The recording quality is superb and the mix allows the listener to hear a myriad of overtones to squeeze out that last bit of rock character. This is a superb effort from a group of first rate musicians.

Over The Hill Again

Hi Kevin,at first i would say that I like your guitar work.Very RIFFY,lovely guitar licks too + fat guitar sound.Anyway what i missed in the song i s some nice chorus,bridge too.Tune is very catchy though but very monotonous.repetitive but too...Such a shame you do not have a singer or something.Keep on Rocking.-CHEERS

Instrumentally strong

The playing is hard. The guitar work is solid. What's missing for me is a recognizable theme rather than a show of instrumental prowess. Perhaps if there was something here vocally, it might influence me for a higher rating, since there are so many players out there that just wanna show off their tones and speed.

classic guitar rock at its best

Over The Hill Again is great guitar rock that brings me back to the 80ties. Great sound and performance and well mixed together. The bridge brings a good variation to the piece and for me cries out for a killer solo to follow instead of playing more licks. It is clear from your guitar playing that you have all the abilities on the guitar to deliver that. The ending from the drums perspective comes a bit abrupt, you may want to play around with some ideas and compare. All in all I really enjoyed it. It would also not take much to put some lyrics to it if you decided to do so at some stage.

...not bad once you start to climb...

Kevin Simnacher brings us Over The Hill Again... well if this is the view from over the hill then its a pretty wild ride all the way to the bottom from here... Kevin supplies a classic 80's style backbeat with solid blues and rock licks over the top without necessarily being overkill. It has all the growl of an animal trying to get out of its cage... but never quite takes the big bite. I am quite surprised that he didn't let loose with a high flying solo considering all the room he gave himself. However, being that the song is only 2:12 that certainly doesn't allow for a whole lot of time... but I have to take a 1/2 point off for not quite reaching its full potential in the lead section... I felt it could have grabbed me a bit harder with more teeth in the solo...
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