Kevin Simnacher / Alternate Realities / Unfinished Business

Great classic Rock

Wow, this is a great song right from the start. I love the guitars and how they are played and mixed. For my personal taste the Keyboard and the drums could be louder and the vocals reduced in volume. The Stereo Sound is excellent. Well done. The solo is great, too. You are a real musician of classic rock! Congratulations for this masterpiece of handmade Music. I love it a lot!!!!! Well done.

Review of the song unfinished business

Cool retro intro. Nice singalong chorus. The playing has a nice 80's feel. I liked the guitar solo's. The drums are well played. I will really recommend this song, if you are into some good retro rock'n roll.

Good Song

This sounds like a good song to hear at a bar, while playing pool. I mean that in a good way. Just a downright rocking song. I like the instruments, and the mix is very good. Good lead guitar. Very solid song. Keep going! Sincerely Edward Westbrook

Straight, hard and true

A straight and classical piece of hard rock. A wall of guitars starts with a parallel lead tune which reminds me on the Wishbone Ash of the 90s (Strange Affair etc.). Only thing which annoys me a bit is the monotone drum pattern. Sounds like a hard rock drummer would play on the ride for the whole song - not very realistic. The lyrics are quite all right and describe a mood that I know just too good.

Good sound - Great Potential..,, but

Hey Kevin, I liked Unfinished Business but as a producer as well as an artist, my only suggestion would be to put some volume dynamics into the song. Changing volumes has the effect of drawing the listener into what your saying (singing)). The only reason I didn't give "Unfinished Business" a '5' is because I didn't hear any variation in those dynamis. Nice tune tho'. J.C. of "Dying Angel"

Unfinished Business

Okay . . . you asked for it . . . The track is way too thin. The drums need to be fattened up and moved forward. The vocal needs to be moved way back, or better yet, lost altogether! Find another singer!!! The guitars are way too forward and way too thin. The 1980s called and they want their hair metal guitar tracks back! Seriously! Allowing this vocal track out is delusional. Not that this track couldn't be saved, but whoever produced this was seriously not paying attention in the "I was alive and listening to music production from1954 to 2016 class"! What is lacking here is a producer who knows anything about how to produce music, mix music, and master music. Having ranted and raved here, I could remix these very same tracks and come out with something 1,000 times better,. Sorry, but you asked for this truth. Go back to the beginning and start again! A I tell everyone, consume Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti" album and learn how to produce MUSIC! -Kieron

Crisp & Tight

This tune starts with fiery guitar riffs and belting drums!! The vocals remind me of David Allan Coe when he did a side project with 3 members of Pantera called Rebel Meets Rebel. Kevin Simnacher brings this straight forward in your face hard rock song Unfinished Business. The lyrics hammer in to the listener to just get it done, finished your business or else. Unfinished business is a hard rock lovers dream but can also be enjoyed by any music listener !! Its a must listen here on N1M !!


Congratulations! A very good song to listen to. The energy she spends is indescribable. All this accompanied by a rock rhythm with a vocal well arranged. The guitar is a musical based on keeping all the music expression. The song is very good, as well as a sensational harmony, it has its own identity, that is, is a song that does not look like any other. A very good drums and a sensational dynamics.

Finish it Up

I like when classic rock songs start off and actually sounds like classic rock. But this is like classic rock meets Johnny Cash. Is that intentional? Unpolished. Rough. Rock n Roll. There's a certain charm to having a song come across and slap you in the face with the guitar and drums, then throwing in vocals like the legend himself. I'm not sure if the song is mastered to the right levels, but it's a fun song.

Kevin Simnacher - Unfinished Business

an hard rock song! Kevin has a powerfull voice and he's a good guitar player...a beautiful guitar riff as intro! if you like that kind of music you'll get 3 minutes of goodhearing! Just Personally I miss a kind of bridge or special part in the song! Good Song K.

Unfinished Business

When I do a review for this site I listen to all of the songs on my review and earn page and pick the song I like the best. Tonight's song is "Unfinished Business" So what can I say I like about this song? I like the music and the concept behind the song. I think it has great potential. The biggest problem with the song is the lead vocal. His voice isn't bad but I think this song isn't for him. I hear a Merle Haggard type voice that I think would be best suited to sing songs like Merle did. I think he has a great storytelling type voice and this type of rock song isn't what I think he should be doing. I know what I'm saying may seem harsh but I am only trying to give the best advice that I can to try and help fellow musicians. Most people are not musicians and we ( the musicians ) create music for the non musician to enjoy. The key to catching an audience is writing music to fit your voice. In this song you are trying to hit notes in your upper register that sound almost strained like you could barely hit the note. You should write in your stronger more appealing vocal range. The non musician will not care if you can hit a high note they only care that it sounds appealing to them. The vocals also sound a little time challenged and stiff for this type of music. There is no swagger or stylistic thing done with the voice to make it rock n roll as well. The music is fine and is a straight forward rock song. I think the mix could use a tweaking a little more low end to drive the song. The bass should be pushing the song and make small walk downs like Van Halen's - Poundcake. It's driving and it's not very technical but it give the song a bit more movement. Especially since the drummer's cymbal is pumping quarter notes in his 4/4 drive. The bass should give that push to give the song a better sense of movement. The lead guitar solo seems a bit out of time in spots and could be a little improved on but over all the song isn't bad at all. I think if you had the budget and a producer that could help guide you the song could be amazing! Don't let my review feel like I'm knocking you down. Remember you had the best song on my page to review so that actually says something. Don't be discouraged take another shot at it and see what you can improve on!

great guitar lines

The Unfinished Business Song Kevin Simnacher has great guitar lines and great driving by the instrumental . It features hard rock elements correctly and the vocal is safe and well complements the music. The chorus is great and invites you to sing along . A song that certainly deserves to be in any specialized FM . The highlight once again goes to the very well arranged guitars , the choice of sounds , notes and execution show that Kevin is a virtuoso and has good taste. I recommend ... good luck and success !!!!!!!

unfinished business

The overall feel of the song is very cool. Nice hook. The guitars are rocking and the bass is walking. Some very good guitar solo’s. I enjoyed the song and would listen again. Thanks for the hard work.

great guitar rock

Unfinished business is a standing out with well thought through guitar work, playing the right things with a great sound, love the harmonies part of the 2 guitars and the lead break. In terms of style, the vocal melody fits 100% classic rock, no surprises and no disappointments. The catchy chorus will drive the audience to sing along and the drums lay down a good beat. My suggestion may be more one of personal taste and preferences. I would have the vocals a bit softer in the mix, the backing vocals a bit louder in particular when it comes to the chorus repeat at the end this could bring in some variation. I'd also bring up the bass in the mix. Love how you start and finish the song. Well done.

Unfinished Business

A great track. Guitar tone and playing is nice and smooth. The chorus has a nice hook. I think this track needs a stronger rock vocal to lift it ( Sorry Kevin) All in all I like this track and look forward to hearing more from you. All the best.
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