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Review of Kevin Simnacher's song "On Our Way To Jupiter"

Kevin's music will be popular with fans of 1980's rock and rollers. Nicely played, arranged, and recorded. With a tip of the hat to artists from those times such as EVH, Ratt, Rush, & AC/DC. With some amusing lyrics, this track will fit into the Classic radio playlist. The guitar playing is the strong suit here. Nice work !!! Rock on Garth !!!!


Great song! You did a good job! The intro, the guitars and the drums through the whole song are great. The bass is good too. Pure Rock'n'Roll!!! I don't know is it from the site or my sound card, but third time in a roll i hear a song from the site in which the vocals are more quite then the other instruments. The vocal should be more 'powerful' too, if you know what I mean. Otherwise it's radio friendly and very good. Keep rockin' and good luck, Donnie Donkov


Southern overtones with a splash of Nugent detected, especially in the extended intro, a unique style of Ted's back in the day. I'm also picking up hints of Satriani in your playing style. Overall a gutsy tune with plenty of ripping metal tones with great usage of that whammy bar along the way. I was a bit disappointed in the vocals, not that they are totally bad, the style just didn't seem to fit the song. This would have been best suited as an instrumental to let the lead guitar shine and highlight the areas where the vocals fail to impress. Overall a good effort, but give it a shot and let the lead take the reins and I think you'll have a winner.




hi guys , started listening to this tunes , beginning blew me away , amazing guitar , very satriani . Then vocals came in , melody not the strongest part , but guitar work made up for it, love guitar very talented nice Peter Brady x

nice guitar work

I liked this song, it was amusing and upbeat with some good production and cool guitar work. It is the kind of song you could listen to which could give you a lift. Good stuff

rapid rock

Cool track ,great start on the guitar .Humor in the lyrics always a good thing.Good arrangement. I think as a guitarist the mix favors it a bit to much .Bass higher and drums higher .Vox cuts through well.

Incredible guitar intro

The guitar sound at the start of this song should be shaking stadiums. Unfortunately, when the singing starts I feel like Weird Al is doing a country cover.


This is a really good tune great musicianship and really catchy lyrics I really enjoyed it. It is actually quite funny to listen to. The guitaring is pretty hot as well

uranus to jupiter

I like this tune - reminds me of Kim Mitchell - aka Max Webster - but great guitar work. Not sure why anyone never used the line 'better grab onto Uranus' in a space tune before in the history of Rock - not even Zappa? Not sure... maybe there is...but great line nonetheless. But overall cool track - cool production... nicely done.

Strong Track...but ~

I loved the intro and the track really 'rocks', Kevin....but the lyrics didn't do it for me. The entire track is kickin' it ALL the way thru and that is what got me to give it the 4 rating with the words knocking it down from the 5 I 'was' going to give you. Maybe if you go with the same track but change the lyrics to make it a different song where they match better. But the track was awesome! That intro kept me interested from the get go, man. Change the lyrics and send it back to me ~

Your Song "On our way to Jupiter"

It starts off with a blast of metal guitar riffs and great intro that leads into a touch of southern classic rock especially when it comes to the lyrics. Definitely well recorded from the drums to the the bass and rhythm to the vocals and the leads stand out like a star shooting through the sky. Catchy tune from start to finish. Way to go. Write On~~~


I like you very much this song. Rock and Roll Gold. The sound of the guitar is very good. Greetings :)

Grab onto Uranus !

Some serious lead guitar chops here. The song has an 80s metal vibe to it, IMO. I really like it ! Witty, Rocking and fun. Good production overall. I like the singer's voice, it's natural, and not a forced metal warble. Well done .

Guitar god

You have some amazing guitar talent. Your tone is perfect and you hit those notes with ease. I love the sound, almost like classic punk blended with metal. Some pretty great stuff. Good voice too, not annoying like whiney classic rock. Interesting theme in the lyrics. Very catchy stuff, I really like it. Keep up the awesome guitar work, I can tell you've mastered the art of rocking out.
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