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Interesting song

Nice work you have here, Kevin. It started out with the hook which is good. It kept me on to hear the rest of it to see what the 'bridge' was going to do as far as a guitar solo. May I 'critique' it here?....It fell flat, but you can fix it very easily by putting that guitar solo on 'top' of everything before coming back in with the lyrics. Kinda like what you do at the end of the song. This will keep me/us 'hooked' better. Try it and please re-post it with the changes if you add them. The song is great, it just needs a little tweaking on the bridge. Good Luck in your music adventure, my friend.

"Window of Opportunity"

Really nice tune! Well done & great job. Super sounding Intro and nice fluent in your song. Amazing guitar solo and words for the song. Lovely greets from Austria!

really great Song

A Song with a great guitar sound and wonderfull voices. It's remaind me of the 90's and the lyrics has something to tell. The production of this Song is clear and it maes fun to hear it.

There's nothing i would change

OK now your talking!!! this is pure classic rock just like in the old days, made me think of some ¨Poison¨. overall the song has real good rifts and sound great, vocals are really good and solos are awesome. the tune is catchy and the groove keeps you wanting for more, a real treat for the ears if you enjoy anything from AC/DC to Queen. I really like everything about it, besides maybe a good mastering would do a little help on overall sound there's nothing i would change about it, awesome work and hope to hear some more!!!

“Window of Opportunity,”

The song, “Window of Opportunity,” written, recorded, and performed by Kevin Simnacher is a rock and roll thinking man’s style, with double stack Marshall sound. This artist will fit naturally on the bill with groups like Rush, Scorpions, with a lydian touch of Satriani. A lot of thoughtful care and effort went into making this radio friendly track. Nice work!

Song review

Hi there, your song is put together well. I like the talking (effect). Vocals are great and the lead is good. Very nice guitar work the rhythm guitar and acoustic blend well and compliment each other.That being said I will tell you what i think (my opinion) would make your song 10x better. The vocals would sound a lot better with a little more character. What i mean is if you can find a different voice or two that blends well with yours for the harmonies. Your voice is great but this would add more dimension to your sound. The leads give me the impression of someone playing a few riffs. It would add so much more if you had a lead line that told a story musically. The riffs are ok but if your striving for a great song i think this would really help. Great Job keep up the good work

Good song

Me gustó el tema. Solo me parece que el bajo a quedado un poco oculto o bien el bombo algo al frente. Por lo demás Me parece muy bien producido. Suena muy compacto. Me gusta la voz y los coros. Tiene buen gusto, Buen toque. Éxitos y gracias por compartir!


Thank you for this nice work. The music is just awesome, it really rocks! Nice sound. I have only one advice: for this style you need more powerful voice. The singer is fine, but it's better to try some power in the voice like Dio, Bon Jovi... I just tried to imagine those guys singing this song, I think It would be just incredible. Anyway, very good job!

Window of Opportunity

Hi Kevin,nice intro though(fat guitar sound+good singing voice)Song is very well structured although is not my cup of tea but thumb up.Minus punt personally I miss a nice chorus + solo guitar part which in my opinion does not fit an original tune;you play some exotic notes while you are soloing(kind of PROG-ROCK APPROACH)which are not in balance with a song which sounded very POP-HARD ROCK in my ears.Anyway KEEP ON ROCKING DUDE-CHEERS

Review on window of opportunity

hi guys , hope you are well , listened to your song ' Window of opportunity ' start of song really nice guitar sounds great drums tend to fade in great sounding production spot on all very natural sounding , love it up to now , really rockin guys , the only problem I find great vocal , but the melody not sure about, but overall spot on guys good job Peter Brady x


Really like the way this song brings out the energy from the beginning. The guitar is strong and the vocals follow that pattern. It's nice to hear that Rock & Roll beat that seems to be absent in a lot of the new so called music. I like it and look forward to hearing more!

window of opportunity

good recording quality and musicianship. i feel like the bass could be brought out more to drive the song. vocal quality is good as well. Not really my style of music, but that is Irrelevant. Over all nice job!


Bonjour, par une publicité de numberonemusic, je viens de découvrir votre univers de musique. je trouve cela très sympathique, je vous souhaite bonne chance pour la suite. très cordialement - MADFEET

Powerful rock reminiscent of classic days

If you close your eyes, you can hear the influences Rush, Kansas, STYX; its all there. Competent guitar work, hook chorus, and lyrical content that's meant to a wake up call, but perhaps just a tad corny. But hey, you gotta love the overlapping guitar tracks and harmonies. Fortunately.... There's still an audience for this type of music out there, but not so much with the younger pop audience. The heavy rock 35-65 crowd should dig it though. Good luck Guys!


Cool track - I like the fade in drum intro. Nice layered guitar sound in the verses. Hearing possibly some Alex Lifeson influence there... good stuff. Mix wise might like to hear more bass... the instrument itself and and the overall mix... But if I had to choose...more bass guitar. I think the movement in a bass can add to an already big guitar sound like yours. Overall though, cool tune, nicely done.
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