Time Machine

The song sounds glassclear with my headphones. Great guitar playing - the guitar player seems to be a devil on guitars. Stereo-panning is also very good - so I cannot say things what you could make better. Great job and creative work here.

really cool tune

Really dig the intro the guitar sounds great.try acustica audio for your vst's adds punch, and the preamps sounds better. There is nothing wrong with the song but is sounds 2d, and need saturation. Maybe too compressed of an encoding.

Tone, and tone down

Great guitar playing, clearly that's your strength. However, I would advise some consideration for tone, especially the acoustic in the intro. Recording it direct just isn't the way to go. Maybe you don't have any good mics, and you just need to go direct, and I get that. But the vocals sound OK, so clearly the mic is good enough for those. It's a real shame to hear such good playing being butchered by that crappy direct-acoustic tone. Again, clearly the guitar is your strength and I get that you want to play to your strengths, but having a lead guitar kind of haranguing a lead-register part throughout the whole verse and chorus just distracts from the impact of the tasty licks when they're supposed to be featured. Also, the distorted tone of the rhythm guitars panned hard left and right is almost identical to the tone of the lead, so - again - I would advise a reconsideration of tone because the lead gets a bit lost in the crunch of it all. Finally, mix-wise, it is clear that you're a guitar player because the guitars are so much more prominent than everything else. It's OK to have a guitar-heavy tune, but the programmed drums suffer considerably from being buried in the mix, especially the snare which, for this song, could stand to be about a fifth deeper pitch-wise. It's not hard-hitting enough and it's just high pitched enough that it conflicts with the crunch of the guitar distortion. The vocals are clearly well thought-out but again the prominence of the guitars really distracts from what they're saying, so the meaning gets lost in all the shredding. Great harmonies on the chorus. Wow, that's a really whacky ending! Inventive. I'd advise tempering the tendency to shred all over everything in the songwriting. Even "Layla" or "White Room" has a grand total of two guitar solos. This song seems to have double that. I get that you're a massive guitar guy, but it's a little much, honestly, and ear fatigue sets in after about the second solo.

Time Machine

A great fun piece with some wonderful Doyle Dykes/Eric Johnson guitar licks. Forgive me but I feel the vocals could be stronger but overall a good driving tune. All the best. Den

Impressive guitar work!

This guitarist can play his A off, obviously ... I wish I could say the song writing was as strong as the the guitar skills. I recommend adding a lead vocalist that will be as skilled as the guitar work. Still, I think the song and lyric is fun ... And no doubt that an audience is gonna react to the playing with excitement. Givin' Eddie Van Halen a run for his money though

Great rock!

This song starts happy, fresh and with that great guitar solos, like 90's best hard rock bands, complete a great well achieved sound. The vocals are great too, the armonies of the choruses, like everything! nice work this song sounds really great! Remembers me some Judas Priest albums, or even motley crue, there are lot of influences here to look at.

Love this

From the very first tones I new i will like this song! The intro is just awesome! i have some remarks though. I think the vocal, the drums and the bass are not mixed very well, which influences the listener a lot in my opinion. You have to make some better mixing and mastering i think. Otherwise this very nice song just for my taste. I wish it was longer though. kepp rockin' and good luck!!! Cheers, Donnie Donkov


Firstly great rock melody and loved the acoustic guitar at the start. The song itself is good fun track but watch your phrasing to fit with the speed of the song. Vocal on the mic didn't blend aswell as it possibly could but its still worth a good listen. This would be a fun track live in concert for sure and the players could rock out at the end if they wanted quite easily. Hope to hear more from you Kevin.

Great feel to this song!

So when I first started to listen to this song it gave me van Halen vibe. Then the drums electric guitar and everything else kicked in and totally took me back to those days when Van Halen was really really cool. I really like what you're doing here great stuff keep it up and never stop writing great job!

Kevin Simnacher

Whoa... lol. After a typical rootsy start, we got a super vamped big guitar treatment (big hair bands of the 70/80s standby) ... The lead vocals contrast interestingly with the multi-rock sound in the back.. Catching the lyrics makes this review listening even MORE interesting!! Someone has a lot going on in the head there, Good to have it engaged in the world of pitch'n'rhythm. Really makes one curious about what the live show experience is like. Definitely not being stuffed in a box, this act. Of course, the girls on our review board reckon an unplugged version would be awesome! Goodluck :D

Guitar Picker

Hello people the intro to this song is really cool it makes you think your going to here something country. (Good Country) with the chicken pickin but then when it comes in it Rocks. Very Cool!!!!!! When the song comes in it falls into a cool groove,kinda like a satriani groove. The double guitar sounds cool. The vocals are good it sounds like someone to me but I can't put my finger on it/ I think I'm reminded of old Blue Oyster Cult. Good Song Great Guitar Player.

twisted vortex

as simple as this song starts out u soon find yourself on a satriani like cosmic guitar surfing journey which is the highlight of this adventure unfortunately the same can't be said for the drums and vocals but the guitar work makes it all worth it. with a little work on the vocals/lyrics and drum machine this song could easily take u on a twisted vortex into 4 or 5 out of 5 stars!


The instrumental energy is reminiscent of Sammy Hagar-era Van Halen music in a good way. The vocal delivery, unfortunately, is probably a little too tame by comparison. If the singer would go for the gusto and rock out, this song would earn a higher rating.

Time Machine

Some pretty great guitar work on this track. Great intro as well. Kind of a mix between UFO and VH. I think the 'presentation' of the vocals don't quite match the intensity of what is going on guitar wise. Though I hear what you're going for. I think mix wise the vocals could be tucked in a little. This also reminds me of what Derringer used to do. These references are all compliments for sure... the guitars in this song for me are transcending the other elements I may not agree with...great performance there...and overall a cool track.

Sitcom Music

This song is a little bit irritating to me because it sounds like the vocals are just set on top of the instrumental. It's like the words were talked instead of sung. On the other hand, I can hear this song on a sitcom!
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