Great listening

Vocals are excellent unlike so many songs today this one has a real message. Lead vocals and harmonies are right on, very tight and up front where they can be heard! Instrumentation is excellent, tight and done with flair and technical expertise. The intro reminded me of Cinderella, nice contrast to the rest of the song. Nothing disappeared, all the parts could be heard, production was done well and all over Air, Fire, Water was a great listening experience. Excellent music, keep up the great work Kevin, I suggest you join Music Xray and submit this song for licensing. If you would like a link for this website please contact me, JadeMagick aka/Elda Dellinger.

Review by a musician/vocalist who warmed up at concerts for Styx, REO Speedwagon, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show & Rare Earth

Great start with 12-string guitar finger-picking. memories of the format of the beginning of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. The song quickly breaks into a driving electrified rock beat with a melody & good harmonious vocals. Good lead guitar riffs make it a most enjoyable song for Kevin Simnacher. I am, so I recognize the suirname as Germanic, which also am I. .

Verging on progressive

With a strong music verging on progressive with basic rock and pop of the pinches shows a music done well in its structure with good melody like on guitar. Com uma musica forte beirando o progressivo com rock basico e pitadas de pop no mostra uma musica bem feita em sua estrutura com melodia de bom gosta na guitarra . Con una música fuerte Rayando progresiva con el rock básico y pop de los pellizcos muestra una música hecho bien en su estructura con buena melodía como en la guitarra.

Good song

The introduction is very interesting and surprises after that. The chorus is very catchy. The guitars and the vocals are very good too, especially the solos. I'm giving a high rate! Keep rockin and good luck! Cheers, Donnie Donkov

You're specialist on 80's rock.

Lovely intro,key and ac.guitar blended pretty well. When electric guitar enters ,builds expectations. A 80's chorus,followed by a logical sequence at verse. The guitar phrase that introduces the solo is quite good; i think it could appear more,intercalated in the verse session. A long guitar solo,as i like to listen,lots of delays in a 70's psychedelic style. Great backing vocals,then song leads to the end with some effect. Everything is in the right place, and sounds as it shoud be. Nice trip Kevin !

love the aprregiation

hey, really nice guitar sound, the fade in could be a little smoother, but intro sounded really nice. |Nice Background harmony.Could do with a limiter, and some mastering, there are a lot of frequencies that need to be brought out in forefront, to really hear the music.Try a compressor on bus to make the drums punchier.

Smokin' vocal harmonies and instruments

Very energetic rockin' vibe that's well-produced. The vocal harmonies are spot on. This is a sniglet, purely subjective, but if I were producing, I would have tried to get the lead vocalist to have a little more tension in his delivery and/or melodies--they seemed effortless considering the overall musical mood. I wish the intro sounds weren't quite so lengthy--almost lost me. Glad I stuck it out though. That being said, it was a very strong recording!

Inquiry of all and every.

Worth seeing winds and chimes in video as of jon Bon jovi's intro for wanted dead or alive similarity. Seems a glitch with transition between intro and the verse yet it sees you through with the reminding of how we all have our art together and like the good message of an elemental sort. I give this a 2 star rating for honest hard work and did ever you hear of kay-ju-tah?


Je viens de découvrir par l'intermédiaire de numberonemusic votre monde musical . très agréable à l'écoute continuez ainsi - bonne chance - bises et à bientôt

Air, Fire, Water

I'm curious about this one. It sounds as though Kevin has over dubbed and is playing all the instruments. If so, no problem, good job. I like the effects. I also thought the guitar work is very good. The drums do sound like a machine to me and I don't personally like drum machines. Still, no big deal. All in all, I believe this to be a very good effort. Keep them coming!

Very melodic

I loved the way this song started off with your acoustic guitar. It gave a real nice feeling to start then it kicked in! The melody was apparent and got me humming right off the bat. I also liked the fact that there were harmonies involved and it reminded me of some popular eighties rock bands! Keep up the good work!!!


I love the vibe and intensity of the the retro feel. It sounds like the vocalist is able to reach all the notes....just a little more emotion and intensity there would break this song out...the only other thing I can thing of is the ending....too abrupt. Over all I did like the song though. Great potential.

Timeless Guitar!

Musically, this piece is really awesome! Guitar is brilliant throughout the song. Bass is amazing. Love the transition from acoustic guitar intro to pre-chorus. Really good song....well played and well produced!

'Air, Fire, Water' Review

Nice solo acoustic guitar opening which turns into a really good rock track - great guitar and bass sound. For me, the drums are too low in the mix which makes the song a bit 'weak' and sounding compressed in it's delivery. Overall though, this is a strong, enjoyable song which would sound so much better 'right in your face' with louder drums and a slightly harder edge. Great stuff !!!

I like it!

A sledgehammer hits us after a beautiful acoustic intro. This is good. The chorus voices come in well, I'd put in more of a shouting soccer-stadium type chant - big, bad and boisterous. Guitars tends to sound like from the 80's which is not bad at all - 80's used to be the pinnacle of Glam-Rock era, remember? Kevin does need to work on his diction though. Overall a powerful song. Well done.
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