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Singer-songwriter Trent Blois (performing under the poet-inspired moniker beljar) shines on his latest effort, a self-titled, five song EP recorded at Sony Music in NYC. Backed by a full band, including a grooving rhythm section and brilliant electric lead, Blois keeps the heart of the songs rooted with his warm acoustic guitar playing and soulful voice. The voice is impressive, at times sublime, and is delivered with plenty of feeling and range. With a tone both hopeful and world-weary, Blois conjures an angel in disguise imparting a little truth to those who care to listen.

The songs speak of ideal loves and losses, broken hearts on the mend and relationship dynamics. Far from being silly love songs, Blois infuses a fatalistic resolve into his lyrics. In these songs, lovers lay down their hearts, bare their souls and turn the rest over to nature. The opening track “Fallin’”, an upbeat groove overlaid with jazzy guitar work and an expressive bass line, drops the destiny of young lovers in the hands of the night sky. Matching the tune’s story at every turn, the band rises and descends and finally culminates in a dream-induced, sweeping reverse guitar solo. The
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