Kenny Cable / I SEE A FIRE / I See A Fire

Kenny Cable My Review!

Kenny Cable first of all cool song what got my attention most of all was the lyrics the content of the song great stuff the music was nice easy on the ears and feel this is to be enjoyed by many all over the world keep up the good work I hope to hear more songs like this from you I do hope what I have said will be of some help from J.Milligan President CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

My thoughts on "I See A Fire"

The beginning of this song is lively and full of energy! That has me anticipating what's around the corner. I have to say I wasn't disappointed. The skipping drums and melodious guitars took me right to the lyrics which are just a pure delight to the ears. The vocals are warm and inviting - the positive tone carries the theme of "seeing a fire" right to the chorus. This song just sails along smoothly, making it fun to listen to. If you're a musician you want to join the band, if you're anyone else you want to get up and clap and sway to the music. Great flow! The piano, and organ are adding soul to this song as it moves along - just right. The words are simple, but cut to the heart of what gospel music is to so many - uplifting and entertaining. This song is both. ... The songs a little long, but that being said, it's the kind of song that you would like to hear driving down the road in the sun or even on a rainy day. This song is good country music at it's best. When the song gets soft just before it breaks to the end is the frosting on the cake! A great arrangement makes this song much better than it would have been... hat's off to whoever arranged this gem. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful gospel song, it touched my heart and I'm sure it will touch many more as it fills the airwaves... In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

very good

Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

I See A Fire...

This is a Prophetic Word song about this vision of Holy Fire burning across the land of America. I believe this word will be performed in our days. "Oh Lord! Let it burn!" This fire has to burn within each believer so that we can go forth setting the lost alight with His Spirit ruling and reigning. The music is upbeat and full of promise, especially the percussion carries the mood of the song with the electric guitar, excellent masterful musicians. What a great unity and foretaste of harmony in His Bride.!

Doesn't hit the spot

Needs alot of work your lyrics are to repetitive and offf key. The beat of the song itself hardly ever changes and drums sound tinty. I like the slide guitar ,but it's too much with the vocals. With a little more work and some changes I think it would be a good song.personally it doesn't hit the spot

Nice Song/Smooth Composition

I really enjoyed this tune. Super sound and message. Recording quality is very good. It is easy to hear each instrument and vocals. You can never go wrong singing about God and Country. Praise God!

A true man of God with an anointing

Kenny Cable oh my goodness! What can I not say about this man of God? Nothing, because he is one of the best artists here on number one music. He is such a great artist who is using his talent the Lord gave him as he is supposed to do. He has a rich soothing voice. He is a kind man ass well.

Hot country sound

Great little intro hooks you in with some great guitar work. The digital delay on the rhythym guitar helps the drums propel the sung forward and nicely fill the void. The lead guitar steps in where the vocals leave off and key the listener to get ready for the next line. The background singers help soften the message of the singers harder male voice and it all blends together in a great mix and arrangement.

Rocking on

I love Christian Rock like this song you have a unique style very talented I would love to hear more of your music if you have any other songs keep on making great music and never stop creating and giving God the praise stay true to who you are have a blessed day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.
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