Katrina Webster / New Beginnings / When You Say Nothing At All

Katrina combines a beautiful voice with touching lyrics

Fantastic traditional country song with touching lyrics, clean guitar and keyboard arrangement, and beautiful voice. The production is clean and not overproduced like so many pop country songs. Reminds me of Reba or Dolly.

Great song

Katrina, great song done very well. It's good to hear a classic tune redone with such a talented singer. I love your voice. Keep up the good work, I'm sure many other people are anxious to hear more from you

thank you for sharing

your music is nice i like it thank you for sharing with me,i would like to hear more of your music i will tell all about you and your music god bless you and your family...! when you say nothing at all..!

Emotional And Heartfelt Love Song

A beautiful plucked guitar sets the tone for this emotional love song from singer songwriter Katrina Webster. Musicians did a good job supporting the singer in this solid organic sounding recording. Some smooth harmonies fill in the last section of the song and it's quite nice. Katrina performs with conviction and passion. I would love to hear the record in a new light if it was brought up to radio by a great record producer who could recognize what is needed to elevate the vocal to the polished sound that radio would embrace. But even with this, Katrina brought this in nicely. I look forward to hearing more from this talented artist.

A REAL quality vocalist .......

What can I say Katrina .... you have quality, style, and above all real feeling for country in your voice. Your delivery is excellent and the choice of this song shows the true depth of your talent. Keep on singing songs like this it and we will be hearing more and more of ''KATRINA WEBSTER'' from Hamilton New Zealand. Thanks for sharing this with me and here's wishing you lots more success for your future. Kind regards, Johnny Ramone of Angel International Management


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep in touch have a blessed day God bless you.

"Say Nothing At All'

Greatly enjoyed the Guitar picking, Fiddle, arrangement and Chordal Progression! Nice, simple and easy to follow and sing along with. Good Hook with gentle backup singers. Good production values with good mix. Johan Oiestad

shuttup ya face.

Personally, I cannot see the point of doing copy versions of the original song if it does not improve it in any way. In this day and age, all one needs to do is go on to Youtube to hear the best of the best. That being said, she sounds ok but not much different from many others doing the same thing. I suspect that she could do really well with the right song. I may have the very thing and if she gets in touch I might send it. The scenery in the photo is very pretty.

Nice acoustics

Hi Katrina sounds good,very nice country feel , the guitars are nice and crisp. Nice arrangement good little guitar break near the end there. Your harmonies are very good on this song keep it up.


Your music is great and is deep keep it up and you'll be going places you never really thought you would be going and i dont think it will take you anytime at all because the music/product speaks for itself so all you really need to do is stay focused and consistent and all that you strive for will come ten fold in no time but i really dig the tracks so ill appreciate it if you keep me posted for any future songs/videos you put out but all in all keep it up and im liking what im hearing


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Katrina Webster review

I've been writing songs, singing them, and playing my guitar for over forty years. I teach people how to write a song. Where do I start with this one? My goodness. Your voice has potential. I would suggest a vocal coach. The lyrics, are one cliché after another. No hook lines that I can hear. I have the ability to pick million seller songs, before they even reach top ten on the charts. I have never been wrong. If you want this song to work, you will have to add many hook lines. And be descriptive. In other words, describe what you are talking about, don't just read it to me like a letter..Send me the lyrics, I can try to fix it. Your voice on the bottom end, is quite nice. Try to sound like yourself. In conclusion, rewrite the song, work on your voice. Good luck to you in the future. DON'T EVER GIVE UP, if this is your passion.

Thank You Katrina.

Hi Katrina, from across the ditch. Just wanted to thank you for posting your version of one of my all time favourite songs, and you do it splendidly. I'm looking forward to hearing all of your music in the future. My kindest regards, Ken.

Great job!

I am really impressed with your talent! Keep up the great work! We need more raw talent in the music industry. I look forward to hearing more in the future. I love classic country music more than anything. KC

Plain and simple

Not the first cover version of this song if I remember well - this one's plain and simple without hardly any gimmicks or unnecessary add-ons, so the song can explore its naked beauty. Well done in this sense. I noticed that you didn't transpose the instrumental part but stayed in the main tune of the song, deviating from the original. I'm not sure whether this is the right thing to do; the song doesn't have many highlights then but just goes along for 4 and a half minutes. Maybe you should re-think this option. Your voice is clean and bright, with baybe a bit too much of vibrato in the beginning; it sounds a bit unsure in the first verse. And the guitar tones in the second verse sound a bit artificial to me. But these are just details...
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