John Wessel / Songs / I Pound Sand by Brian Cohen and John Wessel

cool funky guitar

love the sound of this guitar play its catchy cool funky in a good way..very nice compose and flow in the the beats. Really awsome voice .its wellmade and the lyrics is funny yet the feeling and its groovin rockin keep doin your thing /regards Stina of Creation

interesting song and arrangement

the song takes some interesting turns, with a great electric guitar sound and an unexpected flute solo.will definitely give it more listens. the vocal complements the lyrics, nice blend all around.

John Wessel - I Pound Sand

Straight up ballsy Californian bluesy rock from the excellent John Wessel who hails from Paso Robles and stll plays up to one hundred shows a year. The track hits from the off with some tasty guitar work and some interesting gritty lyrics - "Cajun woman down the street that hates my guts" in particular really pulled me in. John has played in a Jethro Tull cover band featuring an original bass player from the seminal UK prog rock outfit. You can feel their influence as the flute and sax play off each other towards the end of the track and the band is really cooking on the outro. John is currently working on tracks for a 2018 release and I am looking forward immensely to his new material. Keep on keeping on John !

I Pound Sand by Brian Cohan

Der Track trägt sich für meine Begriffe durch die hervorragend gespielten Guitarrenriffs.Die Abwechslung zwischen Trompeten Flöte geben dem Track die Möglichkeit das der Zuhörer bis zum Schluss die Ohren offen hält.Alles in allem ein gelungenes Stück. Lg.G.W.Scott

The voices make this song special

Hey there, this is a nice song I think. I really like the sound the voices. They give the song something special and original! For me the intro is quite long and a bit boring... but then when the singing starts I was pleasantly surprised! Good luck with everything!
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