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I pound sand

John Wessel has done it again! Another classic Rhythm and Blues speciality. Exactly what you'd expect from a guy who knows his musical chops. Arrangement: Base, drums, guitar, vocals, and more make this arrangement top notch. It's the laid back easy flowing style of the rhythm section that makes this song work. It's got a groove that just makes you want to get up and dance, even if you can't. Lyrics: Very clever usage of storytelling to a musical riff. Not too wordy, not too lazy in it's approach. Very singable, very crisp and clear in scope within the vibe. Vocals. Nice. Every word is heard. The syncopatic syllables and multi capable delivery is spot on! Well done! Mix: This song has a very clear and distinct mix, each instrument is neatly woven within the style of R&B. Crisp and clear, simple is better. No hiss, no clutter, no harsh blending of tones; each track is well placed and balanced to each other. Well done! Keep up the great music! Donivan.

Excellent lyrics

Neat idea to start out the song with a guitar solo! I don't think I've ever heard that before, so it caught my attention. The vocals sound somewhat flat or perhaps damped. (And this is true even where there's doubling, although to a lesser degree.) I'd recommend adding some stereo effects or maybe a touch of reverb or delay to help "fatten" them up. I really enjoyed the lyrics to this song, by the way. So keep up the good work.

My Review - John Wessel - I Pound Sand - by Boomer

Funky Tune. I give it a 4 star rating. The song writing is good. the instrumentation all seems to be written and performed well too. Sounds like you have the song writing part down. The issue I would bring up about this song is the mixing. Not sure if you recorded this song yourself or not but I have a few pointers that would make it sound a bit better. First would be to add reveb to the vocal tracks. Not a lot, but enough to get them to blend in better with the instruments. The vocals are a bit too far up front compared to the rest of the song. (may just add the reverb over the whole master track) My other recommendation would be to get a hand drum. The drum track sounds good but you can tell it's digital. With a hand drum, (Shaker egg, tambourneen etc...) you can add in little 'popity pops and rat a tat tats' here and there to give the drum track more human variations. Making the drum track sound less programmed if you know what I mean? anyways... Keep it up, Make More! Break a Leg... Boomer

Hooray for Ound Sand

I really enjoyed the excellent instrumentation on this song. Well done. Made me want to move with the rhythm. Good use of story telling in the lyrics. The singers voice is a little strained but it totally works with this style of rock. Good job!


This is a classic old school Rock. If you like this kind of music. Then John Wessel is your man good music for your soul.some of my friends would love this song.keep up the good work guys. Yours truly LS Lighter Shade

great song

the playing I heard I loved.. the way it sounded not fake like something maid for a computer program,, but real work when into and heart and soul. Wish I could hear more like this most I hear on hear from others is some how computer program some how that's not music.. What John Wessel has done is real great and soulful

Very competent

Very competent. Like, "Every thing I do I do every day". To improve- voice is from throat, a bit strangled, and struggling with too many words. There's no middle just verses. Sax panned hard right sounds like a bee's got in, but I'd be happy to hear it in a bar.



interesting song and arrangement

the song takes some interesting turns, with a great electric guitar sound and an unexpected flute solo.will definitely give it more listens. the vocal complements the lyrics, nice blend all around.

John Wessel - I Pound Sand

Straight up ballsy Californian bluesy rock from the excellent John Wessel who hails from Paso Robles and stll plays up to one hundred shows a year. The track hits from the off with some tasty guitar work and some interesting gritty lyrics - "Cajun woman down the street that hates my guts" in particular really pulled me in. John has played in a Jethro Tull cover band featuring an original bass player from the seminal UK prog rock outfit. You can feel their influence as the flute and sax play off each other towards the end of the track and the band is really cooking on the outro. John is currently working on tracks for a 2018 release and I am looking forward immensely to his new material. Keep on keeping on John !

I Pound Sand by Brian Cohan

Der Track trägt sich für meine Begriffe durch die hervorragend gespielten Guitarrenriffs.Die Abwechslung zwischen Trompeten Flöte geben dem Track die Möglichkeit das der Zuhörer bis zum Schluss die Ohren offen hält.Alles in allem ein gelungenes Stück. Lg.G.W.Scott

The voices make this song special

Hey there, this is a nice song I think. I really like the sound the voices. They give the song something special and original! For me the intro is quite long and a bit boring... but then when the singing starts I was pleasantly surprised! Good luck with everything!
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