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Nice First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts. Keep it up! First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song and it has potential to make it big time.


God is good! I enjoy the acoustics and the many instruments. The lead vocalist is clear and smooth and the message is soul searching. I Will be back to check out more music and new projects, keep up the good work!

Nice melody and lyrics

Joe, I really enjoyed your song. I do think it fits more in the Christian Rock than the Spiritual venre. The melody holds your attention through the intro, then the lyrics guide you through the story line quite well. I don't know if it's the speakers on my laptop, but it seemed that maybe the music was a bit louder than your vocals. I had to really concentrate to hear all the lyrics. Overall I think it's well written! Best of luck!

My honest opinion

For starters the beat is nice. I like how the srums come in. The vocals are nice and clear. The lyrics are great i love the story plot. Nothing is better than pure expression of love. Great song will play again.

Great music

All music and vocals sound good, song is nice and moody, good hooks, sounds like a proper british song like the blue tones and hurricane number one.... i just feel a better recording studio could get a better sound.


Song starts with a nice attention getting drum beat followed by a guitar strum and then the song kicks in and I start thinking wow this sounds like something the Yardbirds might have done. The verse is followed by a catchy chorus that these a British invasion pop sound and the two parts work well together. There are some unique guitar counter rythymns in a few places that really stand out however the mix ignores them and they get burried instead of raising the song upwards even more than they do.

Christ Rocks

I love Christian music and your song and the music stay who you are just keep moving forward with the Lord keep on going and making great music I hope this been helpful for you and I would like to hear more of your music God bless you and have a blessed day and a safe holiday.

Content Review

While I enjoyed the song strictly from a label perspection I'd reconsider the live sound mix unless that it was done intentionally. Id also suggust remixing vocals and co sider pulling back on reverb effects. Final mix would be my biggest concern. Otherwise I believe the artist has great potential.

Make it Home

I am feeling the whole rock vibe, though I am a bass player I am loving the guitar and the drums. The words of the song is simply put, I have to make it home its where I want to be... this is what we are all striving for is to be in the arms of Jesus.

Good song

Love the message of the song! Kind of reminds me of some other bands I've heard in the past. The chorus is catchy the guitar sound is unique and I love your bass tone. Keep up the awesome work!

IEVE Dios e ISiVAA su Mesìas

Lo que quiere Dios de los creyentes en Cristo, que hagan una canción nueva y la novedad se halla, en cantar canciones nuevas, dedicadas al nombre verdadero del Dios de Israel y se llama IEVE en su lengua Hebrea arcaica. Y su nombre es y será causa de nuestra salvación y el ritmo esta bien, solo falta que Joe Wamsley, conozca la verdadera identidad del Cristo de Israel que es este: ISiVAA dado en su lengua Hebrea arcaica.


MAKE IT HOME is listed first under Christian Rock, then spiritual. Excellent choice. Not too harsh on the instruments, but is very "easy listening". The start is more methodically military. May be used during memorial services for veterans. Clear and concise words are used! Not hard to understand what artist is saying. Excellent job.

Make It Home

I loved the upbeat percussion introduction....war drums in the distance. This is a new sound and style for worship. A cry of longing and yearning for our kingdom that is not of this world. The vocal is ace and the instrumental is spot on. I think the lyrics bring those who hear and identify with the words closer to God. I enjoyed the composition as a whole. I would buy this as a single. It is worthy of a singing at a church gathering because it unites the worshippers in their desire to remain close to their Saviour.

Thoughts on "Make It Home"...

The drums pounding - drive the listener into the journey! Nice. The words sung with passion match the tempo and intensity of the song's pulsating rhythm. I think this song needs a lead guitar crying and screaming to take it up. A smoking guitar solo would have made this song even stronger than it is. The bridge leading into a prayer for forgiveness is a great place to break out into the ending... This song has power, passion, and great lyrics. I enjoyed this song, and felt with a harmony voice part on the chorus it would be even better. My overall reaction/impression is this song will be a blessing to everyone who hears it. Thanks for writing such a heartfelt and powerful song Joe! In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

I enjoyed the composition of the song and loved the drums.

Hi Joe, Thanks for allowing me an opportunity to review your songs. You definitely have diversity in your style. I enjoyed the composition of the song and loved the drums. I was able to hear on this song your background vocals keep on doing this with some harmonies to accent your tag phrases.
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