Joe Wamsley / Can You Hear My Voice / I'm An Overcomer

Vocal and lyrics

Well Joe I like the song especially the message. One thing that I've noticed when listening is that you have a marketable voice. I personally think the material still doesn't so your voice justice but I only listened to one song. Keep up the good work.. you're on to something.

Nice intro

Great sound man keep it up and love people .Great sound man keep it up and love people Great sound man keep it up and love people .Great sound man keep it up and love people See you Later man .


I don't know Joe's story but I can imagine this song is inspired by things that have happened in his life and God's grace being over it all. It's a beautiful song and songs like this are needed in the world. I enjoy the strings and the other instruments as well.

I'm An Overcomer

I love the strings in this track. The use of the strings are well written and add a beautiful depth to the song. I much enjoy the reflection of a classic rock tune. Reminds me of something you'd hear from the 70s. It is definitely something I can listen to more than once, even have in my music collection.


Hey Joe, I pray all is well. The mix sounds nice. The only thing that's required in my humble opinion is that it needs to have more of a polished sound. Have you Mastered the track? Let me know. J

I'm An Overcomer

Has a nice acoustic tone and light sound. Reminds me of an acoustic Bon Jovi tune. Like the positive music and lyrics also. Recording quality is ok, mixing could be better, mastering too. Great job!

about i'm An Overcomer

i like all the songs i veviewed from your songs as A+ but this song is even better like heavens A+ and i know brother you are anointed by the holy spirit brother i thing you are not just A+ from earth but from heaven brother we certenly got to overcome the world in JESUS CHRIST we as people can do all thingsin JESUS CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS US i have a simler saying as i can do nothing THAT IS FROM GOD without JESUS CHRIST i hope everyone goes for songs like this and in JESUS everyone will overcome the ways of the world i hope with all my heavens heart where JESUS DWELLS that comes from him you reach number one not sure if you have yet if not i hope you do i am praying that if it is in GODS WILL that you will lead the christian songs world wide brother you got it this gift never let it go follow your dream wherever the lord may lead it ok


I love a "spacious" mix - one that you can listen into! I hear every thing in the song and everything occupies its own space. The mix is beautiful!!! Forgive me for saying this, but I kept waiting for that EXPLOSION in the song at the where you just rare back and sing we have Ov- overcome. We have Ov-ver come! This is such a great song!!!! but I wanted that explosion!!! You set them up for the boom and it didn't come, I started singing it myself at the end. You don't even have to change the chord progression just give me that climax at the end. PLEASE!!!!

Joe Wamsley - I'm an overcomer

I love this song. The lyrics speak to my own heart. An encouraging message. I would build it more at the end and then conclude with we are free... almost picturing one's arms up in the air guitar in one hand... head thrown back...In front of a large crowd of people! Excellent!! Potential to be much bigger as a performance.. Charmain

High spirits

Nice song with good lyrics too. Gentle touch and smooth vocals makes this very enjoyable song overall. Song gives very harmonious atmosphere and it nicely grows without going over. Sound is clear and not too much of everything is used. Kind of simple and plain music brings this song better than many this style spiritual music normally do! I can highly recommend to check this I´m an overcome... song.

Great work

Awesome song. Great lyrics and vocals. All around great song. I honestly can't see or hear any thing wrong with the song. It would be a great release as a single under christian . It's more mellow than rock contemporary. Hope and pray this helps. God Bless Jim

GOD BLESS Joe Wamsley!

Joe Wamsley God has blessed you! would just like to express to you or anyone who wants to know, that you are anointed,appointed and blessed with all the tools to use your gift.Nice vocals/lyrics/arrangement. PEACE LOVE AND HAPPINESS

good music

like this track and like the instruments . good lyrics take a moment and check this track out .if your are a believer of gods music and enjoy christian music .click play worth the time to listen

Review for (I'm an overcomer)

The song is wonderful !!!!!! I gives glory and praise to our God and his son!!!!!! And we do overcome thru Jesus christ because of his sacrafice on the cross. I loved the way it was put together instermentaly and your voice fits the song perfectly. Keep doing what your doing to get out the good news!!!!!!!!!! May God bless you and everything you do!!!!!!


I like this song. i like the originality and the sound it's very captivating and inspiring. How long have you been doing this and do you have a band also? I wish the best for you and yours and may God bless you all! I enjoy listening to all types of Christian music genre all of it has such an impact on other Christians as well as Christian musicians and songwriters as well. Have a blessed day and thank you for sending the review, stay in touch and feel free to send any other songs you would like me to review. Stay Blessed! #GODISEXCELLENCE please take a look at my sites and leave a comment and let me know what you think! Thank you!
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