Verry Nice Overall Mix - Good Vocal

I really like the mix Joe, and your vocal is really good too! Did you play all the instruments are do you have some loops in there? I really like the keys too. The effect on the vocal is really nicely done. Many times folks put too much on vocals, but your FX is just about right. I like the song too. Gospel is big money these days. I'd think you can find someone to cut this if that is the route you want to go. Or release it yourself. The only constructive thing I can tell you is the ending seems a little abrupt. Just my opinion, but seems kinda sudden. Otherwise it was really nicely done.

Beautiful Keys & String Intro

Beautiful Keys & String Intro. Nice Acoustic guitar. Sophisticated songwriting. Accent of vocalist sounds English, Australian, Irish, Scottish and/or South African. Beautiful instrumental interlude. Song is like a prayer or Psalm. Reminiscent of Al Stewart ala "Time Passages" or "Year of the Cat", Perhaps dated in style, however, a nice overall mix and record. Well performed, everything in tune and blended well.

Nice tune

enjoyed listening to your song. Liked the way the song flowed through out the song. Liked the doubling up of the vocals. In my opinion if it were a Beattitude production drums would have been added just past the half way mark of the song. But thats just an opinion. Nice song!

Thoughts on "Here For You"...

The Title is very warm and inviting... Ah and when the music begins, it is majestic and like a red carpet being rolled out for the vocals to lead the listener down the aisle. Lovely! Your voice is just right in tone and the lyrics are very touching. This is truly a wonderful "devotional" song. The instrumentation is spot on... The only suggestion to make this song even stronger and more powerful would be to have the ending chorus go out with more voices, and more orchestration. I would take this song out with more zest, and take the listener up - up - and into the very throne of God. In a word, the song ends too soon. I love this song!!! Thank you for writing such a powerful and anointed song of pure adoration/devotion... Michael D'Aigle


Yes i am hearing the song now it sounds tops perfect music in my hearing also perfect lyrics and perfect singing performance also perfect so on the whole song sounds perfect i think christian songs are the best in all the world i think it is the insperation leading control of the HOLY SPIRIT in peoples lives your song I THINK can reach number one in the charts easy although today there are many songs and artist that can do the same thing now reamember to follow your dream where-ever the lord may lead it and GOD bless you your family freinds everyone so as salvation healing perfection to everyone in loving one another as JESUS CHRIST loved us 1st does and always will this iis my prayer take care and GOD BE WITH YOU

Very Good Song!

Very nice Christian Ballad Song! The musical arrangement and production is top notch. Love the lyrics also. It's a song you acn play over and over again. Spiritually soothing and relaxing in mood. This song reassures of God's unconditional love and faithfulness! Your vocal performance is flawless and remainds me of the music legend 'Phil Collins'. (I played it about 5 times) Great songwriting Joe!

Very good

Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela


The mix is BEAUTIFUL! Its transparent, I can "see" everything in the song. I can hear every instrument and each instrument has its place. I like the way the song "breathes" in that at those places where you needed volume for effect, it was there. When you needed softer sections to emphasis passion or longing, I felt it. I kept waiting for drums to kick in toward the end. And maybe I've just been exposed to that effect in music too much, but it seemed like it was building toward this explosion at the end that never came. It works, it has a really nice flow, but I wanted that explosion!

Here For You

I really like this song. It is quiet, prayerful, and full of warmth. I think the mix is very good between vocals, strings, and piano.I think the acoustic guitar could have been a little louder. I could hear it in places but in others. I think the acoustic could have given a little more movement. It was a very well thought out song in all aspects and enjoyed listening to it. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome song!

I really enjoyed your song! It has a great message, I love the message and the instruments sound very nice. You are very passionate when you are singing and your vocals are very strong. Please continue to minister to this world with your anointed songs. Keep on keeping on!

Here For You

Very good Praise and Worship song about praising Jesus. The overall mix is excellent and great composition was good as well. I like the lyrics and they spoke to my heart also. Great song Joe!

song review

The tune is soft and sweet. The words are great. I think you definitely get your point across with the words you use. Keep singing and praising God, look to him and he will direct your path. God bless!

Pretty ballad

I found the instruments to be a bit in front of vocals especially in the beginning. It got better as the song progressed. I personally prefer the vocals on top. I thought I might have heard some additional vocals later in the song? They were definitely blended in the background but a little too much perhaps. Oh the whole very gentle song, easy to listen to.

Here For You

I love this song! Your voice is so heart felt and it really touches the heart strings. The lyrics are also like a prayer that many will identify with in their journey of life in our walk with Jesus. The violin is very poignant in the background and adds depth to the composition with the piano/keyboard. The chorus stays in your mind. I hope to hear more songs like this one from you. Your voice is very unique and reveals so much rich emotion. Thank you!

Review for Here For You

Hey Joe first off great message, good clear vocals, like the layering, sound track is clean, good mix, good balance, can hear all your instrumental. Your song has a great hook, makes you want to sing and hum it long after the song has played. Good stuff, keep it up. God Bless Michael J. Mulholland
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