Review of mix

I feel the the vocals and the synthesizer overpowered the acoustic guitar and the drums. Love the song though. I can tell a lot of work was put into the arrangement. I would suggest to bring up the acoustic and the drums a little bit more.


I would love to tell you sir,, this song is very pretty,, the mix sounds mighty good to me,, and the story is priceless,, Keep praising the lord,, that"s what we all should do,, I don't know for sure what I am typeing for it scrools down and I can't tell for sure what's going on,, and I don't know how to fix it,, but praise God he knows that he is being praised and that's what matters ! GOD BLESS YOU young man ,,keep praising the lord and all will be GREAT,,,amen and AMEN

Very Nice!

Hi Joe, I listened to Winds of Hope and enjoyed the message to all those who are weary, thirsty, to come lay down their head. I like how you doubled up on your voice and then went into a vocal without music, nice touch. Only one thing I would have liked to hear is a few harmony parts on your tag. Overall very nice.

winds of hope

overall not bad. the words have a very good message and the meaning of song is true and real. not to much instruments but i feel given the voice it was just enough.not to loud but not to soft on the voice. this review was done by Tina @ Lord We Give YOU Praise Ministries

My thoughts on "Winds Of Hope"...

To begin with, the title - Winds of Hope signals a positive message is coming - it does! This song reminds me of a lovely hymn of sorts, and the mere simplicity of the instruments/arrangement serves it well. This song would benefit with more voices, and a few ladies singing after the song has moved past the first section. The words are uplifting and the melody is wonderful, it is very soothing to the soul. The section where you bring it down, with Hallelujah is most excellent! Again, I would surely consider adding some more voices as you go out and take it longer and more powerful, another 30 seconds going out with instruments jamming and voices singing exuberantly would take this song up a few notches. I love this song, and your songwriting... Thanks for encouraging me today with your song of hope. Blessings/Michael D'Aigle p.s. after thinking about it, a nice "McCartney" like bass in this song would fill it in just nicely...

about your song Winds Of Hope

YES this is tops music is perfect in my opinion so as lyrics is perfect so as singing is perfect so on for whole song is perfect and from the gospel new testament very nice mesage for those who are ready to receive the gospel and JESUS CHRIST people need to hear songs like these we need to pray that GOD leads these people to his son as we do i think christian songs are the best so as christian artist and there performance and singing i think it is because GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT leads controls and inspires us to write and perform these songs i think your song has the go to become number 1 but so do many other srtists and songs can do this today so i encourege you to follow your dream where-ever the lord may lead it ok. i thought the song was number 1 so i gave it top rating ok

Wind of hope

Hi Joe how are you this is a great song its very clear an sounds great to me keep up the good work may God bless u in all that you doas you sing praise to His name its sound like you been doing this for awhile all the best to you in all your endeavors

Winds of Hope by Joe Wamsley

This is an interesting song that I listened to a couple of times trying to catch the feel of the song. The vocal was goof and the instrumentalist played well. I'd have to say though that the keyboard strings were a little overwhelming and be a little less dominant in the mix. It seemed to hide the nicely played rhythm guitar. The drums were a welcomed addition, I would have liked them to join in even a little sooner. What I took to be the chorus had a nice feel to it. I kept expecting, though, to hear more connection with the title. A title change might even be considered that uses some of the repeated phrasing of the 'chorus'. At what I took to be the 2nd verse while it did make a sharp contrast, I thought it stripped away too much when it went all the way back to just string and guitar accompaniment. There are a lot of positive elements here, but with a slightly different perspective on the strings would go a long way. Looking forward to hearing more from Joe. Best wishes.

Very good

Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Winds of Hope

The lyrics were beautifully written with a strong message. I feel the music should have been a little softer, with more strings and chimes to tie it all together, the title and the message.

Very nice song!

Great message with awesome sounding vocals and instruments! I love the part where you sing Arise and Shine, That is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. You sing with passion and a heart that truly loves your Savior Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! Keep singing and sharing your message of hope and forgiveness to this lost and dying world. Keep up the good work! It is apparent that you truly have an amazing gift that God has entrusted to you to bring this message of salvation to this world! I LOVE your singing voice and I love the purity and anointing that flows forth from your spirit and soul! Amen and Glory to God i the Highest!!!

give this one a listen and a spin

Joe really like your mix, good balance with the instruments, your vocal is strong and has the right amount of reverb and effects. This song has lots of energy like the ebb and flows, it builds and then crescendos like waves on the ocean. You put a lot of time and thought in your songs and that's a good thing. tempo and timing are spot on, Blessed by your stuff. God Bless Mulholland

Joe Wamsley Review for Winds of Hope

Great vocals! I can hear your heart. Please use better strings sounds (it's just my personal preference to always use authentic string sounds) , use a bass guitar to enhance the bottom (if you have a bass guitar, I don't hear it), and the guitar needs an effects boost.

Winds of Hope

I love the message in the lyrics, the tempo & the mix! I would prefer that less strings would have been used & more Piano, guitar & mabe brass. I really do think a strong piano & bass would magnify the effectiveness of this song. there again we live in different parts of the world where preferences differ greatly. Again the message is very powerful & that is what counts most. I am very aware of cost restraints but is at all possible add 2 more vocals to add to the exceptional melody of your song.

Perfect for church choir

Joe, I love your passion and the message your song sends. I can totally hear it being done in a full choir format at a church service. Great Job! Thanks so much for sharing it and Keep the faith going my brother. God Bless you - Dann
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