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Nice recording. Cymbals might be a bit loud. Great song, lyrics, arrangement and instrumentation. There's a party in my ears... wow!. Over the top. [Songs over and I'm still singing it ] Praise Jesus and Lift up His Name...

Catchy Tune

This is a very upbeat catchy tune. I feel like it would be a hit with kids. However, I feel that there are too many instruments playing over each other. It sounds like musicians competing for the spotlight. All in all its a good song.

Thoughts on "Let Your Praise Be Loud"...

The title says it all! Yes, your song reflects the meaning of your title - A+ on that. The opening guitar and kick with the lead vocals is a grand introduction to this song. I love the muted - pulsating sound of the instruments. The ebbing, waving dynamics are excellent. The mix is really pleasant, and the jamming between the instruments is fun to hear going back and forth. This song is simple, and pure in it's delivery to the ears... The lead vocals could be a tad stronger, but that being said, this song is nicely arranged, and inspiring to listen to. I can see people getting up and clapping and dancing, and sing along. This was fun to hear, and I thank you for sharing it with us... Michael D'Aigle

Fun Little Tune

Overall mix is clean. Has a bit of a Cars groove.Guitar solo would be better up front. Less reverb would be helpful, some parts should have no reverb at all - with a tightened up mix & overall compression (in addition to compression on each instrument/voice individually). Imagine this song with the mix having this sort of tightness - "Just What I Needed" by The Cars, or with a similar keyboard riff: The Cars' "My Best Friend's Girl" While these mix comparisons are driven by guitars, this song would be benefited by comparable mixing (perhaps with 1 or 2 electric rhythm guitars in similar fasion). Sounds like a particualry fun song for kids i.e. Vacation Bible School (VBS).


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Let Your Praise Be Loud

I think the final mix is perfect! keep up the good work!!!...... It really sounds nice..... I like sound of the instruments you can clearly hear everything!!....... add some back up singers and it will fill in the song

Happy Song!

I like the song. It has a great theme. It seems a little corny with the boom boom boom and toot toot toot lyrics, but it has a certain relaxed and leave your self behind feel to it, so I think it works. The mix is good for being a self mixed project. Excellent guitar work as well as other instrumentation. It has a bit of a retro- almost Rolling Stones vibe in the approach of vocal phrasing and rawness of the tracks. The guitar is a little more compressed than a Stones or Grateful dead track though. It is hard to dislike any song that is inspired by a Love for God so don't think I'm trying to put it down, but if you want to make it better, try doing it semi-live (at a church) and then overdub vocals as needed. I think it could be even more convincing. Maybe even shoot a video of people with the kind of festive atmosphere this song emits. Keep up the good work- Blessings!

Let Your Praise Be Loud

Great song Joe. This song reminds me of a happy day in my life when I'm just praising the Lord. It is nice to know that you love the Lord Jesus and always lift Him up in Praise. It gives me hope in the Lord Jesus.

Warm song

This song has a great start... Musically you have a good inspiration and song has good hit potentially. Rhythm and cheerfulness is great and all instruments are very well balanced with good mixing. Your praise rocks and suits very well also to the main stream... Those who are not so fond of Christian music may find this one very good! A good crossover to reach your message. Guitar sounds extremely nice and piano gives a nice groove. Worth of listen to everyone!

Praise-worthy Piece!

A staccato guitar rhythm sets the tone for cool and smooth vocals kick off this Christian rocker. Piano and organ then chime in, to create a vibrant musical ensemble. The "walk through the band" delivery, while not hyper-original, has that vintage quality that gets the toes tappin' and head bobbin'. This is a praiseworthy, inspirational piece. Definitely got me going! Props to Joe Wamsley for "Let Your Praise Be Loud"!

Overall mix

Hi Joe. Sorry it has taken me so long to review your song. I have not really been out on the is page much and didn't know I had a notification for it. Overall mix is done well, as far as the instruments sitting in the mix. Drums are clean and crisp. Bass is rocking! All instruments are heard clearly. My constructive criticism comes from more preference than anything else. I think you should reduce the amount of reverb on the lead vocals. It is clear and stands out as it is but reverb ages songs now. It doesn't sound bad but definitely feels like the song is older. You can also tell that the vocals somewhat disconnect from the music at times. i am not sure if it is going a little up and down in dynamics but it would be good to compress it a little more and clean up the reverb. You could also EQ it a little to get those highs coming out. Other than that it sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

All for the Glory of God!

I really liked listening to this song! The message is wonderful! The recordingi tselff is good. What I really like is the way you incorporate all of the different instruments into the song. I really respect any artist that stands up for Christ! Let your praise be loud rocks! I give it five stars! Job well done! Looking forward to hearing more great praise and worship music from Joe Wamsley! Tune in and turn it uppppp! May God bless everyone that listens to this one!

Reiew for Let Your Praises Be Loud

I think this is a great worship song for the Modern day Church. Although it is not my style, I love it. It's happy and catchy, something fun for kids too. It is truly a Family Rejoicing song! Good work Joe =)


This is a "happy" upbeat song. Pop sounding. Unusual , different but unique!. I expect to hear more from Jo Wamley and am about to check out some more of his tunes.


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