Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

He Loves

Good song! This would make for a really good classic rock song that lifts up the name of Jesus. It also doesn't have any need for a distorted sound. You made a great choice to just play "He Loves" on acoustic guitar. I would just say to add a few more effects to make it sound even more professional. Other than that, you did a great job with this song Joe. May the Lord Jesus's Name be praised high above the heavens and in the earth!

I really enjoyed this song!

I really enjoyed listening to your song, He Loves. I loved the way you told the stories of the 2 people in their struggles needing a Savior. The instruments were well done and you did a great job with your vocals as well. Keep up the good work! I hope you write many more good and anointed songs for our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for using your gifts for the Lord to reach this lost world for Jesus!

He Loves

Great song message is spot on. Any time you are praising and lifting up the name of Jesus Christ, he will lift you up. This song is a song that bring the message of hope to believers and non. Really am blessed by it Joe God Bless Mulholland

He Loves, The Lord Loves You!

Hey Joe, I love your sound, sort of bluesy rock . The intro is very unique in it's sound, kind of old 70's sound mix there too. I wish it could be a bit longer. The instrumental is sound and multi-layered and the percussion is amazing! Really carries the song. I especially like the guitar riff on the chorus adding syncopation to the vocals to emphasise your words. "He'll heal your heart make it pure and true......He Loves, He Loves You! He Loves!The Lord Loves You! This is a great composition both lyrically and instrumentally. I enjoyed the lyrics and the joy and conviction in the lead singers voice really causes the listeners to reflect on the words. You paint several pictures that are modern day gospel stories. Giving each believer greater faith and courage to tell of Jesus' Love to a lost soul. This song would be so good to hear in a church fellowship, These days we don't hear enough about His Love and His Father's Love just waiting to embrace and bring wholeness. I like the repetition which helps me to remember the words of the chorus and emphasises the message. I believe this song will be far reaching in it's influence to win people to Christ. Believe with me and you will see it be so! It is also a great worship song for corporate worship. Come on tour to Britain! You will have a great following among the Youth Fellowships especially with this great sound. Vocally you remind me of Joe Cocker and the band, Junior Senior. I like the way the song fades out at the end on the guitar. I hope you win through with more music to flow from heaven and pray "May God confirm and establish the work (the songs of heaven) in your hands, ~ Psalm 90:17 Yes, surely He will anoint you always and confirm and establish you in your ministry as His Psalmist.

about song he loves

ye this is also perfect song greate music greate lyrics greate band greate writen greate singing so on hope all is well with all of you keep up the greate work in the lord keep on gospel preaching love it i am shore that people would love this song if you have not yet promoted it i believe it should be given promotion may GOD bless all your dreams and work in him and always remember to follow your dream werever the lord may lead it i loved this song and give credit to where it is due so i gave it top rating take care

He Loves

Great song Joe. Well put together. Simple, uncomplicated and straight to the point - too many songs today are over complicated!!!! Keep up the good work and may you be well blessed on your musical journey!

A very nice inspirational song.

A simple profound and important message. In this song I believe that you have successfully portrayed one of the most important believes in your religion “that Jesus loves you”. This you have done because you truly believe that once someone recognizes this “truth” that there will be renewed hope in that individual’s life. This effort and message (lyrics) is very commendable. Now regarding the musical elements of this piece; the basic structure of the song is solid but I feel that it needs a little tweeting. Firstly I feel that such an inspirational message needs a lighter and brighter arrangement. This can be best achieved by playing around with the chords, chords structure and sequencing. I suggest using brighter chords with wider intervals and also experimenting with more exotic chords, chord inversions and patterns. This would automatically add warmth, colour and interest to the piece that would also help with a more soulful vocal performance. A very nice inspirational song with a lot of potential.

Compelling Song

This song is very compelling. It's easy to listen to because of the feeling the song. This is a song to draws you in by its message which is positive.

Good acoustic evangelistic song!

I like the very honest acoustic raw soft rock approach to the song. The message is one that reaches out to the unsaved who need to know that the Lord loves them! Nice song writing also. This song should be passed out on the streets as a witnessing tool to those who are in despair without hope and bound by addictions because it will minister to them greatly! A job WELL DONE Joe Wamsley!!


Good stuff Joe. Excellent subject matter and a soulful presentation. Thank you for your efforts! Hoping you find many venues in your neck of the country. Keep faithful and serve man!

He Loves

Great message for todays youth. also a good sound to listen to. I like the rock sound you are using in the music. It could be a little bit better balanced.

Love Is God Is Loves

No one gets to the Father but through Jesus: Our King and Savior... Those that Love Our Lord Jesus are then sent out into the world so Jesus and Our Heavenly Father can Love through Us as well as themselves: Love Is God Is Love... John 1:16 = The Grace that replaced grace: Or as my song says Grace Above grace: John 1:16...

Review of He Loves

From reviewing the song, it would be good for the younger people, but for people that are brought up in Church they would rather hear a song written and played with a more low keyed sound. Praise, Worship and Southern Gospel. It has good sound and is a good contemporary song.

Joe Review

I like the music your voice is great you could have what it takes. my so great was at no.1 here on numberonemusic for few weeks on reggae united kingdom. Keep going Jim.
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