Joe Wamsley / Let Your Praise Be Loud / I'm Still Amazed

lean me back in my chair

Really nice sounding music. I'am not that spiritual or believer in our Lord and mostly i don't like christian music, but this one makes me feel relaxed and lean me back in my chair. The composing of this song is great an i didn't get bored. It has basically everything what a good song needs. You should record this in a good studio, I hear a really nice vibe and it will bring it more in the front of the music, It will makes it more clear.

Good message ><))*>

nice sound and good vocals not to modern and the message is clear the right time for a song if you want Air play i also like the strings in the back sweet keep writing for God may the peace of the Lord Jesus be with you

Thoughts on "I'm Still Amazed"...

The song's title is very personal, and lets us know "this song is very personal"... that's a good thing. The guitar carries this song and is okay, but my thoughts are that a piano/key intro would be more powerful to intro the song. This song would benefit by having a few more voices/harmonies on the chorus lines, especially near the end as the song is ending. Also, a nice piano, or instrumental part in the middle of the song would add to this song. The vocals are very good, and passionate. I enjoyed this song, but not as much as many of the other songs you've shared. Again, thanks Joe for all of the wonderful "vibrations" you send our way! Michael D'Aigle


This is a simple song that builds. It starts with a simple story of God's care and protection and a heart of gratitude from the singer who recounts the things that God has done for him. The song picks up a little steam as it adds instrumentation but still remains simple and in context with the message. Acoustic driven with a voice similar to SuperTramp but a slightly lower register. Overall good job. The sonics of the recording could be better but you work with what you have. Still a good song!

Nice Direct Recorded Acoustic Guitar

Style reminds me a little of early Pink Floyd or Al Stewart. Doesn't seem to have a Chorus. Cool song of love to the Lord. Sounds like there's a distorted electric guitar or keyboard strings in the background, would be nice to have that up front more to bring a contrast to the acoustic guitar dominated sound. Dynamics i.e. louder and softer volume contrasts between sections, areas without instruments or just drums/bass/vocals would help give the song more variety and open up the message more effectively.

very good

Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Beautiful Love Wprship Song

This is a beautiful worship song filled with praise for the creator. The acoustic guitar driven rock song has a solid verse and chorus that are memorable, inspired and compelling. I can see this becoming a hit with praise and worship teams in churches everywhere. Beautiful work! The vocals seem self produced but this won't stop God from using the music. To make it a major hit in this genre I suggest the artist work with a good producer who knows how to get that perfect vocal sound and takes, rather than just recording the singer as is. I look forward to hearing more from this talented singer and songwriter.

about I'm Still Amazed

Yes this is very GOOD GREAT EVEN PERFECT song yes GOD is amazing and we get amazed by him this music is perfect so as the lyrics and performans singing so on to me i love all Christian work such as songs in each songs in = right all these deserve number 1 position for the always so as your song it is because the holy spirit as in been anointed by him sings through us or playes through us or like by with in him what can i say keep up the GOD kind of GOOD WORK in him and follow that dream wereever GOD may lead it may GOD bless you as he has saved you heal you if you need healing or even preserve you so you never get ill or sick again and as he perfects you may you be humbled before him as his child so as for all the family and church so as we pray that the gospel mesage may reach to eternaty if needed that long and may HE SAVE AND DO THE SAME FOR THE WHOLE COSMOS PLACE like with your or our or my song that he gives really to all of us these greate christian songs belong GOD and to the church of GOD thank you for the song you are very gifted by the holy spirit in you

Very nice lyrics

This song we know is performed in the style of a power ballad. This has been done successfully and commendably. However I feel that there needs to be a little “loosing up” or freeing up in the performance. It is a little restrained. Experiment with the expression of the song. Let every spiritual revelation have a contour part in the physical expression of the vocals and band. You are already doing this but I feel that you need to a little more. The song itself has good structure and the vocals and instrumentals are sound so it can take a heavier dose of expression. Shake it up, play with the chords, key changes and dynamics. Great song! Nice message! All the best.

review of "I'm still amazed"

The song generally sounds very solid regarding EQing, mixing, and performances. The first thing I noticed is that the bass guitar sounds slightly out of tune especially on the E string/lower notes. The drums sound pretty good which is not easy to do so that's impressive. I think the chorus vocals need a little something to really make the chorus stand out such as harmony or back vocals to distinguish it from the verse and bridge vocals. That last thing i noticed is that the electric guitar work on the chorus is interesting but way too quiet to really contribute much in the way of bringing the chorus up a step from the verse. Vocals sounded good and on pitch, lyrics are simple and honest sounding and easy to understand. Overall, a very good job! God bless!

Good Lyrics

This Message alone will carry the song farcompanied with the Keltish Vibe it is different. Which is good. GOOD Praise Rock is Hard to find. you have a way with words. I'm Still Amazed is a great Prais! Well Done Sir! Spreading the Gospel through your passion is probably the most rewarding form of music there is. Very Admirable Righteous Song. ☆☆☆☆☆ ~Ã ₩ Ź~

I'm Still Amazed

Very good worship song to God. I like it allot. Very good soft rock and great message. This song has a great message about the Love of God and His faithfulness to us. Great song Joe Wamsley. God bless your music.

Nice Melody

Wow this awesome nice vibe the lyrics are heart touching I love the guitar and drums I can see people rocking to this keep up the great work it will pay off

Dignity & Grace To All Through The True Jesus Christ

Amazing Grace... Brilliant Is His Healing Of The Dignity & Grace of every Individual who Trust In Jesus!!! Thanks Joe, songs like this reset the balance of our fallen world one soul at a time: Blessed are we who share that time together...


I think that if your gonna do a song about I'm still amazed you would like to sound like you amazed the song would probably be a good song if you were believable doing a song about the man above the people need to feel you cause he's the creator cause if you believe they will believe toso keep at it peace. CaNy Entertainment
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